Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feeling better

The past few weeks have been interesting around here. Bryce has been having stomach pains for the past almost 2 weeks. They started very sporadic and we really didn't give them much attention till Saturday. He spent most the day doubled over in pain and in tears. Finally about 4pm after calls back and forth with the Doctor we ( I ) loaded him up and headed for the ER. We by-passed the whole check in part and went straight to the back, he was in pretty bad shape. The doctors thought something was going on that was going to need surgery that night. I was holding it together but also scared to death. Ben was at home sick with Noah and Chloe so I was solo. They put poor Bryce threw the ringer with test after test after test. All came up with nothing, after some serious pain meds he started to get relief. Everyone was left scratching their heads, the call to keep him or release him was still up in the air when after 4 hours his pain starting coming back. There he was again starting to curl up and double over in pain but trying so hard not to say anything. With no serious medical condition and Bryce wanting to come home we all decided it was time for him to get home. The next few nights/days were awful. We spent a lot of time on the phone with his doctor and in the office. In the end we learned that he was having severe complications due to the Norovirus. Then it became a waiting game to see if he could get better at home or was he going to be admitted.

Fast forward to today.....HE IS AT SCHOOL!!! We both did the happy dance all morning getting ready. He was so excited to be going back to school today and I was so excited to be sending him. I can promise that he will never ever want to step foot into another ER or doctor office again and I am okay with that. I expect him to be very tired and grouchy when he gets home. He is on "light duty" if you will but he is there.

Tomorrow C and I will be headed back to the gym and resume our weekday routine. I can't wait to get back to it!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

We hope that everyone is having a lovely Valentines Day <3 Here is Chloe showing off her love of hearts and Daddy <3 Bryce is still under the weather so getting him in a Valentines Day shirt then to smile for a picture wasn't happening. Noah is still at school but turns out when you are 8 and a boy its just not as cool for Mom to dress you up in Valentines Day attire anymore :( So this is all you get of the Molnar's on Valentines Day. But we are enjoying our day of love together as a family <3

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sneak Peak

As stated below, tomorrow is Chloes Birthday Party. I will be baking an Elmo cake along with cupcakes in honor of the big day. However, my totally talented friend makes these amazing cookies and she agreed to do some for Chloe's big day!!! I don't know how she does it but everytime her cookies come out even better then before. She totally rocks and just happens to do mail orders!!!!!!

Here is a little sneak of whats to come tomorrow <3

When I close my eyes

this is who I see!!! Tomorrow is the big Birthday party for Chloe. Chloe has nothing but love for this big red guy and his little pink friend. This house will be filled with everything Elmo, Abby, Cookie and Big Bird come tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This and That

The running goal is still going strong. Ben is a machine at running and I need to get my but on that treadmill. In all fairness I haven't stopped going to the gym, in fact I have up'd my time and workouts. But unfortunately it doesn't count in our miles :(. Today I am taking a much needed day off from the gym. It feels weird, I have been going everyday for the past 3 weeks. I feel like I am cheating or something, like I need to pull the shades and hide so nobody knows I am really home sitting on my ass doing nothing. But then I go to lift my arms or walk the stairs and the pain sets in and I remember that I totally kicked ass yesterday. So a day off is much needed here.

I wish I could stay home and be lazy with my little peanut the day before her BIG day but we can't. Chloe and I along with another friend have a lot of work to get done today. At the beginning of the year I signed up to co-chair fundraising for the PTA with my friend. It has been an adventure and very eye opening. We have been working on our newest fundraiser "Wild Life Encounters" its actually a very cool program and the easiest way to explain it is its a traveling zoo. We are getting very excited and nervous as the date gets closer. This has the potential to be a HUGE event and we are praying that it all goes off smoothly. So today we are doing some leg work and visiting all the Preschools in the neighboring towns to spread the word. We have lots of flyer's to hang and lots of speaking to do. Hopefully Chloe is in a great mood for all this fun stuff today!!! She is usually very good with these kind of things and just loves our meetings ;)

The boys are doing great! School and Soccer as usual. We are at our max with soccer right now but they want more. Last Saturday we spent about 5 hours at Seacoast and that was more then enough for me. At 815pm I couldn't hit the door fast enough. Both boys teams are undefeated at 6-0. They are pretty amazing. Noah's team is on FIRE and getting a pretty good name for themselves. They kids are all amazing and such great kids, the parents rock as well. We are super lucky that Ben has such an amazing team to coach. And Noah is turning into a pretty amazing goalie, he loves it! He was on fire last weekend with some amazing saves! It was so awesome to watch his little face light up with every stop and goal. Bryce is doing awesome as well. He is by far the youngest on his team and working on learning positions and the game and he does great with it. He turns it up on Wed. when he gets to practice with Noah's team. He can really hold his own out there with those 8 year olds and doesn't back down. Of course it makes me very nervous. But we are already starting to talk about Baseball!!!! That's right Baseball season is right around the corner and looks like Dad will be coaching both boys this year!!! This makes me very happy :D

Ben is busy busy busy as usual. Lots of studying to do, miles to run and schools to attend. Along with being Husband, Daddy, Coach, Sports star and saving lives. I don't know how he does it. He is amazing and I am a super lucky gal!

Chloe is growing up way too fast! Tomorrow she will be 2!!!!!! She acts like she is 5 and ready for school. We had to graduate her to a toddler bed a few weeks ago. She loves it. I have tossed around the "potty training" word as well. She does go on the big potty here and there and I think she is ready but I am not. She is one lucky little girl growing up here in Hampton with such amazing people. She has so many people that just love her to pieces its amazing.

Friday, February 3, 2012

496 miles to go.................

If you notice we added a new little ticker to the side of our blog. Ben and I talked yesterday and we have decided to set a goal together. We want to run 500 miles this year but really we are hoping for a little more then that ;). No reason really, not getting ready for a big race or anything. Just something we can track and do together to stay healthy. I'm super excited to see how far we can run together in a year!!!


  • We don't have to run at the same time for miles to count. Any miles at the gym or on the street count. You have to be actually running not playing a sport then estimating how many miles you "think" you ran.
  • Lashelle's training classes at the gym do NOT count. Even if I bust my ass in that gym for 2 hours! Unless I am on the treadmill or elliptical they will not count. (eye roll, Bens rule)
  • We will track our miles together as a team as long as it's fair. I (Lashelle) will not allow Ben to carry my weight. Of course he will run more miles, he has more experience running and more time to run ;). If I start to slack we will create 2 tickers to keep me honest.

So there it is. We will both try to long in every few days to update our miles. And who knows maybe I will actually pass Ben in miles ;) A girl can hope right.