Thursday, April 21, 2011

Puzzle time

Play ball

It's that time of year again, Spring has sprung here in NE (well kind of) its time to put away those indoor Soccer cleats and dust off those ball bags. Yep its Baseball time again. Noah will be moving up to Rookie this year. Which means no more tee, he is thrilled to get rid of the tee, and along with Rookie comes weekly practices. Dad and Tom (our really good friends out here) are teaming up again this year to coach these ever rowdy 7 year old boys! Practice stresses me out right now but I'm sure we will all adjust just fine. Noah will be practicing on Thursdays from 6-7:30. Yes I said 7:30! This is really going to cut into my kids bedtimes and I'm hoping that Dad will be able to make every practice allowing me to at least get 2 in bed on time.

Bryce not only gets to play Tee Ball this year he gets to play in the same league has his brother! He will be one of the youngest on the team at 4 but he is super excited. Tom is his coach this year and this is a big deal for Bryce. Not only has Tom been his "buddy" out here, he has also watched Dad and Tom coach the older boys for the past 2 years. And he gets to be on his friends on his team. I'm so excited to see my little peanut out on the field holding his own with the older kids this year.

So Saturdays will be split between two different ball fields cheering on two different very special boys. Chloe will be in attendance for it all cheering loudly for both her big brothers!

Go Pirates and White Sox!!!!