Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy Busy Bees

You can tell Spring is just around the corner over here, things are picking up and schedules are being juggled. We are so excited for Spring to finally show up we can hardly stand it. So what have we been up to? Well a little of everything.

Noah is still full swing into Soccer, he only has 5 weeks left till this crazy never ending Soccer schedule is over. We will all not know what to do with our Saturdays since the last 50 million have been spent going to Seacoast United. Okay maybe not that many but seriously we started this crazy Soccer schedule right before I got pregnant. But no worries Baseball will pick right up where Soccer leaves off. Noah is super excited for Baseball to start, its pretty cute.

Bryce is doing his thing too, which in Bryce world means Wii and DS. We are looking at getting him set up in a Jr. Gym here in Hampton then Soccer again. He will start Preschool next year so we are getting him ready for that.

And little Miss Chloe is doing just GREAT!!!! She is starting to smile alot now and laugh at her crazy brothers. WHEW Im just glad she finds them funny :). Our little girl is growing so fast. She is up to 10.6 lbs and is already 22 inches long. Her 6 week ckup went great and she is as healthy as can be. She even got 3 shots and took them like a champ. She is up to sleeping 6 hours straight at night but we are hoping to build that number up in the next few weeks.

Mom and Dad are just running around trying to keep up with these kids that out number us now. Bens still having fun at work (which is great) and his long winter hours should be coming to an end soon. Which makes Mom very very happy. I'm working on getting better still after my csection....ugh.

Here are some pictures from our super busy crazy weekend we just had. These are from the Egg Dig down at the beach. Yes we are at the beach in our snow clothes, it was freezing. But the kids had a blast so thats all that matters ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The kiddos

6 weeks

Little Chloe is officially 6 weeks old today! And in 6 weeks I have not found the time to pick up my camera to take some updated pictures of our little princess. I really need to get on that. I'm sure tomorrow I will finally dust it off, the kids have the most adorable St. Patricks Day outfits to wear.

Chloe is doing great! She is up to 5 oz every feeding (little piggy) and seems to be adjusting well. Still need to work on getting day and nights straight but its not too bad. She goes about 5 hours the 1st stretch then takes about an hour and a half to fall back asleep (that's what kills me) then can go another 4 to 5 hours on a good night, which is super helpful when I have to get the boys breakfast, dressed and out the door to school. However, last night was not a good night ~YAWN~ Next week she goes back to the doctor for her shots and check up. I'm curious to know how much weight she has packed on ;)

The boys are just great with her and think she is the cutest thing ever! They are both such big helpers for Mom which is soooo nice. And they both love to call her their "Little Princess"

Friday, March 12, 2010

Signs that you have lived in NE too long....

~ You oldest says "wicked" way too much

~ Your kids get excited for Spring because you don't have to wear a snow jacket, snow boots, gloves and your hat to school and play outside.

~ Your youngest wants you to go to Dunkin instead of Starbucks for a donut

~ You call Dunkin Donuts just "Dunkin" or "DD"

~ You can actually understand people when they talk

~ You no longer get pissed at everyones attitudes out here, instead you laugh at them. (Which by the way makes them mad)

~ You don't have a freaking heart attack when you get your 3rd over 600 dollar bill for heat in 1 winter.

~ Losing power in the winter is just expected and no longer a shock

Just to name a few......

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend updates......

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend here in NH. Dad had duty all weekend but lucky us the weather wasn't big and he was able to be home for most of it. Chloe is either going threw a growth spurt or she is just going to eat like her big brother Noah. She was eating 4oz every 3 hours all weekend long day and night. So by Sunday Mom was more then tired ~YAWN~

Friday~ Dad had to stay the night due to seas. He was missed but the 3 of us managed just fine. Noah was thrilled that he got to stay up late (830) with Mom and help but Chloe to sleep. Bryce on the other hand was in bed well before 7pm, he gets grouchy. Friday night was a little ruff with Chloe so I was praying that Dad was going to be able to make it home in time for Soccer. Yes, we are still going strong with Soccer. Since last fall we have had Soccer every Saturday with maybe a few days off but not much. I was just thankful that it was a 10:30am game and not 8am!

