Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bryce turns 2

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Like always, I have no clue where the time went. Bryce is growing up so much faster then Noah did, it's crazy! I know everyone says it but seriously it feels like we just came home with him. Now all the sudden he is 2. He is starting to talk so much more now, stepping out of Mom's shadow and wanting to do things on his own. He loves to read books, color and do all the things that toddlers do. Tear :(

We celebrated his Birthday on Sunday. Matt, Amanda and the kids were in town so we decided to wait and BBQ up some chicken and do a little party with them. Not as many people showed as we expected so we still have a ton of food but no worries we will eat it. We had a great time and the kids had a blast too! Ben and Matt broke out the mini bike and Amanda got crazy on Noah's power wheel. The kids did a little bit of everything from playing in the water, WII, and riding bikes. I made a kick ass cupcake bouquet and Ben BBQ'd up some wonderful chicken. We even got to enjoy a nice little thunder and lightning storm just before bedtime. All in all it was a great day and the Birthday boy really enjoyed running around with everyone.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yes I'm still working on our trip across the states! Our last stop was Virginia Beach to be with Matt, Amanda, Zack and Sky. The boys and I flew in (I don't remember the day) where we were met at the airport by the whole family. It was awesome. Noah tried to be shy and of course Bryce wanted everything to do with Sky. We got some pizza and headed home. They kids had a BLAST playing with their cousins and I enjoyed sitting outside being eaten alive. Shae showed up shortly after dinner and we hung out for a bit then took off to NC. (See NC post) Then again I don't remember the day, but Erik drove us back to VA to meet up with everyone else. I wasn't quite sure how the trip would go, since Erik has never driven in a car with 2 kids for that length of time before. But everything was awesome! It was a nice drive and the boys slept (most the way) We expected Ben to be at the house but he wasn't. Erik hung out a little longer then he had to take off. It wasn't much longer till Matt and the kids showed up and Amanda right behind. We all waited anxiously for Ben and Mom to show up. Actually I think we waiting outside at the curb. Once they got their ciaos broke lose. With 4 kids and 5 adults what did you expect, really? Amanda made her kick ass spaghetti and we all had dinner as a family. IT WAS AWESOME! The next day Amanda was the only one that had to work, sorry Amanda. But the rest of us took off to the park. Ben and I were losing our minds with as big and as many kids that were there. But we survived. Lunch and a nap for Bryce was next up then it was off to the pool for Amanda and I. Honestly, I remember the rest of the trip but heck if i remember what order it was done in. So there was more running around, BBQing, beach, feeding ducks, kids running like mad mean, adults laughing. All in all a great time. We ended up having to leave early in fear that we were going to miss our HHG's. Ha were we ever wrong! Anyways here are some pictures, Amanda has some really cute ones to that I need to get.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Stop 2 on our trip to the East Coast took us to Arizona. It was just a short car ride from Mom's in Cali so the boys did awesome. And if you have never made that drive before, it has to be the shortest longest trip ever! So we were very anxious to get outta the truck. We had called Debbie to tell her we were almost there and much to our surprise we were able to beat Al home! For some reason that was alot of fun for us. I tried to get Ben to pull in Al's spot in the garage but we didn't have time. Debbie came running outside and we all stood around laughing for a bit. It took Noah no time at all to fall back in love with Grandma and Grandpa but we all have to admit he tends to want Grandma more. Sorry Grandpa:) And as long as Mom was around Bryce was great too! Grandma had gotten all kinds of outside toys for the boys to play with and in no time at all we were in the pool. For some reason the heat didn't seem to bother us that much this trip and we spent alot of time outside. Swimming, running around, baseball, I even took Noah to the park (for about 10 minutes) Our friends Matt and Tiff stopped by one night for dinner and a swim. It was totally awesome to see them again. We miss them so much and Noah was just in heaven to be running around with Tiff. But I think the high lite of this trip (and no its not the horrible accident we witnessed and lucky enough not to be in) was Grandma's mini bike. Noah feel in love and would still be on that thing if we didn't pry him off!! All in all it was a great trip and we are looking forward to our next AZ visit.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Trip to NY

OK so this will be short. I made a trip to NY (Brooklyn) to pick up the 47 for our Station. I headed down Thursday am and got home late Friday night. It was a good trip, I had fun. I didn't really see anything special, I guess all the "good stuff" is on the other side of NY. But heres a shot from my phone of the trip.

