Monday, April 28, 2008

Fever blister's

If you read the post below you know that Bryce had a fever this weekend. He has also not been sleeping well and pretty fussy. About a week ago I thought he had an ear infection and took him in. He didn't and the doctor wasn't sure what was going on with him. He said just to watch him and see what he does next. Well "next" was the fever's and now he has blisters. They came yesterday and have gotten worse today. Not only are they covering his lips but now they are popping up in his mouth. Other then irritated by them he seems to be doing ok. Motrin helps him with his pain (for now) So I called the doctor today. He said the chicken pocks (which I highly doubt) is going around and he threw out the word "mumps" again I highly doubt. He doesn't have any openings today and asked if we could get him in to our Dentist. Well that's not happening (I haven't added him to our dental yet) So we are just going to see what happens and look at getting him in "if" it gets any worse. Lets all cross our fingers that it doesn't.

Don't mind all that snot!!

4 Weeks to go.....

We are down to 4 weeks until our movers come. I can hardly believe it. Where has the time gone? Every weekend from here on out is booked and most the weeks to, its going to fly by.

We took of Friday for Portland again. But this time for fun. We met up with some friends Friday for dinner and shopping. Then headed back to our Hotel for a little swim time. The boys were so excited about staying in a hotel it was nutz. Saturday came way to soon and we were off to Levi and Becky's for breakfast then out to Bullwinkle's. After a few stops we finally arrived. I was so excited to see that the weather was actually nice. Who would have thought? However, in the back of my head all day I was worried about Bryce burning. But lucky us no burns. Noah had a blast riding on the go carts and playing tons and tons of games. They also had miniature golf, rock climbing, jumping, bumper boats, laser tag, toddler play area, and batting cages. However, Noah was just too small to enjoy these activities and Ben and I didn't want to get wet. We were going to golf but Bryce wasn't really feeling all that well so we didn't. Towards the end Bryce started running a fever and was just not happy at all. He ended up falling asleep in my arms, even with all the noise. We left soon after that. But we all had a great time in Portland and seeing Levi and Becky again was nice.

We got home Saturday around 630ish, got the boys outta the truck and they both started running fevers. Bryce was up to 101.2 and Noah was at 102.5. I stayed inside with the boys while crazy Ben did some yard work. He did our yards and the neighbors next door. Not really sure what was/is up with the boys. After a semi long night with Noah he's fever broke around 9am and Bryce woke up and was fine.

Sunday we just hung around most the morning. By the afternoon the sun came out and we headed outside. Ben took off to get some ribs to BBQ up and the Noah and I played with Zeus out front. Noah is in love with our neighbors Kevin and Goldene, so they came over and took Noah to there house to play. Kevin and Noah built motorcycles and played bubbles with Goldene. It was so sweet. Plus Goldene is days away from having a little baby girl and Noah just thinks that the coolest thing ever. Danny came over later to hang out with the kids. They ended up staying for dinner and a movie. It had been about 4 days since the kids last saw each other so they were going nutz. But Bryce missed Mikayla and I was lost with Brandie :(

I'm super excited for this week. Noah goes back to school, I have a pampered chef party, I also get to meet a fellow CC who just moved to town with her family, and we have loyalty days this weekend.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trip to OHSU

Today was our family adventure out to OHSU Children's Hospital for Noah's cardiologist appt. And I say adventure because every minute was an adventure. After a couple "poop" your pants maneuvers by Ben we made to the airport to drop off Brandie and Mikalya. With 30 minutes till their plane left, they were off and running. We had about 3 hours before Noah's appt so we took off to walk around the new outside mall by the airport. The mall was nice but the weather wasn't. I took Ben to IKEA for his 1st time (LOVE THAT STORE) he was impressed. Left to get some lunch the off to OHSU.

Noah's appt went very well (once we were seen) The doctor we saw was very nice and we enjoyed him. He ended up consulting with the head Pediatric Cardiologist who was just as wonderful. Bottom line~ Yes, Noah has a heart murmur, but it's just a normal murmur as of now. And are thinking he will most likely grow outta it. Which is common in young kids. However, Noah never had one before so it brought up some flags.

The boys were awesome on our day out. So we all had a really good time. Noah was cracking us up all day with his stories. I just wish everyone could hear his stories. Bryce was being silly too. We left at 7am and got home at 715pm. It was a long day. But Noah couldn't wait to call Grandpa and tell him all about his heart.
"Grandpa my heart isn't broke now it's all better." "And Grandpa, I have 3 hearts now." He had 3 BP done (cause they keep coming in too low) so he thinks it was because he has 3 hearts.

