Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snow Day

On Monday we loaded everyone up and headed to Sears. The kids had their pictures taken. Which for some reason went really really smooth, until the Mom's got ready to place their orders. After pictures we headed to the food court for some lunch while pictures were printing. Amanda posted some pictures on her blog (link on the side FOUR MOLNARS) if you want to see them. After pictures we had a few arrands to run then we met everyone at Amanda's moms. By the time we got there is was almost dark so they didn't get a lot of snow time but they had a blast still. Connie made dinner for all of us and it was great. Here are a few pictures of the kids that day.

New Years Eve Rambles

So remember that list I made about the cold weather? I have learned more, Im sure your excited to hear.
* The ice is really really slippery and it hurts when you fall.
* When you fall on the ice, the older you are the longer it takes to heal.
* Snow really is a pain in the ass.
* 4 wheel drive isn't necessary but it sure helps ALOT!
* My kids cheeks are going to stay red all winter long.
* Remember that "small fortune" you spend on heating, that was a lie too. It's more like "Sorry kids we needed your college fund to pay for heating when you where 4 and 2"
* Those 4-6 inches they say your getting multiply by 12 cause the road plow guy just blows it all over your driveway and front yard.

So thats all I got for now. Other great news to share. The checkout lady at Sams today asked if I was in my 40's!?! That was nice, freaking people. I'm thinking of skipping a month of heating for plastic surgery. And a goal of ours is to have everything we need in the house BEFORE the snow storm hits. Ben will be spending the next few days at the station which wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't a gimp. Not sure what I did to my foot, for those who don't know I feel on the ice Christmas morning. But it's not getting better. Actually it's finally starting to swell and I'm just over the pain and gimping around. All our neighbors are AWESOME and have offered to watch the boys so I can go to the ER. Yes I tried to call my doctor but I can't be seen till the 6th? Again, nice people. I'm just going to feel stupid if I spend 5 hours to hear "you just over extended it" "stay off it and ice" Right with 2 boys and a husband gone all week at work, don't think so. We finally feel like "true East Coasters" Ben went into the Auto store today for wiper fluid and came out with new fancy wiper blades, new fancy de-icer fluid (i think), coolant, one of those fancy get the ice and snow off your car before you leave brushes, and TADA breaks for the Tahoe. Never letting him that store alone again. But you should have seen his face, smile from ear to ear. I think this snow storm today is supposed to be done by tomorrow then I'm sure another one is on its way. YIPEE!!! The boys and I are heading over to Bills for a New Years Eve get together. I'm bringing things for the kids to have fun and celebrate with us. Totally bummed that Ben will not be with me for my New Years Eve kiss but I will make it. This will be the 1st New Years since High School that I will not be kissing Ben. I know you are all crushed.

Okay I will start posting more pictures from our fabulous Christmas week with family :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm not sure when this was taken but I know it was at Connie's house. Actually I think it was Christmas Eve. Anyho I just love this picture of Bryce and Skyler (Sky is Matt and Amanda youngest, our niece) Bryce just absolutely loves her to death. He has asked for her everyday since she left. It's funny cause he has only seen her a few times yet he has attached himself to her. I LOVE IT!!

Christmas Tree

As everyone knows almost the entire Molnar/Ventura family was here for Christmas. We dropped everyone off at the airport yesterday and it's really quite around here. So time to play catch up. We did so many things and had such a wonderful time with everyone. I'm going to be posting multiple posts to get it all in. I have over 500 pictures on my computer not including what Amanda emailed me. YIKES!!! So get ready :)

We waited till everyone got here to get our tree. Well little did we know that Sunday would be the biggest snow storm I have ever been in. It was crazy. You could barley see in front of you, let alone what the heck the tree looked like. The older kids (Zack, Sky and Noah) loved every minute of it. The babies (Bryce and Madison) not so much. We always knew where to go by the scream of Bryce. Jess took Madison back to the house thing once she realized how far we were really hiking. Yes we hiked in a blizzard to cut our own tree down. I stayed as long as possible with Bryce then headed back too. I missed out on the cutting of the tree and the family picture by the tree. My favorite picture from that day is of the Dads (Ben and Matt) with their kids that stayed. Super cute!!! But with 6 adults and 5 kids we managed to get the perfect tree in a blizzard. We rocked!

After we got home the snow only got worse. Matt and the kids didn't leave till about 9ish and we were nervous for them. But they made it home safe. Most of the night was spent laughing and watching Ben, Matt and Jeff blow and shovel the never ending snow. Then before we knew it Matt was burring Ben in the snow out back. They had way too much fun in the snow that night.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bad Chickhin

What a crazy fun week we are having. Lots to catch up on and lots of pictures to share. But 1st I just have to share the best band pictures EVER!!! Mom got me Guitar Hero with the drums and microphone for an early Birthday present. BEST THING EVER!! We plugged it in tonight and the band known as BAD CHICKHIN was formed. What a blast we had rocking out. We put Noah to sleep on the floor and Bryce and Madison went right to bed upstairs. I guess the pumping music didn't seem to bother them too much. I have to tell everyone how much fun Ben is with Guitar Hero....lets just say the box doesn't lie. It really "unleashed his inner rock star." He was a freaking maniac!!!!!! You missed one beat and he was all over you. He did the best singing, who would have thought. He was dancing and pumping out some really hot moves. We had soooo much fun!!!! Here are a few pictures just from tonight.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter is here

