Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm alone and it's QUITE

I think I'm going crazy, I'm sitting here and all I hear is the humming of the fans. Actually I'm enjoying the peace and quite. SHHH don't tell. The boys are sleeping and Ben and Lu are off at HomeDepot. Lu is in the middle of remodeling her bathroom and Ben offered to do some work for her. I think they are getting new doors to hang tomorrow along with blindes. I'm not sure what else is on the "To do list" but I do know Ben ropped his Mom into getting him some tools. Typical Ben! Today was pretty uneventful. Dropped the Hoe off to get new tires (OUCH) came home hung out with the contractors most the morning. Very nice guys I might add. Took Noah swimming while while Bryce slept (Ben stayed with him) Picked up the Hoe, went to the mall, picked Mom up from work. Then headed over to the farmers market. We sat outside and had some tacos then walked up to get an icecream cone. Came home put the boys in jammies and off to bed shortly after. Now here I sit. I started uploading pictures to make slideshows but all I could think of was having a glass of wine. I sware I'm not a wino....ok maybe just a little.

I will work on getting the pictures uploaded and make some slideshows. Until then here are 2 pictures. One is from Disneyland, and yes it is at the end of the day. Notice all the smiles still. It was a rockin day at Dland. The other is of Bryce holding Maddy for the 1st time. And yes I know Jeff, it's not Maddy!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On the move

Well its only the 10th of June and I'm about done with traveling. Sorry in advance to everyone that is waiting for us. But I can no longer guarantee what mood you will have with me or my boys. And yes this is including Ben!! haha. Its about that time for a tall glass of wine with a special someone and just laugh till I cry.

We have spent the last 10 days driving around SoCal and draining our checkbook with gas prices. HOLLY COW! I swore I wasn't going to ever bitch about them but its hard when in 2 days you burn threw 100 bucks in gas just to put another 100 in. YIKES! So I'm hoping that when we get the Hoe back from getting new tires (seriously another pain in my ass) it will not move till Thursday. Ok wait this wasn't going to be a bitch session. We have done Disneyland, Seaworld, friends, parents, parks, malls, and just about every food place in between. Its been fun and we have really had a great time. We leave Thursday for AZ. Then the boys and I make our flight to VA. Amanda I hope your ready. I have a TON of pictures to share with everyone so I think I'm just going to post a bunch of slide shows.

And of course I'm not about to leave out how wonderful my new niece is. She is just perfect in everyway. The boys just love their new cousin. It took Bryce a little to warm up to her but now he is all about her. It's just the cutest thing ever. Noah even asked Uncle Jeff if we could take her home. When he asked for how long, Noah says "4 minutes" Everything is 4 minutes since he is 4. Jessica is a great mom and it's just so freaking cute to see her with the baby. And of course Jeff is awesome too! I have the cutest pictures of the 3 cousins together (minus 2) to show everyone.

Well I'm off to spend my life savings on tires then hopefully get Bryce down to sleep. Have a wonderful day!!!