Friday, October 8, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

Last weekend we loaded up the troops and headed out for family pictures. Of course I had this master plan of Chloe taking the perfect nap, the boys laying down to have quite time and just laying low before pictures. Well that didn't go over as planned but as you can see from these awesome pictures everything turned out perfect anyway :). Not sure how Jaime pulls it off but everytime she takes our pictures we love them even more then the last ones. If anyone is in need of a totally awesome photographer let me know, trust me she rocks ;)

The rest are on her website.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Picking

A few weeks ago we loaded up (by we I mean the kids and I since Daddy was working) and went Apple Picking with friends. What I thought was going to be a mess of a day turned out to be AWESOME! I love it when that happens. Chloe was sick the night before and I was running on little to no sleep but I knew I had to get the boys out or we would all go crazy, so off we went. I snuggled Chloe for the day and it worked great for her. I was sore and hot most the day but I guess snuggling a sick 20 pound little girl can do that to you. Noah climbed EVERY tree he could and loved every minute of it, Bryce ate every apple he could and loved it, Chloe slept and seemed pretty happy.

After we headed to our friends so the boys could run and play some more. I got to hang with Cheryl and Chloe and just relax. It was a great way to spend a duty day. Everyone was so tired by the time we got home not one child cried for Dad at bedtime. Mission Accomplished ;)

On the move...

Chloe is starting to take her 1st steps!!! I know totally craziness but its true. She pulls herself up on EVERYTHING moving or not. Doesn't work so well when she tries to pull up on the dog but she is learning :). Just last night she went from my basket to the ottoman and took a few steps around (holding on) to get the toy she wanted. Its all downhill from here. Guess I better get to posting that video of her crawling now that she is walking......

Friday, September 24, 2010

And so it begins

Bryce is going to be the kid that gives me a reason to blog EVERYDAY, at least while school is in. These poor teachers have no idea what they are in for. I say this because it has taken me 4 years, the first 2 were painful, to figure Bryce out. Part of me is afraid to let someone else handle him in fear that he will change and also in fear that he is MY baby, I'm the only one who can help him, I'm the kisser, hugger, tear catcher, lover of the Tylenol bottle when he screams, the take a deep breath its going to be okay person. He was a very difficult baby and while he has gotten much better he still has his "Bryce moments" and I know better then anyone that they can be draining. All this said he is still my little boy and would not have him any other way, to me he is PERFECT!

I walk in his school today and he is sitting down playing, everything seems fine. Then he stands up and limps over to me holding his knee with this look of "Mom my knee is about to fall off I am in so much pain" Then his teachers sit me down and explain to me that he took a fall today at recess. He fell off the rock the kids all climb and got a cut. Let me tell you this cut is more like a finger nail scratch and to most kids it would have never even phased them. But not our Bryce. He screamed like he had broken his knee, had to be carried into class to clean it up, and would NOT walk for an hour they said.

Being the over sympathetic Mom I am...I burst into laughter. The teachers look at me like I'm some crazy Mom and then start laughing with me. They said they tried everything to calm him down and he just wasn't going for it. They felt much better after talking to me about what took place and I walked out with my still limping 4 year old Bryce ;)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


These past few weeks have been filled with inhalers, runny noses, fevers, doctor office visits, pulling all nighter's, driving all night to find medicine, sleeping in rocking chairs, sneezes *bless you*, lots of dirty snotty laundry, boogers and tears. But I'm (almost) happy to say its almost over. WHEW!

It all started back when Bryce was so kind and shared his new preschool germs with his baby sister. From there it went to Mom and Noah and Dad has been in the clear so far. But poor little Chloester didn't do so hot with her cold. She is still full of boogers and a semi mess but we will take that over what we had before. Mom is doing okay but would be much better if she wasn't sick at all ;)

I am so not ready for Fall/Winter season and all the little germs it brings

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Preschool blues

So my over happy little 4 year who couldn't wait to start school is having a few problems. Any surprise that Bryce is the one giving me a hard time? I think he is just wired to be my "different" child. But it does (like always) break my heart into a million pieces. He doesn't like to play with the kids, he is always alone playing when I pick him up. When asked he says "Mom I just like my alone time" As most of you know that is NOT our Bryce.

Today just broke my heart, he was standing at the gate waiting for me trying not to cry. He wasn't doing a very good job as the tears started to fall. He was broken hearted because he wanted to have lunch at school. I tried my best to explain to him that we "Mom and Dad" needed to talk about it but today wasn't going to work. (as we all know staying longer means more money and that's slim pickings around here) Well the director already has a soft spot for Bryce and asked for me to pack his lunch Friday and we will see how it goes. Which means Daddy might be playing less golf then he would like.