Now I'm off to the races. Zeus has an appt today in Toledo. I have some laundry, packing, grocery shopping, naps, and a few errand's in town, shower and clean all before dinner. BYE!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Updates

Nothing too exciting this weekend around here. At least no alligator stories to tell. (Matt your NUTZ!!) Our weather has been a little outta control. We have had sunshine, hail and we even woke up Sunday morning to a nice blanket of snow covering everything. Craziness! Noah enjoyed throwing snow at his brother on our way to get coffee that morning, Byrce didn't like it very much.

Friday we just hung out and did nothing. Scratch that, I took Bryce to the doctor. Fun times. He doesn't have a full blown ear infection yet but we were given some numbing drops to see if that would help with his discomfort. We also talked a little about night tremors. I'm hoping we don't have to do that again. As usual Bryce screamed the whole time Dr. Rash was in the room. He had his ears flushed out and was just not happy about that at all. Dr. Rash and I laughed for the most part. I also had a fun experience with Noah Friday afternoon. Since the Honda has been fixed we LOVE driving it again. Well I got a little outta control with the speed limit and got pulled over with Noah in the car. He was scared at 1st cause he thought the cop was Megatron. Yes from Transformers. Noah kept calling him Megatron and the cop thought it was the funniest thing ever. He did not give me a ticket just asked me to slow down and get a front license plate. So of course Noah had to tell Grandpa and Grandma last night on the phone and everyone else he talks to. Thanks Noah! After Bryce's appt we took Noah and Daygen out to get and play some games.
Saturday~ We hung around the house until it was time for Ben's basketball game. Then the boys and I packed up and went swimming up in Lincoln City. Bryce was a blast in the pool. He thought it was just the funnest thing ever and laughed the entire time. Noah did great swimming and we all had a great time. I think we are heading back up tonight with Dad.
Sunday~ I managed to get all our laundry done. YES! We went thru some more things for the move. And are still trying to figure out what we are getting rid of. Im nervous that we are going to be over our weight limit so Im in the "get rid of it" stage. So far the computer table and Entertainment Center are top on the list. Now if I could just work Ben on the garage stuff we would be great.

The days are just flying by now. We are down to 5 weeks before the movers come and I can't believe it. Wednesday we are heading up to OHSU Childrens Hospital for Noah's appt with his Cardiologist. I'm praying that everything goes smoothly and we can be done with heart tests for awhile.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sad Week

Yesterday we said goodbye to some really great friends. Matt and Tiff moved back to Arizona yesterday and it was hard. They have been our neighbors since Noah was born and we will miss them terribly. Most the week was spent helping them get things ready and spending as much time with them as possible. But yesterday still came way too fast. Poor Noah doesn't do well with saying goodbyes. He was crushed witch made it even harder on all us. I'm sitting here crying just thinking of it. He spent the rest of the night on the couch with a very sad face. I got some ice cream and Dad watched TMNT with him until bed. He seems to be doing fine now. I am super excited to be able to see them when we head to AZ ourselves!!

And Bryce, well he is going into the doctor today at 3pm. I'm sure he has another ear infection. He has been super crabby this week and was up every 15 minutes last night. Poor baby would just wake up screaming. Ben is off till Sunday so at least I don't have to take both the boys with me. However, I kinda wish it was Noah that was going. Bryce HATES the doctors office.

In better news, my sister is getting so close to having the baby! I can't wait! She is going to be such a great Mom and I love her so much! Ben actually got me today. Jess had called and Ben starting acting like she was going to the hospital to have the baby. Yes I got all excited, just to find out it wasn't true. Very mean! But she is getting close!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Another rainy Monday

Monday, Monday, Monday......What a another raining lazy day here in the Molnar house. The boys are laying down watching High School Musical 2 and I'm working on some laundry. Real exciting I know.

We had a great weekend filled with sunshine, heat, ice cream, bounce houses, water playing, bubbles, BBQing, bike riding, garage sales and lots of laughs. We got up to 75 degrees here in Newport on Saturday, which has only happened about 9 times in the 6 years we have been here. We decided to skip the beach figuring everyone in their mother would be down enjoying the sun. Ben did up some chicken after the birthday party on Saturday. Some friends came over and we all sat outside talking and playing with the kids. The kids had a great time in the bounce house and everyone LOVED the chicken as usual. All the kids were an absolute mess from all the bbq sauce and dirt that stuck to it!

But don't worry the rain was back on Sunday. I got up early to help Tiff set up for the garage sale. Ben and the boys joined about 9ish. But after naps Noah was still so excited to go to the Beach. So we bundled the boys up and heading down to the Beach. Poor Bryce froze running around but soon warmed up in Daddy's arms. Noah however, had to wear his board shorts and dig for sand crabs. And of course Mom had to help him. So their is Noah and I in the water digging for sand crabs. The water was warmer then the air so I didn't mind it very much. We found some awesome shells and even a few silver dollars. That was cool. We didn't take a camera down so I don't have any pictures of the purple boys at the beach. We came home warmed up in a bath, ate some dinner, played some wii then off to bed for the boys. Ben and I got a few hours of cuddle time just to us before we headed to bed.