Our 1st big snow storm of the season hit today. I was getting the boys hair cut when the snow started to fall, it was cool. Ben met us at the hair salon and was in a hurry to get us home. I am happy to report that I drove for the 1st time as it was snowing and their was no damage to us or the Tahoe. I even got tricky on our street and did little power slides. Not as good as Ben's pulling the E Brake and whipping the dam Honda around. Hey its paid off right? WRONG!!! Never again Ben!!! (I know your reading this) So here are some pictures of Ben and Noah snow plowing and shoveling while it was still snowing. And a picture to log as evidence that I did and do shovel the snow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow pictures

How fun!!! Noah just loves the snow. From snow angels, building snow men, snowball fights, jumping in piles of snow to sliding down face 1st down the driveway this kid is in heaven. Bryce however, well he needs some work. I had to bribe him to even come outside with the promise of candy when we were done. He came out for a little bit and even threw a snow ball or two. But was done about 10 minutes later. He looked so cute all bundled up outside. Here are some pictures from today. I'm sure there will be lots more to come from here on out. Oh yeah and does anyone give free lessons on how to make a snowman? Im hoping Ben is alot better then me :)


I'm not sure what took place last night but we woke up this morning to snow everywhere!! They have been saying it was going to snow since Thanksgiving, last night they got it right. The boys are running around like man men dying to get outside. For some reason Bryce is too, this isn't going to end well I can tell. Im going threw a mental list of what I don't have for them to play in the snow. But they will just have to deal with it today, there is no way I am driving anywhere. And I haven't gotten one item of snow anything for me yet. OPPS! Well here are a few pictures of the neighborhood. I'm off to bundle the boys up, I will post some more pictures after I drag Noah back inside kicking and screaming I'm sure :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tee minus 4 days

HOLLY WOW!!! We only have 4 days left till we get to head to the airport!!! Okay 5 if you count today. But I'm not so its 4. I'm so excited that I don't know what to do first. My house is a mess, I need to get food, I need to do laundry, I need to finish getting my Christmas decor up, so many things to get done. This last weekend couldn't have come at a worse time. But its okay, we will get it done. And if I don't family will just have to step over the piles of laundry and dust bunnies. LOL! Okay its not that bad :) Matt and Amanda are leaving Friday night and thats even more exciting!!!! Okay I'm off to get some things done today. And yes I have Christmas cards and you just might get them by New Years this year.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Flying Santa

Every year their is this group that fly's Santa to different lighthouses in the area. You sign your kids up before hand and he brings every child 1 present and you get your picture with Santa. The station has a lighthouse so we are lucky enough not to have to travel far. Neither one of us were really sure what to expect but man were we totally impressed afterwards. Ben fell in love with the helicopter and they did such an awesome job. The helo circled around a few times and dropped this glitter stuff all around. Then landed right there on the parking lot of the station. They boys were just so excited. Noah was jumping up and down yelling for Santa and Bryce was right next to him. He was so freaking cute. Everyone got inside and Santa started calling out names. Bryce's name was called before Noah and he really wasn't too sure. He walked up all happy and sure of himself then ran crying. I ended up taking him up there but heck if he was going to get close to Santa. He graped his gift and yelled "Thank you Santa" as he ran back to Dad. Noah was called shortly after. And much to our surprise he ran up. He has always been afraid of every Santa we have ever seen. But this year he got right up there and started talking to him like they were old friends. The elf guy thought he was funny and Santa joined in but it was all in good fun. When Santa asked Noah what he wanted for Christmas the Elf chirped in with "A Pats jersey" Then Santa said a "Brady jersey" They got lots of laughs. Yes the family was in our Steelers jerseys, hey it was football Sunday.
After that we all headed to Target to get some shopping done. It was the perfect end to a rather stressful weekend. And I can't wait for next year's Flying Santa!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

New England......We call it Paradise

Thursday night was the start to a weekend from hell. We asked ourselves a lot this weekend "Why did we choose this place?!?" I now will never ever think the weather man is crazy he says "freezing rain" Thursday as the rain started to fall it was so cold that it froze as it hit the ground. By 9:30pm we had lost power and didn't get it back for another 36 hours. And let me tell you what a fun filled 36 hours that was. Our neighborhood was a mess, down power lines everywhere, trees blocking roads, trees on houses. It was really kinda scary. With no power, heat or running water we ran into a few problems. And the dropping temps didn't seem to help anyone. Next thing we new the Governor had declared NH in a state of emergency to be able to release federal funds and allow for shelters to be set up. Shelters were going up all over the place. It was nutz. We lucked out and had some friends about 30 minutes south of us that we not effected by this storm. So we slept there at night and hung out here in the day time. We had to make sure the dog was okay and try to keep the house as warm as possible in the day. Freezing pipes was the talk of the neighborhood. Ben was able to get the fireplace going to allow for some heat and light the stove. We got very lucky that our house was not damaged, their are many people that were not as lucky as us. There are still thousands of people without power tonight and those shelters are still up and running.

Here are a few pictures of our neighborhood.