The teachers keep telling me that he plays great with all the kids and he doing really well. While he still needs work on a few things they all say he is well above his learning curve so they have no worries about him. However his Mommy does so I will be volunteering at his school next week.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mama Mama Mama

Thats right we have a talker!!!! And her 1st words are Mama!!! Im so over excited to hear my little girl say Mama, both boys said Dada first so this is a big deal around here. All day long its "mama mama mama" The best was when she woke up this morning stood up *yes she is standing now* and called for Mama. Melted my heart

So our little princess can now:
pull her self to stand on objects
laugh like crazy
pick food up to eat

Where has 7 months gone?

Friday, September 10, 2010


Fall means the start of many things around this crazy house of ours. Fall means its time to dust of those jackets and make sure they still fit *sigh*, make sure you remember to BRING them with you every time you leave the house, remember your camera when going for a drive because you always find the prettiest fall tree when its at home, dig out those soccer cleats from the bottom of the closet because soccer is here, daily asthma meds and checking that you have a rescue inhaler with you AT ALL TIMES, flu shots, shorter days and longer nights, Halloween costumes and party planning, trick or treating is near, family photo shoots, leaves all over your lawn and a semi crazy husband feeling the need to pick up every leaf as it falls.

So I say bring it on we are ready for you fall :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yes the rumors are all true....sad but oh so true. Our little Bryce started Preschool this week. He did awesome and loved every minute of being the "big kid" Dad took the day off of work to be home for his special day, which of course made it even better. The night before we took him out to celebrate his night before his "big day." As soon as we walked threw the door he ran upstairs brushed his teeth, got into his jammies and set his clothes out for the next day. *SO FREAKIN CUTE* He then had to count to 20 for us and sing his ABC's to "practice" for his day. Then off to bed he went (it was only 6:30)

It was so cute watching Dad hold his little big hand into school....that was until Bryce let go and looked up at Dad and said "Daddy I don't need you to hold my hand anymore" Yeah we cried too. He walked right in hung up his backpack and was off. I had to ask for a hug and kiss and we were both taken into the other room for our hugs. There was no hugging in front of the teachers and kids. That little turd ;) However I did get the biggest full sprint to Mom hug when we picked him up so that more then made up for it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Grade

All the kicking and screaming, worrying and crying didn't change a thing my little love bug started 1st Grade!!!! I was as brave as I could be putting on a smile as he walked up the walkway and into the doors. Then he turned and waved back and I lost it. Yes all the kicking and screaming was from me his Mother ;( He was as proud and happy as can be to start back to school and be the "big" 1st Grader now. 1st Grade is a big deal because you get to be on the 2nd level of the school. I know he is going to learn all sorts of great things this year but growing up is hard on Mom.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

6 months

Our little princess had her 6 month check up today. Of course the day when it is pouring down rain (I mean buckets of rain) I have to drag all 3 kids to the doctor office, and of course since its pouring down rain guess who is at work due to weather? But you can all sleep well knowing we made it and didn't drop anyone off on the corner. ;)

Chloe is growing great and healthy as can be!! She is 19lbs 13oz, 26.5 inches tall and her head is 17 inches round. WHOO HOO!! Doctor says she looks great but needs to up her formula intake....umm hello did you see her weight?

I did learn that I need to take the Molnar children to the doctor more often here. We get in the room and there is a basketball hoop. You know the kind that hangs on the back of the door. Well the boys were super excited (like always) and like always I told them "NO" Well the nurse said to me "oh come on Mom they can play, here you go boys, go wild have fun while Mom and I talk" Are you out of your mind? Did she really think we would be able to talk over my 2 boys playing basketball in a room the size of my closet? That lasted about 5 minutes before I had them both sitting quietly in fear of their lives. The nurse was impressed and said "Wow they are so good I have never seen kids go from "that" to "this" that fast good job Mom" Ugh

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hello are you there?

WOW its been awhile since we last posted....lets all admit you are not totally surprised are you? So whats new and excited around here, lets see. Chloe is 6 months now (going in for shots tomorrow YIKES) She is moving around pretty good but still not crawling yet. But she has managed to get the backwards scoot around the house down so chasing her brothers and dog is no problem for this little girl. She is still the best baby ever and my little sleeper (YES) Bryce turned 4 and is getting ready to his big preschool debut. I just hope he isn't let down by the whole thing. Bryce has also learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels!!! So lots of bikes rides have been going on around here. Noah is ready to take on the 1st grade!!!! Just typing that makes me want to cry ;( Where did the time go? I sware he was just starting preschool the other day. But Mom will promise to be strong and not cry for everyone's 1st day of school but we all know I will be a basket case. That's why Ben's making sure to take these days off to be home with me. Such a great guy!

We have been in a sports break this Summer but Soccer is getting ready to start up again. Noah is super excited and I think we are all ready to freeze our you know whats off till indoor starts up. Bryce will do indoor Soccer and Jr Gym again this year. And poor little Chloe will just be dragged around from school, sports and everything in between.

We had lots and lots and lots of family up this Summer and my Mom is making a trip up in October to help out with our kids Halloween Party. Yes we are already in Halloween mode around here.

