Monday, March 24, 2008

Whale Watching

It was such a beautiful day today, we decided to load up the boys and find some whales. The whales are migrating from Mexico to Alaska right now so you usually can see a bunch of them out. We didn't get to see as many as I hoped. Ben said with this big storm we had over the weekend they all probably went offshore. But we got to see a few and had a really good time up at the lookouts. They boys chased some squirrels, well Noah did Bryce was afraid of them. Bryce was so confused for some reason, he went up to a complete stranger to pick him up. Changed his mind really quick, it was funny.

Easter Weekend

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. Ours was pretty laid back. Ben had duty all weekend and overnight on Friday and Sunday, grrrrr. The boys are going crazy waiting to see their Dad and so am I. I don't remember the last time Ben had to stand overnight so 2 in 3 days was an adjustment for us all.

Friday~ we hung out with Brandie and the kids. Played outside most the day, it was beautiful. Took the kids out to dinner then back outside to play.

Noah wouldn't stand still long enough to take a picture.

Saturday~ we hung out waiting for Ben. He finally got home to rush out the door an hour later for his basketball game. Noah got to go with him. And Bryce and I stayed back to boil some eggs. He got home, we dyed eggs and rushed the kids to bed.

Sunday~ HAPPY EASTER! I had planned our annual block Easter Egg Hunt again this year, so when we woke up Sunday morning to wind and rain I was totally bummed out. Then the phone started with questions of a back up plan. Back up plan? UH? The majority still wanted to go out. So everyone bundled up the kids and we had a great Oregon Hunt. We had about 13 houses participate and had about 500 egg total. Kids had a blast and once everyone realized I didn't control the weather I had fun too :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Noah's buddy

Noah wants me to post a picture of him and Mike. Most of you have heard us talk of Mike. Since his move to Washington Noah has really missed being with him. They always had such a great time together (mostly trying to stress me out) We all love and miss Mike terribly.

It's Official!!!!!

WE HAVE OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!! After months of looking on the Internet looks like I am done. YIPPEE!!! Sigh a relief. What a HUGE pain in my ass that was trying to find a place to live on the east coast from the west. But we did it and are very happy with our choice. I have sent out emails with our new address, so check your boxes. Here are a few pictures that we have of the new place.
Its much bigger then what we have here and Ben get's his 2 car garage.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Morning with Taylie

Bryce and I dropped Noah off at preschool today and to our surprise we got to bring home a friend. Taylie wanted to come with me because she was bored at preschool today. She is ready for Kindergarten but has to wait for her age to catch up with her mind. So she gets bored at preschool really quick. Bryce just loves Taylie and was thrilled to have her. He has learned to say her name "Tay ya" so cute!! Well we have all been playing this morning and taking some pictures. Taylie asked for me to put them on my computer. She is a little sad because I don't have any fun "girl" stuff planned like usual. But with the last minute I didn't have time. We made cakes, cupcakes and did "girl breakfast" last Friday. So today we are playing with Bryce. I am so going to miss my "Taylie time" when we leave. Everyone knows I don't have a girl but I have "adopted" Taylie and we have a blast. From shopping to tea, dress up to baking. Ok here is a picture of Bryce and Taylie.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Another one down

This weekend was pretty un-eventful for us. Friday we had some nice weather and Ben finally BBQ some chicken for us. Matt and Tiff joined, good times. Saturday was the Survival Suit Races and Blessing of the Fleet. The races are fun to watch and we got to cheer on 3 CG teams this year. We are proud to say the CG took 1st and 3rd this year! GO COAST GUARD!! It's a timed race to see which team of 3 can get into survival suits and swim out to a raft the fastest. They also do a flare demo.

Sunday we hung out at home. Started to go thru some stuff in the house to get ready for this upcoming move. I have decided that we have way too much stuff!! Its going to be fun. Matt and Tiff came back over for our ROL2 dinner night. Matt made some yummy chicken and rice. Then we enjoyed some dessert fondue made by yours truly.

I must say that I'm totally over the rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss it

I came across this picture today and it made me realize how much I miss being pregnant. And how little Noah was when I was pregnant. It was amazing how much he grew up in the 9 months before Bryce arrived.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Doing the dishes

How freaking cute is my son! And who does the dishes like this?

Noah- "Mom, I'm all done with my dinner. can i do the dishes?"
Me` "Sure Noah, I will bring them all to you."
Noah- " YIPPEE thanks mom your the best."
Me- "Well thanks Noah, make sure you wash them good okay."
Noah- "Yep mom i got it, your such a good helper mom thanks."
Noah- "Mom i got my shirt wet can i take it off."
me- "Yes that's fine."
Noah- "Oops mom I got my underwear wet too, i better take them off."

Before I could say anything else, I walked around the corner to find this. So of course we grabbed Ben's phone and took some pictures.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Slideshow update

OKAY so with a little help I have been able to load that slide show. FINALLY. I know a few of you have been asking to see it. So ck out the post "Visit with the Watson's" something like that.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bryce and balloons

I was going threw some old pictures today. And came across these pictures of Bryce from my birthday. He had so much fun all day playing with my birthday balloons. Of course I had to take some pictures of it.


