Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Snow......

So yesterday we got some more snow. OH BOY! Now that we are prepared for the snow and know what to expect I'm really starting to enjoy them. Not saying I want another one its just not as bad. I still don't see how all this snow is going to melt by summertime. Schools have around here have had more snow days then ever. They are actually thinking of cutting Spring Break short to make up days. Man would I be pissed if I was in High School. haha. Ben had over night last night so my driveway looks like an ice skating rink. After the 10+ inches of snow fell we got freezing rain then just rain on top of it. Everything is iced over. I tried to get as much cleaned up for Ben but the boys and I ended up playing. Good thing the neighbors have a plow truck come cause Ben isn't getting the Honda up our driveway tonight. I think after we do some cleaning the boys and I may head back out to lay down some salt on the walkway and the back porch. Then maybe find a hill somewhere and sled down. I'm sure most of you are thinking "Oh God Shell and ice, she's going to the hospital." Well you very well could be right but I promise to be extra careful this time. Thanks for the concern :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Temporary Heaven

My children are on cloud nine right now and I'm sure Ben will have a smile on his face when he gets home too. Mom has lost her voice!!! Not only am I a one legged gimp hopping around I now have no voice to go with it. I have been fighting this sore throat for a few days now and it got the best of me. It hurts like you know what when I try to talk and the boys think its funny when Mom talks. Bryce has started whispering to me and Noah has told me that I need to go to bed early to "find my voice." When my sister called last night she didn't even know who I was at 1st. This really puts a wrench in my mission of making people out here nicer. Ben and I are so tired of people popping off at the mouth rude things like nobody is going to say anything back to them. And we all know Lashelle isn't just going to keep her mouth shut :). Like the other day the boys and I were loading up at the grocery store. This jack ass comes walking by laughing at us and says:
jack ass: "Yeah thats really safe"
me: "excuse me, what did you say?"
jack ass: "I just said thats safe, 2 kids, a cast and food" then laughs
me: "do I even know you, whats your problem?"
jack ass: "look I wasn't looking for a conversation I was just saying."
me: "well how about next time you keep your mouth shut and keep walking. do everyone a favor."
jack ass: says nothing else. just gets pissed rolls his eyes and walks away. What an ass!!! If the dumb ass would have looked down at my cast he would have seen that it was REMOVABLE! Winter make people NOT nice around here!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Poor Bryce, he isn't used to taking naps anymore. He has been getting up about 830ish and going to bed about 7ish (if not before) Well last night was an early bed night for him so he was up early. By 1pm the boy was dead tired. I put him upstairs for his 1st nap in I don't know how long and he wasn't happy. He sat on his bed yelling downstairs in the cutest voice "Im not sleepy Mom" and sat and played for as long as he could before he passed out. I went up to check on him after about 10 minutes of silence and this is what I found.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Pictures

Noah's Birthday party went great (if you ask the kids, haha) It was crazy packed and the whole thing was a whirl wind. I was un-impressed with how rushed everything seemed to be and the lack of communication between my "party helper" and me. Maybe the fact that she had 5 other parties that day didn't help. But in the end the kids and adults all had a great time. Noah loved every minute of it. But he did not like dancing with good ol' Chuck himself. He stood there with his hands in his pockets. It was funny. He got every transformer you can imagine and loves them all. I would also like to inform everyone that I am a level 3 converter now.


Monday, January 19, 2009


What a great night!!! Little nervous that they were going to lose it at the end of the 2nd half but we pulled it off. SUPERBOWL BABY!!!!!!! Guess who's have a black and yellow Superbowl party????? haha. Our prayers are still with McGahee and hope he has a quick recovery. What a hit he took. Al ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!! Keep your tissue close by cause your going to watch your boys go down hard!!! hahaha

Sunday, January 18, 2009


We can't freaking wait!!! The Steelers game is on later this evening and the Eagles/AZ game is only a few hours away!!!! Gotta love the playoffs! All bets off, new rules and new game plays. LOVE IT!! You even get all those band wagon jumpers jumping all over the place. Go Pats, wait go AZ, maybe soon it will be go STEELERS!!! Haha you know I love you!! You will bleed black and gold soon :) We have some fellow Steelers fans coming over for the game tonight and a Ravens fan. BOOOO!!! Should be a good time :) Party plans are already started for the Superbowl no matter who is in it.

