Thursday, February 28, 2008

Becoming a Big Boy

There are certain steps a baby takes to become a "big boy" and to me one of those steps is a 1st haircut. Its so much fun, taking pictures, wondering how they are going to do. But after they always look so grown up. And today was my 2nd baby's 1st haircut. His hair was just getting outta control. Serious frow. He did wonderful!!! He wasn't sure about the whole thing and sat in my lap very quite. Showing no emotion what so ever. Which is totally Bryce. Just like his Dad he can hide any emotion he wants to. Here are some pictures of my baby before and on his big day.

Shopping cart vs. Honda

Last night Ben and I got woken up by a loud bang and the Honda alarm going off. Now for those of you who know the Honda, its been known to go off a time or two. I wake Ben up thinking nothing of it. He turns off the alarm and is listening outside. Within seconds the phone rings. Our neighbors are outside telling us we need to come look at the Honda. Great, we get dressed and head outside. Sure enough the bumper of the Honda has been hit. A group of punk ass kids rammed a shopping cart into the Honda. I am still shocked as to how much damage a shopping cart can do. What can you say......glad to be leaving this neighborhood soon...........

Bottom line, Shopping Cart=1, Honda=0.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Seafood and Wine

WAS A BLAST!!! We had a great time last night at the Seafood and Wine Festival. Today however, we are paying the price:) It was so good to be with our friends and just enjoy eachother's company again. Mike came down and is still here and The Cline's came in as well. Way too much wine was consumed and not enough seafood. I however did get my oysters, YUMMY!!! The festival closed down at 9pm but we all headed down the street to The Anderson's were the bar is always open. A bit of twister along with some snacks and more drinking finished off our night. We were going to BBQ today but everyone is napping while I sit here bloging:) Someone has to watch the boys. I'm thinking we are going to end up going out to eat and then just relax some more tonight. Or go never know.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Playtime and Cuddles

Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago. Ben and the boys were having so much fun popping all the balloons in the house. Bryce was really having fun with it. Then we ended the night cuddling with Mom on the couch.

Nothing else new going on around here. Well other then the sniffles, sneezes, coughs, swollen glands, and occasional fever every now and then. It's been a great winter!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Birthday Pictures

What a great Birthday I had. Thanks to everyone who helped to celebrate and all the calls. I ended up getting some flowers from Ben and a huge suprise from my friend Dusty. She sent me 30 of the most wonderful balloons ever!!! Did I mention she lives in NC? It was great, THANKS DUSTY!!! I also got and IPOD, a few shirts and some GC's. Then headed to LC with some friends for sushi!! YUMMY!!! Here are a few pictures but I'm tired so not doing too many.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to us

So I am 28 yrs old today!! Funny thing is I don't feel like having a panic attack or least not yet:) Noah is off to preschool and Bryce is still sleeping. So I am enjoying my Birthday morning with a quite cup of coffee and the computer. YIPEE!!! Now if the dog would leave me alone for 5 minutes I would be in heaven. Tonight we are heading up to LC for some sushi with a group of friends. Can't wait, I LOVE SUSHI! Noah is a little bummed because he doesn't get to have any but he will live. The sitter will be here at 6 to watch over 5 kids....Have fun Cheyenne:)

In other great news that not all of you know. Today is also my niece Skyler's Birthday too. She is 5 today. Such a big girl now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKY!!! I love sharing my Birthday with her, even if we have never been together for it. I don't know it's just fun knowing someone with the same Birthday as you. And having that someone be your niece is even better. I LOVE YOU SKY!!

Maybe next year we will be able to celebrate our special day together.

Im sure I will have pictures from tonight to load later. Until then have a great day everyone!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Will it ever end?

It seems like at least once a month somebody in this house has to get sick. I am happy to report that it isn't Bryce or myself this time. However, Ben has been sick since he came home Friday from work. Got home about 12pm went straight to bed and has pretty much been there since. He started to feel a little better today. So the neighbor came down to help him work on his rear end or axel (not sure, they might be part of the same thing.) of the truck. But he is not looking too good so I'm sure that when he is done a shower and bed is going to be top on his list.

