Thursday, May 28, 2009

Noah's Ears

**Im just going to say don't read or look at the picture if you have a weak stomach.**

That being said, Noah has had a ruff month with his ears. He has always had to have them flushed out due to extremely small Ear canals but this month has been bad. He is on his 2nd infection this month. Poor kid :(. Tuesday he is playing outside with his friends and starts crying cause the wind hitting his ear hurts. I take a look and his ear has dried puss blocking it. It was pretty gross. I took this picture after I had cleared most of it outta the way. I couldn't do anymore due to his pain. So I call the doctor's office and this really nice, sweet, helpful nurse couldn't do anything for us. Actually I was told "Well I'm not sure what else we can do for him, we have flushed his ears out twice this month already." Yeah that went over like a fart in church with me. So I guess you can tell it didn't go so well with them and off to the ER we went. After a 3 hour wait (lets face it ear infections are not high on the list) we finally saw a DR for about ohhhh 2 minutes. Big shock its infected and gave us meds. Didn't clean the ear out to help the medicine get threw or anything. Thanks DR!! So the next day rolls around and I can't get any meds in his ear, I know I was shocked too. Back on the phone with that really helpful Nurse again and this time I was told "Since you were seen in the ER we can get you in today" How AWESOME! But she gave us a Dr that was about has helpful as the ER Doctor so we got no help. I'm sorry she was more concerned with Noah's asthma that has been under control since Winter but didn't want to believe me. Thank you very much! At this point in time I'm ready to fly Noah back to Oregon to see Dr. Rash and just get this taken care of. But we settled for Dad laying Noah on the island in the kitchen and using (sterile) dental picks to scrap out the wax. Good times here in Hampton, Good times!!!

In case you haven't guessed we will be switching Doctors here in NH, once they find Noah's records that they have "misplaced" for the last 3 months. So the last few days have been up and down with Noah. He was able to go back to Soccer today and seemed to do just fine. Tomorrow will be his 1st day back at School this week too.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


These little disgusting bugs have eaten up and killed the grass in the front yard. And what they didn't get to the crows took care of for us. Such nice little animals we have, I know. So after a few weeks Ben and I got pretty tired of looking at the tore up dead grass in the front. A guy Ben knows has a lawn business here in Hampton, convenient I know. So he came and dropped off 2 yards of Loom (a fancy name for dirt/ top soil so I think they can charge more) and we got some grass seed. It looks great for a yard of dirt but I'm really hoping by Friday we can see more grass popping up. I'm really excited cause the grass out front was never really full so this should do the trick.

Here are some before and after shots.

And yes I am going for a record of "Most posts in a Day"

Beach Day

The weather last week was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Thursday I was thinking of taking the boys on a surprise picnic at the beach but not really sure. Then I found out that Amanda and Melisa were heading to the beach and I couldn't pass it up. The boys haven't seen the girls since November and ask about them all the time. I think 1 of the best things about moving out here is getting to know Grandma Debbie's family. They are awesome and we have such a great time with them. Hopefully now that the weather is getting better we can plan more fun things with them. We had so much fun at the beach and the boys can't wait to go back. Bryce was in love with Amanda getting him water for his bucket and of course Noah just ran from everyone but seemed to stay pretty close to Melisa. Here are some pictures of our fun day!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lots and lots of Playing!

Its been a week since my last post, want to know why? We have been way too busy playing to blog. No seriously part of me feels soooo bad cause I have been doing the bare minimum around the house. But the weather has been awesome! The boys have loved being outside running around too. It's a hard life trust me ;). So in between school and soccer we have done parks, bikes, trucks, swimming, beach, shopping and BBQ's. We can't wait for Summer to be here! Even better news, Bryce is going to love Summer this year. You remember Bryce from last year right? The one who never came off his towel at the beach, screamed if he got sand on his towel. Hated the water and if you got any on him it was over. The kid you never had to worry about losing cause he was always in Mom's arms, you know that one. Well he is long gone!! We set the pool up in the back and he was jumping in and out splashing water everywhere, at the beach not only did he run on the sand he sat down and dug a hole with Noah. Then get this, he even went in the water with us. Yes I know shocking!! Now if only I could get him to wear sandals life would be good ;).