In other news the snow hit again last night. Ben, Noah, Bill and Tyler have been out most the AM playing around. Okay they call in blowing and shoveling but I call it playing. They are currently down the street making a ramp for the boys to sled down. I got some pictures from the warmth of the house. I tried going out but got some pretty ugly looks and came back in.

Well we hope everyone's Sunday is as great as ours!! How can it not with playoffs just hours away!!!! Good luck to everyone who has teams still in it. And those who don''s okay just cheer for the STEELERS!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Deep Breath in and AHHHHHHH

What a week. It seems like these last few weeks have been months for us around here. The weather is freezing cold outside the ice isn't melting and even better news the snow is coming back to visit on Sunday. Oh JOY! My foot isn't better (for those who don't know) My plantar fascia ligament still has some pretty good damage to it. The ortho wanted to cast it that day but the lack of a ride home and 2 kids to get in the car he spared me. He did however give me this hot looking air cast instead. I have to wear this now for the next 2 weeks. After that I will either start therapy to re build that ligament or its straight into a hard cast. At this point I'm either going to get better or have life long issues with my foot. Isn't that just great?!? The boys are great. Bryce is a little stinker and knows it. Noah turned 5 and got a new attitude to go with it. He may not make it to 6. Tried potty training Bryce again, no go. "That's gross Mommy" is what I'm told when I ask him to poop on the toilet. Ben's doing great! Loving the snow and ice. Seriously he enjoys going out plowing and chipping away at the ice so his wife doesn't break her neck. Work has slowed wayyyy down for him so the wheels in his head are turning. Can anyone think what projects are about to arise? My wheels are turning with Spring/Summer trips that I want to go on. Anything warm and defrosted would be GREAT! Noah's party is tomorrow at Chuck E Cheese. Please pray for us all! And I'm about to load to kids up to hit the store for cupcake stuff and dinner. It takes about 15 minutes more to load us all up now with this cast, get it off to drive, get it on to get out, then get the kids out with it on and into the store. We may not make it home in time to cook dinner.

So whats new and exciting in everyone else's lives? Everyone crazy like us here? Please share?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Birthday Pictures

Here are some pictures from Noah's Birthday. I will post more party pictures after the party.

Okay I have more but it won't let me load them right now????? Maybe later

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Noah turns 5

So I had planned on posting on Noah's Birthday but that day got away from me kinda like the last 5 years. What the heck is going on? My baby is 5!!! I still can't believe it. He looks so much older now. I know that sounds crazy but its true. We are having his party on Saturday at everyone's favorite mouse place Chuck E Cheese. He is soooo excited. Ben took the last 2 days off and it's been great. We decorated up the island in the kitchen for Noah the night before his big day. We laid upstairs listening to his reaction, it was so freaking cute. Soon after we got up and headed downstairs. Noah opened presents, read cards and allowed Bryce to play with some balloons. He decided that he wanted donuts for breakfast so out the door we all went. The rest of the day we hung out playing and watching movies. Then the Birthday Boy wanted ribs for dinner. We decided on TGI Friday YUMMY. We had them sing him Happy Birthday and he thought that was the coolest thing EVER! After that we headed to Barnes and Noble for some books. It was a great day. Thanks to everyone who called to wish Noah a very Happy 5th Birthday. I will get some pictures up later.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The weekend~ GO STEELERS!!!

Not too much went on around these neck of the woods. Friday we had some friends over for dinner and Wii. The boys had fun playing with friends they haven't seen in awhile. I however made it and early night due to Bryce and his crankiness. I ended up heading upstairs with him around 8ish and called it a night. Not sure what is up with old crancky butt but it's getting old really really fast. Saturday we hung around the morning enjoying Dad's 1st Saturday off in over 2 weeks. Then loaded up and ran all over the place to get ready for the next snow. About 10pm the snow started and dumped lots of it by the time we woke in the AM. We had about a foot on the back deck. Crazyness!!!