Last night I took the boys to a friends to play and get outta the house for a little bit. Well about 745ish Noah had fallen asleep downstairs in the playroom. And I will be the 1st to say that isn't Noah, especially at Daygen's house. So all hell breaks loose for some reason just as I'm trying to get my kids out the door. Bryce jumped off the bed started screaming crying, Noah woke up crying cause he didn't want to leave and the 4 other boys were running around trying to get Noah to stay. Brandie helps me load my crying kids up and we take off. By the time I got home Noah was burning up. Ben was in the livingroom trying to get to bed, I get the boys ready for bed, medicine for Noah and everyone falls asleep. I hung out with Noah for awhile waiting for his 104 fever to break. It finally breaks and I get ready for bed. About an hour later Noah was up, fever back and he was just delirious. So the rest of the night until about 630am I listen to Noah laugh, talk, cry, tell stories, see things, all in and out of sleeping. Finally I wake Ben up cause its getting worse and he is just burning up still and really outta it. About 630am his fever breaks and he falls asleep. I hit the couch, Ben woke me up around 815ish cause the baby was awake. He stayed up with Bryce while I went down to sleep with Noah. What a night!!

Noah seems to be doing much better. Had a little fever this am but it seems to have gone away now. Ben just came in from working on the truck and doesn't seem too happy. So off to take care of another:)

Now I just need to keep me and Bryce healthy. If i get sick on my birthday this is not going to be a very happy mommy!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Poo Poo Head

Noah comes home from school today and just starts going to town with events that took place during school. By the time this story was over I think I had heard "poo poo head" enough to last a lifetime.

Noah: "Mom, Spencer called Arianna a poo poo head today"
Me: "well thats not nice of him, did you tell your teacher"
Noah: "no mom I told Spencer that poo poo head wasn't nice and he shouldn't call Arianna a poo poo head. Cause poo poo head isn't nice, is it Mom?"
Me: "No Noah it isn't nice and we don't say that."
Noah: "ya Mom I didn't say poo poo head cause I can't say poo poo head, cause I get hot sauce if I say poo poo head, just Spencer said poo poo head to Arianna, not me Mom."
Me: "ok Noah I get the point you need to stop saying that now, it was nice that you told Spencer not to say it and stood up for your friend, but you need to let it go, what else happened today?"
Noah: "Nothing really, just Spencer said poo poo head Mom, we colored and played, I didn't do my numbers but I did my ABC's, and Mom I didn't say poo poo head, just Spencer said poo poo head."

At this point I just changed the subject to lunch. What a smart way to get around saying that so many times without getting into trouble.

Start of Valentines Day

I know not a lot of people like Valentines Day, I however am not one of them. I love Valentines!!! All the red, white and pink I just think it so pretty. We don't go all out or anything, just take the day to spend with eachother and our boys doing fun stuff to show our love. I love flowers just as much as the next girl, but they way to my heart is balloons. Yes balloons!! I love them!!!

So Noah and I woke up this morning to find our livingroom loaded with balloons!! Red, white and pink were everywhere. It was so much fun. Along with a heart shaped cookie the boys made for me yesterday (i had no idea) and a card. It was great. I got the boys ready and off to get Noah to school. Bryce and I spend the morning doing errands and such. Picked Noah up came home took some pictures, did lunch, naps and quite time. Noah is currently going thru is Valentines from school reading each one. And to my suprize is asking to "throw is candy away" Thats my boy!!! Ben gets off about 3ish. We have fun Valentines stuff planned at home with the four of us. The kids will open their Valentines gifts from Mom and Dad, heart shaped pizza for dinner and cookies after. Should be lots of fun!!

We hope everyone is enjoying this day with their loved ones!! We love you all!!!


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Childrens Festival

Today was Newport's Annual Children's Festival. This is something we have gone to the last 3 years. However this year, Noah's preschool decided to have a booth. Parents were asked to volunteer in slots of 2 hours. I signed up from 10-12pm. I have been sick the last couple of days and Bryce is starting to get it too. But I knew that the parent involvement was lacking so I didn't want to back out. I painfully wake up this morning to get going when the station calls. Ben got called into work so I was taking both boys. We got there about 10am to find nobody from Cubby Preschool there. The boys and I started to set up the booth as kids came pouring in. Another Mom soon joined and it got crazy quick. The boys were sooooo good for me. I was so happy with them. I got them both smoothies before and they sat behind me drinking their smoothies and playing together. It was great. With about 30 minutes to go I got them both up and walked them around the Festival. At this point Bryce started to get fussy fast. We rushed to do a few activities then went outside with the horses and Police car. Bryce loved the cop and his car. He wanted to stay there the whole time. Funny thing is he did!! Noah wanted to play on the playground and Bryce wanted to stay. Since I knew to cop (and Noah's teacher stayed with him) I left Bryce to play with the Police car. I came back to find the Cop holding Bryce and his was just cracking up laughing. It was too cute. I didn't get very many pictures due to all the chaos but here are a few. The Police Officer took some pictures of the boys in the back of the car and he said it would probably make the newspaper since he just LOVED the boys so much.

All in all it was a good day. We are home napping now then back to the station to have dinner with Dad tonight.