Well that's about all I have time for now. We have to get out and going. Hopefully I will have time to post all about Chloe's 6 month check up for you all tomorrow ;)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Our friend who happens to be our photographer came out for the 4th this year. And lucky us she brought her camera along for the ride. Here are a few shots that she took of the kids.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

5 months

5 months...really? Its hard to believe that Chloe is 5 months already. She is such a happy baby and so far a very easy baby. She loves everything about her brothers and has this special laugh just for them. I'm not sure what life was like without her around. She is rolling over now and eating solid foods. Soon her family will be here to fuss all over her and she is going to love every minute of it!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


WHOO HOO we made it to July!! July has always been one of the top months in this house and we are super excited it's finally here. I feel like I have been waiting all year for this month!! July is always filled with friends, family, parks, beach, BBQ's, parties, chilled wine, screaming kids, birthday's, and the best part QUITE NIGHTS! We have a super fun filled month ahead of us and I hope I can keep you all in the loop with fun pictures and stories to tell. Up 1st is our neighborhood block party which is looking to be the best one yet! Ben went out last night for his 1st firework run and plans on much more before Sunday. The boys are super excited and I need to hit the store today for some fun filled 4th of July cooking supplies :0. But before all that the kiddos and I are hitting the beach before the madness down there starts. Hope everyone is looking forward to a wonderful month as well

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Strawberry picking

Today I took the kiddos to pick some Strawberry's with a friend of mine. Together we had 2 adults and 5 kids it was fun but the "Dad" help was missed at least by me. We got there and Noah was just so excited he was gone, I'm pretty sure I spent the whole time yelling across the field for him to come closer. Bryce stayed close to Mom (which was a shock) but only because he didn't want to pick the strawberries he only wanted to eat them. I would fill his basket and before I knew it... it was half empty. Poor Chloe wasn't really having Mom bending up and down and all over the place to pick strawberries, her face spent most the time in a strawberry bush. We all had fun and some great laughs but Dad will come next year or we will stick to the buying them at the grocery store ;). The best part by far was the cider doughnuts we picked up the beginning YUMMO!!!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mother/Son Fishing Trip

A few weeks ago Noah and I went on a Mother/Son Fishing Trip thats put on every year by the PTA. Noah was SUPER excited and I was well......ummm......excited to see his face light up. I had never been on a charter fishing boat, dont remember ever doing any "real" fishing and I get sea sick. So I was a little nervous as to how this was going to turn out. We took 3 charter boats out and a month before was sign up's, along with sign up's came phone calls to sign up for "boat 2". This was really a big deal in these 6 year olds life. All they talked about was boat "2" it was so funny watching these boys talk up boat "2". As promised boat "2" was the "cool" boat to be on. Every boy in Noah's class and most of his soccer team were on boat "2". The kids had such a great time. We had these deck hands that were supposed to be there for help but we really could have left them at the dock. After Noah and I lost our 1st 5 fish I realized it was time to get dirty. Noah was so bummed out that we kept losing our fish. So up went the sleeves and hair and it was pretty much over from there. While I had a blast with my little man I have to say that fishing is gross and smelly. I did not find a new love for fishing and will only be going fishing once a year with the Hampton PTA. And how did Dad feel about his 1st born and wife going on a fishing boat? Well he was excited for us but made sure he knew every little detail. And I guess it didn't hurt that he had duty that day so every little call from a boat could be heard by him. It did make me feel better knowing that Dad was on duty in case something happened ;)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What happened?

I had all these great plans on posting every week after baseball and to post all these great pictures of Noah, Dad and the team. Well as we all can see that never happened. Turns out when you have 1 son on the team, a husband coaching, 2 other little ones to attend to and somehow I took on the role of "team Mom" you don't have much time to snap a picture let alone remember to take a camera with you. So our season has come to an end and we all had a great time playing baseball this year. Ben did an awesome job as "coach" and Noah really enjoyed playing ball with the guys. Our team was filled with great kids and some fun parents as well. It did get crazy for me sometimes trying to keep 1 eye on Bryce, either snuggling Chloe or keeping 1 hand on the stroller and somehow getting 10 over excited 5 and 6 year olds in line ready to hit, staying off the hill, exchanging helmets or getting our hats and gloves back on to take the field. But we didn't loose a child nor did anyone get hurt so I guess I did a pretty good job. Here are some pictures that I somehow snapped at our last game of the season.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Noahs Concert

So Noah had his first Concert at school today. It was so cute. Here is a short clip so everyone can see.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Opening Day

Last weekend was our Opening Day for Noah's baseball. We were all super excited for the event. Both Ben and I were having flashbacks to our baseball and softball days. I was up at 6am to make sure everyone was ready and out of the house on time. We got to the field at 930am and didn't get home till about 1ish. We had a GREAT day at the ballpark. Ben and Noah spent the whole time with the team doing drills and getting to know each other. Bryce found his friend Sydney (Noah's friends older sister) It was great she played catch with him, took him to the playground and just ran around making sure he was having fun and being safe (LOVE HER) Chloe slept most the time but woke up for a little to say HI to everyone. We had lunch with our friends and then headed home.