I'll work on getting a slide show together for pictures. I was playing around with the Digital Rebel again this weekend. Took so many great pictures, I'm back in love with the camera. Poor Ben.......

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sticking to Basketball

Shortly after my last post Noah had an accident on his skateboard. He was out there doing some tricks. He thought that he was big enough/brave enough to jump some cars he had out there. He started skating then when he got close he really did try to jump them, I walked out just in time. I was just a second too late to stop him and just in time to pick him up. He obviously didn't make it, fell off but skid across the board before hitting the ground. Other then a few scraches on his shin and his ankle scrached up and bleeding (a little) he was fine. But by the tears you would have thought he cut off his foot. Lesson learned, he told me "Mom I think I'm too little to skate like a turtle, I should just watch them and play basketball Troy." I have told you he thinks he is Troy from High School Musical?

For the love of Worms

Today has been such a beautiful day, heck we even broke 60! We got up early headed to Noah's school for my graduation meeting. Yep that's right, I have been asked to plan the graduation this year. Normally would not be a big deal, I love this stuff. However, Graduation is on May 29th at 630pm. Could anything else go on that week? Memorial Day is the 26th, movers start packing the 27th, moving truck comes 29th (i believe) and ck out is on the 30th. We will also be "hoteling" it that week. So I meet with the highschoolers today to get everything going. We got everything planned, jobs handed out and I have a really good feeling about this. Lets cross our fingers that it all runs smooth :)

After we came home and played outside for the rest of the morning then had a picnic in the front yard. Ben took off for Corvallis, put Bryce down and Noah and I have been playing in the backyard. Both my boys are "all boy" as everyone says. They have taught be alot about not being a baby when it comes to bugs, worms, dirt everywhere, and everything else my lovely boys can get into. Noah has a new love for worms. I never liked worms but seeing how excited these gross little things make my son, I find myself helping him look for them. Our backyard is filled with them and he LOVES IT. He has dumped out the dogs water bowl, filled it with dirt and a little water and has about 30 worms in it. He has just about named every single one and thinks they are "his babies" He is now sitting outside in his little chair, having a snack watching them play. And his attire is great too. He started out in his basketball clothes today, cause he had a big game at school. Changed into his skater clothes earlier, cause he was going to the skate park with his buddies. (ie~ skateboard in the backyard, i don't dare let him take it to the skate park....yet, but he has been begging for it) now is back in is bball shorts and flip flops, no shirt cause he is just "too sweaty" It's only 55 degrees out and he is hot. Too funny!

Other then that we are just hanging out waiting for Ben to get back home. I think some back yard work is in the afternoon plans, then I'm heading to Georgies tonight with the girls, tomorrow we are planning on taking the boys and dog to the beach, Landon's party, a BBQ at our house (Ben's doing chicken, YUMMY), Sunday, helping Tiff with her garage sale, playing in the sun, and re-covering from Saturday. So hopefully I will have some fun pictures on Monday.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Testing a new camera

I have wanted a digital rebel for as long as I can remember. Well Ben bought the one I want for the station. So for the last couple days Ben has brought the camera home so he can learn more about it. Which me and I have been playing with it as well. I still like it but I'm not too impressed with it. I thought for sure I would want to run out and get one but now I'm thinking of looking around some more. I still really like the fact that I have 2 lenses (which I don't hardly use anymore) that I can use with it. But I'm not totally sold.

So yesterday we got about a 2 hour break from the rain and actually saw this foreign object called the sun. It was still cold as heck outside but we ran out to enjoy it. And of course Ben has been going thru withdrawls with all this rain. He has not been able to mow the grass or wash the cars. So he got out the mower, weedeater and all supplies to wash the cars and got to work. I however, continuing my laziness sat on Bryce's slide and snapped a few photos. Noah loves to help Dad with EVERYTHING he does and Bryce still isn't too sure about the mower yet. But when it came time to wash the cars he was all over it. We had a good time but frooze our butts off, good thing I made chilli for dinner.

After dinner Ben went out to move the cars around and sure enough it was raining....again. He wasn't too happy. Here are some pictures from the camera.