Saturday~ The kids and I were right on track for making it in time, which means it was 9:30am and I was just getting in the shower about to start my mad rush to get everyone out the door when Dad walked threw the door to save the day! LOVE HIM!!! Noah loves loves loves Soccer and is really becoming quite the little player out there. Its great to see how much progress he has made, however I do wonder if he is becoming a little aggressive. But everyone assures that he is not he is just playing the game. After Soccer we loaded up and drove to the beach. It was so beautiful outside. Then it was home to do some yardwork. We spend the afternoon out back cleaning up sticks and playing. After cleaning up the yard it was time to meet our friends at Wings your Way for Willys (its their bird) Birthday. The kids all had a blast hanging with Willy!

Sunday~ Was another beautiful day!! We spent the day again playing outside waiting for Dad to BBQ us some RIBS!!! Yep thats right we BBQ'd!!!

I just hope next weekend is as nice as this weekend was!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mini Van.....

Ouch yep I said it, Mini Van. Who would have thought? Not me, as far back as I can remember I have always said that I would NEVER drive a Mini Van. Well things have changed since I 1st made that statement. After driving all around today I started to realize how much more convenient a Mini Van would really be, I mean getting the kids in and out would be much easier, getting the stroller in and out would be a snap, and it would probably get better gas mileage. To be totally honest with everyone I will probably never ever get a Mini Van. I mean could anyone really see me driving around in a Mini Van all day? Okay really don't answer that. Plus I don't remember what life was like without a Tahoe, we love our Tahoe's. I can sit 8 in the Tahoe and the seats can all be moved around till I like where everyone is sitting. I guess I just need to move seats around some more now that we have 3 kids. And plus have you ever seen a Mini Van with upgrades? We all know Ben loves to add to our cars but again being honest I love it to! I couldn't see a Mini Van rolling around with exhaust, an intake, limo tint windows, and do they even make grills for a Mini Van? I'm sure Ben would love to lower or raise it but that would be way too weird looking for me.

So I guess I just answered the Mini Van debate in my head. I'm sure Ben will laugh that I was even thinking this way today :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Winter Storms....

Another winter is almost over here in NH. And let me just go on the record and say, I'm over winters in NH!!!! I miss the CA sunshine, I miss the days when a day of rain was too much to handle and when I thought 45 degrees was freezing and I needed to stay inside all day long. Boy oh Boy was I spoiled!

I'm happy to report that we did not have as much snow this year or an ice storm so that's nice. Don't get me wrong we still have plenty of snow so if anyone wants some just let me know :). And we had plenty of cold bitter days. This winter we have been blessed with the winds. Coming from the Pac Nor West these winds have been no big deal to us, however to the state of NH they have been the worst thing ever! You would think that a state who has always had cold, snowy winters and I'm sure this wasn't their 1st time with winds would be more equipped to deal with it, ya we thought so too but we are all wrong my friends. So of course we lost power for 2 1/2 days, some people are still without power, so sad. To make this more challenging add a newborn baby and a Mom still recovery from a c-section and it makes for a fun couple of days. Now of course when you lose power in NH it totally SUCKS! Not only is it cold, but our house just so happens to be on a septic system and well water. So along with no heat we have no running water, can not flush toilets (with a family of 4 isn't fun) no lights, no power to anything, good times. Lucky for us our friends let us borrow their generator so it all worked out okay, except the amount of gas you spend to keep it running. So if you can't tell Im soooo over winters in NH. I would much rather take the 100+ winds and non stop rain the Pac Nor West has to offer over this. At least they are set up to handle such things.

And now its trying to deciede if it wants to snow or rain out today. So I'm sure the roads and walkways are a slushy mess. Which will just be perfect getting Bryce and Chloe out to get Noah from school in a few hours.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chloe Brooke Molnar

Chloe Brooke was born on Feb 8th, 2010 at 10:55am. She weighed 8lbs 7oz. She is our biggest baby yet! I was shocked at how big she was. Of course we think she is just the sweetest thing ever and her big brothers could not be happier with their new little sister. Lots and lots of family came out to help out and meet the new little one. It was great having all the help and support they gave. We love you all!!!

Totally out of touch.....

When was someone going to tell me that we still had a family blog? YIKES!! Its been way too long. Lots has happened since flying Santa. Lets see we have had Birthdays, field trips, Christmas, more Birthdays, lots of snow, more snow, some cold weather, soccer, baseball sign ups, play dates, after school activities, late nights, illness, family, more family and did I mention a BABY!!! WHEW!! Take a deep breath we all came out of the last few months with smiles and all body parts attached.

I'm not about to go back to December to catch everyone up so lets just move on with a gap in between and call it good, okay?