OK so I am having some trouble loading my slide show onto "Our visits with the Watson's." Ben is just too busy to look at it right now and I just can't get anything going. So I have decided to post a few pictures.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ear Candling

This was pulled from:
Ear Candling is a natural, non-intrusive procedure that may help alleviate the painful effects of chronic headaches or sinus conditions, ear infections, allergies or vertigo, as well as minor hearing loss due to excessive earwax build up.

OK So I really didn't believe this at first. I have a friend at work that told me he got this as a kid and it worked like a champ. I was reluctant to believe his story. It just sounds way out of the norm. So last night Matt and Tiff head over to our house and brought 2 pair. One for each of them. We watched in awe as the candle burned down and then when we cut it open to see how much it pulled out. We were in disbelief. They finished all four of their ears and all of us couldn't believe how much wax came out.

We talked about getting it for us and Noah since he has had numerous ear problems. So today we stop at the "Herbal/Natural" store and pick up 3 pair for us all. In shock we pulled out some serious wax. To save your stomachs I won't post the pictures of the wax that we pulled out but here are some shots of Noah getting it done.
SEE I TOLD YOU DAD.....It was crazy but worked good. You have to try it.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend has come and gone

So I was about to post how we had a boring lazy weekend then realized that wasn't true. We didn't get as much done as I wanted but that's OK. We had fun doing what we did. Friday the boys took off to the legion for a "surfman celebration" so the girls all ended up here for wine, games and fondue. Not so much games but lots of wine and fondue were consumed. We had fun and I realized that I have drank way too much wine this last month. Ben got home early and found us all around the table giggly and pretty much making no sense at all. He enjoyed his time with us:)

Saturday I spent the day "recovering" Got outta bed around 930 and was back in by 1130. Ben and Noah worked outside and did some running around town. Bryce likes to still take 4 hour naps so he was home with me. Got moving just in time to head out the door. We had a Seafood dinner at some friends in Depoe Bay. They have a beautiful house and the kids love playing together. We ate muscles, oysters, clams, prawns, seafood dips, sushi, lobster and this really yummy seafood soup Beth makes. YUMMY!!! The kids had fun running in and out but we had to cut it short to be home in time for Ben's bball game. Sara was very sad that her "boyfriend" was leaving and would not let him go until she got a hug. Very funny! The boys and I headed to Brandie's to play some more. Got home around 1030ish, rushed the kids to bed and watched a movie. Well I watched Ben slept.

Sunday morning came too fast. But much to our surprise it was a beautiful day. Ben had to head into work for a bit. So after lunch Bryce went down and Noah and I started to work on the jungle we call a backyard. We picked up poop, sticks and whatever else has blown into it. Then weeded and Ben got home just in time to mow. Washed the side of the house, patio and window. After we thought it would be nice to help Ben clean/re-arrange the garage. What a project!! We finished just in time for dinner and realized that moving his garage will be the biggest pain in my ass ever!!! Matt and Tiff came over for our "weekly Sunday dinner" and just hung out.

Needless to say I didn't work out at all this weekend and my workout partner is leaving for a week. So hopefully I will still get to the gym this week. Or at least hit the treadmill or bike here. Ben is doing great with basketball and running at work.

We are now down to 2 1/2 months left in Newport. Still too much to do and not enough time. I'm hoping I will have a house by the end of the month. That's been a fun adventure. But will save you all of that:)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mommy needs a break

OH MY!! I think I'm going to lose it. I know most mother/fathers do not have this problem with their boys, however we do. Noah is driving me nutz today. I can't take it and need a break. From the moment we walked in the door from preschool all I have heard is "what a mess this place is" "come on mom lets clean" "mom over here" "mom over there" "MOM MOM MOM" AHHHHH

I realize that I didn't do much this weekend with The Watson's here but my house isn't dirty, give me a break. Since he has been home he has washed the table, cleaned the livingroom, scrubbed the bath tub, taken the clothes from the dryer to the couch then put the stuff from the washer to the dryer. Helped me unload the dishwasher then wash the dishes to load up again. He is now down in his room cleaning up his toys. BREAK TIME.

It would be great if he didn't need help with every little thing while he is doing it. Then is ready to move on before he has finished his task. So I am following behind him trying to really clean up what he has left behind. While he is already yelling "MOM MOM MOM"

Monday, March 3, 2008

Our visit with The Watsons

Erik and Shae came into town this weekend. We had so much fun being with them again, especially now that they are officially "The Watson" I already miss them. They came in for Jake's 50th Birthday Party. That is one of the guys old Coastie friends. What a great time that was. A beautiful location with some great people. Shae and I enjoyed each other's company while watching a group of grown men get all giggly over "sea stories" There was such a great variety of Coasties there. From old retired Master Chiefs, to the newest of Surfman. The guys really did have a great time being together again. And it was great to watch. Of course hands down my favorite is Master Chief McAdams, that guy and his wife are just about the cutest thing ever!!! But I must say that towards the end of the night I was having wedding flash backs. Bryce was getting tired and just wanted Mom to hold him, anyone else came close to him he buried his head in me. Noah just had a blast with all the kids there. He even busted out some of his break dancing skills on the floor, it was great.

Other then that we just hung out. Walked the bayfront, dinner at Szabo's, played with the boys outside and Shae and I enjoyed some really yummy Oregon wine while the boys got underway on the Victory last night. All in all it was a great weekend and I really miss being near the Watson's. But I can't wait to be with Shae this summer on the beaches of North Carolina. Only a few more months Shae!!!!