HOORAY FOR HONDA! As all of you know we have a Honda Accord, and love the pieces outta it. Well a few years ago we started having tranny problems. We were pretty pissed off about it cause we bought the car brand new, it doesn't have enough miles on it to have tranny issues and its a Honda. We took it in a few places and made a few calls with no success. We didn't want to fork out 2500 dollars to replace the tranny, we were pretty pissed off about it. Well I don't drive the Honda anymore so I haven't noticed how bad it was getting. Our wonderful Dad (Al) called one day with some good news. He talked to a friend who works in Honda and was told we should be able to get the tranny replaced on their dime. We were stoked but kinda didn't believe it since we had tried that before. Well Monday, Ben drove the Honda to a dealership in Corvallis. They took at look at it and said "yes it is a defective tranny" called later that evening to let us know they got authorization to replace the tranny and all we have to cover is labor. HAPPY DANCE HAPPY DANCE HAPPY DANCE!!!! So now we get a brand spanking new Honda tranny, with a 3 year/30,000 mile warrenty. And the best part is we are saving about $2,000!


Monday, April 7, 2008

Favorite Wine Glasses

Since living in the PacNorWest I have developed a true love for wine. Ben and I have gone to plenty of wine tastings, wine festivals, and even made our own wine. We really really like wine. My all time favorite is still Eola Hills. YUMMY! But I also have favorite wine glasses too. I just love these glasses. They are so much fun!

Rain, Rain go away

Another lazy weekend in Oregon. It rained all weekend and Ben had duty. So we pretty much hung out around the house and did nothing. I'm actually pretty surprised at how little I was able to accomplish around the house this weekend for not leaving it. VERY LAZY SHELL! We did have another wonderful party at the Anderson's Friday for Matt and Tiff's going away. I was introduced to Jagger bombs, not my favorite. Ben came home early to relive the babysitter and I stumbled/rolled in about 1am. I will post some pictures later, maybe.

Saturday the boys and I spent the day playing inside, watching TV, doing some laundry and pretty much making a mess of the house. Real excited I know. Sunday we did a little more cleaning (only cause Matt and Tiff were coming over) had our Sunday ROL dinner night and played Wii all day. I must say that I kick some serious ass in tennis. I think I missed my calling in life. HAHA

We have been battling another asthma episode for Byrce. He has had this cold for a few weeks now, he has been wheezing and a gasping cough as well but nothing too serious. Well I think it has just taken a toll on him cause he slept ALOT this weekend. He went to bed around 830ish last night at slept until 945am. I was in heaven. But he is not wanting to nap right now......

Noah is just skipping along. He skips everywhere now, crazy kid. He has been working really hard, doing chores to earn money for Optimus Prime. He finally got enough money and was able to buy it on Sunday. It is the new love of his life. He is currently ADDICTED to Transformers, TMNT, Shark Boy and Lava Girl (all time fav.) and of course let's not forget Spongebob. We spent most of the weekend play either one of these. He still has such a great imagination. He actually just went in to wake Dad up by saying "HAPPY EASTER DAD!" He comes up with the strangest things, I love it.

Other then that we are just still laying around today enjoying the rain being lazy. However, Ben and I have big dinner plans at 6pm. I can't wait! Another year makes 9 and I love him more and more everyday!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Bad start

Yesterday was a busy, busy day. We all woke up got Noah off to preschool then Ben, Bryce and I heading to the range. Took off just in time to get Noah come home do lunch and pack for LC then out the door. Got home around dinner, played with the boys a little, cleaned, made dinner then I was off to help decorate for a going away party tonight. Came home and Ben was out the door heading to the station. It all seemed like a great idea yesterday but at the outlet we realized it wasn't. The boys were kinda fussy because they didn't get their nap/quite time and we were worn out too.

Then last night was just great. Bryce was up fussing most the night. He doesn't sleep well if he doesn't get a nap. And the boy would not go to sleep in the car. So I didn't sleep well then Noah got up around 715ish, did I mention I had just got Bryce back to sleep. He had been crying since about 5ish. And that is just way too early to wake up in this house. So Noah starting watching TMNT in bed with me till about 8ish when Bryce got back up. Since the joy has been awake he has cried, screamed, thrown fits, picked on Noah, driving me nutz and has been in time out a few times. At this point I'm ready to skip naps and go straight to bed. To top it all off I can barely lift my hand from that stupid hot gun yesterday!! And my arm is all bruised up. Im totally blamming this one on Ben, thanks Babe! :)

Did I mention we have a going away party tonight? So no early bedtime for Shell.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Day at the range

So we decided to take a trip to the range and see how the new guns shoot. I am 100% happy with how they work. Take a look.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day

OK let me start by I DREAD APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! Probably because I can be the most gullible person EVER. Especially when it comes to family playing jokes on me. My dad and brother used to always play April fools jokes on me and I always fell for them too. I just don't see the point in people trying to make someone feel like a fool, now if I wasn't the one always being fooled it would be different I'm sure. But I'm a good sport about the whole thing and laugh, it is funny. I have already been "gotten" by a few of my loving friends but the best was from my loving SIL. Thanks Amanda!!!!

But this year, I'm totally keeping my guard up for when Ben gets home. I'm sure he has something up his sleeve. But I'm telling you now, its not going to work. I promise!!!