We are 20 days away from our camping trip with the Costa's!! Of course we are all just so excited. And yes Sarah I know you would make a comment right now but you can't get the silly thing to work :). It's going to be so awesome getting all the kids back together again and being able to hang out. I'm really excited to see Niagara Falls too.
Well here are some pictures of the kids playing in the backyard with Emma threw out the week. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Volvo Boat Races

A few weeks ago Ben was searching on the internet for things to do. He came across the Volvo Ocean Sailboat Races. They came into Boston this week and all the boats were on display and they had different events lined up for the week. We thought this would be fun to go down and check out. Yesterday we loaded up after work and took off. We parked at the base and walked over with the kids. It was such a GREAT day for a walk along the waterfront. Noah and Emma had fun walking along the water and Bryce was as happy as a clam having snacks in the stroller. The boats were pretty cool but I was a little disappointed that we could go down on them. After seeing the boats and walking around we all decided it was time to eat. We stopped at American Joe's right along the waterfront. The boys loved that they got ice cream sundae's with their dinner. Bryce was a little upset that he didn't get to finish all his ice cream but seriously the scoops were huge. All in all it was a great trip down to Boston!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a great Mother's Day weekend. Friday we got the yard work done and over with before dinner. After dinner we played out back with the boys then went and got a movie. Saturday we had BBQ plans with our friends Adam and Ash. Both Ben and I wanted to get our runs in before going. Ben suggested that we load Bryce up in the wagon, let Noah ride his bike and bring Zeus along too. It was a great idea!! Noah went with Dad while Dad ran and I got pull Bryce in the wagon with the dog. I was a little nervous as to how Zeus would do with the cows and how it was going to go with pulling the wagon. He was great. Bryce had a blast and Noah was in heaven riding his bike. We had a great time at the Murray household too. The kids ran in and out of the bounce house like crazy. The boys even got awesome haircuts thanks to Ashlyn. A little Guitar Hero with thunder and lightning storms ended the night perfect.

Today was a great Mother's Day. Our neighbors down the street had a BBQ for everyone in the neighborhood. We have all been bugging them for some Authentic Indian food. They decided to have a huge Mother's Day BBQ for us all. They rented a huge Train Bounce House that of course was a hit with the kids. I didn't see much of Noah at all and Bryce only showed up every now and then for a potty break and snacks. In between jumping in the Train maze the kids drove their power wheels up and down the roads with Basketball in between. The food was AMAZING!! Ben loved the chicken Curry, there were a few other kinds of Curry, rice, Indian beans (AMAZING), goat liver (didn't try), Indian beer (Ben loved), fruit, pasta salad, and a few other dishes I'm forgetting. I think the funniest part of the day was laughing at how the kids got into and out of the bounce house. Or was it when Ben straddled the top of the train and fell off? Yeah I wish I could have seen it too. I was gone when it took place and nobody got pictures.

All in all a great weekend. We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

H1N1 and Ticks

Anyone else as nervous as I am about these things? I sware to you I'm freaking out. Poor Ben thinks I'm losing my mind and the boys think Mom is crazy. I was okay with H1N1 at 1st then it starting showing up EVERYWHERE! I know that we have medicine for it and that it's not as bad as everyone thought it was. But seriously the thought of it just makes my stomach turn. I really don't want any form of the flu going threw my house. We did that last year and again at the start of our move with Bryce. Never again!

Then these stupid ticks that everyone is talking about. GROSS!!! I'm afraid to let the dog go anywhere near a tree or the woods in the back, and my boys know better then to even ask to play by the woods or bushes. They are checked head to toe for ticks daily and my friend Stacey (who is on the same freak out page with me) gave me a pretty fun little song to sing to the boys while checking. Noah was convinced last night that his head was being shaved due to ticks. I was begging with Ben to double check the boys for me last night. They say ticks are pretty bad this year and a few people I know have seen them. I'm freaking out over here people!! Ben gave me the are you kidding me look with the eye roll when Noah asked him if it was time to shave his head due to ticks.