Friday, May 7, 2010

Opening Day

Last weekend was our Opening Day for Noah's baseball. We were all super excited for the event. Both Ben and I were having flashbacks to our baseball and softball days. I was up at 6am to make sure everyone was ready and out of the house on time. We got to the field at 930am and didn't get home till about 1ish. We had a GREAT day at the ballpark. Ben and Noah spent the whole time with the team doing drills and getting to know each other. Bryce found his friend Sydney (Noah's friends older sister) It was great she played catch with him, took him to the playground and just ran around making sure he was having fun and being safe (LOVE HER) Chloe slept most the time but woke up for a little to say HI to everyone. We had lunch with our friends and then headed home.