Sunday however was a GREAT day!!! I went to a movie with a group of girls that I have never met. Was a little nervous about the whole thing but it went great. We saw Bridewars, super cute movie. It did make me miss my friends back in OR so that was sad. Came home to an AWESOME husband, he had the house cleaned, kids were happy and feed, food was out and ready for company to arrive for the big game. He even cleaned the bathrooms. This guy ROCKS!!! Adam, Ashlyn and Emma came over for the game and we had a great time. Bill and Tyler came over for a little bit too and Noah was in HEAVEN. I was in heaven as well, did you see the Steelers/SD game? WHOO HOO!!! What a great day to be a Steelers fan, they did AWESOME! I was also surprised with the NY/Eagles game. What a good game that was too. Shae we are hoping for a match up ;). I walked around the house most the day singing "Im feeling kinda Sunday" Actually I still am singing that song. LOL

Today I have a follow up with the Ortho doctor for my foot. Wish me luck. Then I'm off to get last minute things done for Noah's big day tomorrow!!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A visit to the Station

I promise I am almost done with our trips and pictures from the holiday season. Jess and Jeff were super excited to see Ben new station, as was Ben to show them. It was too cold to get underway so we just walked around. Jess loves going to Bens work and seeing his name on the wall (surfman plaque). It's cute and Ben loves it! Mom and I stayed in the truck most the time due to sleeping babies. The rest went for a tour, just about the time they headed to the boats Bryce woke up. He saw that we were at Dads work and couldn't wait to get outta the truck. I walked down with him to the boats and it hit me, this is Bryce's 1st time on Dad's boats. HOW FUN!! I never took him on the boats rides in Newport cause he was too young. I still think he is too little but maybe this summer. Bryce loved being on the boat and Noah was a little scared. The cracking ice was making him nervous. Bryce couldn't wait to jump up and "drive it drive" as he says. Here are some pictures from that day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Calling all Baseball fans.....

One day while everyone was here we headed into Boston to tour Fenway Park. It was fun but cold. Exciting but stressful. In the end it was worth it, we found this little cool place to have dinner and we really enjoyed that. The tour was really cool too. The thought he was funnier then he was which made it pretty funny for us. The kids pretty good too. It was awesome to see the field and hear the history behind it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


We went sledding today with Bill, Karen and Tyler. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! I know what you all are thinking, How did the gimp go sledding and how smart is that? Well I'm not going to say it was the smartest thing I have ever done but I didn't get hurt.....anymore then I already am. So it was GREAT! We love Karen and Bill and like I said before always have so much fun with them. Still waiting for "girl" night with Karen. Wait this is about sledding. This was both mine and Ben's 1st time sledding and we had a blast. Noah loved every minute of it as we knew he would. But the big shocker of the day was Bryce. That boy jumped right on Dad's lap and went for it. He was having a blast. It's sooooo much nicer when you don't have a kid screaming in the corner. I found a nice cold seat and took pictures. But then everyone came up the hill with a great idea. Send me down on a sled so I can get pictures of them coming down. Yes of course I went along with it. So I gimped into the sled with Karen and down we went. Thank God we didn't take out that little girl. Karen was yelling GO LEFT but all I could think was if I went left anymore we were going to tip. I can't believe how fast you get going on those things. Once we got down the hill (and yes we went the furthest of the day) Karen pulled me onto the frozen ice to get some pictures. Yes frozen ice, I was assured that it was a puddle and not a lake under me. WHEW! Then everyone else came down and Ben and Bill pulled me back up the hill with Bryce on my lap. I tell it was the best thing EVER!!!!!

Trimming the Tree

We got a very late start this year on the whole tree thing. I was planning on decorating the tree on the Sunday after we got it. But that really didn't work out. 1 we were running around like crazy and 2 I forgot to buy a tree stand in the blizzard. Yes Mom, Jess and I just had to go to Walmart in the blizzard. Good times! So Monday while we were at Connies house John over heard us saying we didn't have a tree stand. Well he ended up giving us their old one and this is an AWESOME stand to! THANKS JOHN! It was the eve before Christmas Eve when the tree got decorated. Ben and Jeff took off to the store and the girls stayed back to decorate. Yes I am a little over protective when it comes to decorating the tree. Mom and Jess were dying laughing and when Ben got home everyone realized why he went to the store. He usually leaves while I get the lights on the tree, its just better for everyone. But we had a great time cutting the branches off the bottom, Jess is a great tree trimmer and Noah is an awesome help. It came time to put the ornaments on the tree. Turns out I'm kinda weird about those too. Everyone enjoyed watching Noah place every single one on the same branch. We really had a good time with the tree this year.