Our Weekend

Ben got home Friday night and the boys were bouncing off the walls waiting to see their Dad. They sat at the window watching for his car. It was really cute! When Dad got home they ran around like crazy wanting all his attention (of course) then it was off to bed. Saturday we had our 1st block party in the neighborhood. It was great to meet all the neighbors and we all had a really great time. It is weird being the only CG family in the neighborhood but kinda nice to! There was about 9 kids so the boys had a blast playing. They had a HUGE beach ball so of course Bryce was in heaven. We came home around 8ish to get the kids in the bath and off to bed. About 930 we heard fireworks, look outside and see it was them. We were both super excited about this. Ben unpacked his "stash" and we snuck outside and lit some off too. They were all surprised that Ben had fireworks and of course they liked what Ben had better. Sunday we did yard work and some house stuff. With as big as our backyard is, it takes most the day to get it done. Bryce has been all about helping Dad with his chores now. I'm kinda sad cause when Noah was this age he still wanted to help Mom inside cleaning. But not our little Bryce. He will walk beside Ben with his little mower till the yard is done. Bryce will also freak out if Dad doesn't have his gloves on, poor Ben is dying with his gloves but wears them for Bryce. What's even cuter then all this? Every couple of passes Bryce has to stop Dad for a "high 5" its sooooo cute! Of course Noah is right along with them but with the weed whacker. After the yard was mowed we moved on to the hill that has been taken over by weeds. I got the weed whacker and those things didn't stand a chance. I should had thought about it a little more before I started. I was in shorts and sandals. By the time I was done I was covered in dirt and weeds. It was attractive! But the hill looks so much better now and we put down some weed killer to finish the job. Hopefully we can start planting soon!

I still have pictures to show everyone from our time in VA. I haven't forgotten just haven't had the time to pull out the hard drive. So those will be forth coming I SWEAR!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Our House

Okay I have been stalling on posting pictures of the house. It still isn't totally done yet but I know people are wanting to see. There is still so much we want/need to do still but for the most part we are very happy with it. It is ALOT bigger then I ever imagined and the backyard is perfect for the boys. The neighborhood is very nice as well. Our neighbors right next door are very sweet. And we have a block party tomorrow so we will be able to meet everyone else.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Bryce is sleeping, Noah is having "quite time" and I should be doing laundry or cleaning. However, here I sit. Ben is in NY picking up a boat and will not be home till late late Friday. I have been sad thinking I will be alone tonight. Then I realized how lucky I am to have him home every night. We have been very lucky, it's been over 5 years since Ben has had to leave for a patrol and with his qualifications he most likely will never have to again. However, their are many families that are not so lucky. Like my really close friend Sarah. We lived in Newport together raised our kids together for almost 4 years before she moved back to California to be with her family while her DH went to Bahrain. Yes the CG goes over seas and I'm starting to realize it happens ALOT. She has been raising 2 kids alone for the past year and a half and only has about 4 months to go. How can I really sit here and complain knowing what she has gone threw. What kind of person does that make me? Ungrateful? Selfish? I know that I tell her and everyone else I know with husbands deployed how strong and awesome they are. But is it really enough? How can you really show these families that you truly respect and honor them for everything they have sacrificed. Especially now when so many people have no respect for what they or their loved ones are doing. It's really sad. Not only the ones deployed but the families that move every 4 years and "restart" their lives? I'm not sure you really can. But I will call her again today like everyday and tell her just how awesome she is and how much I love her! And ask that everyone do the same. Military families don't ask for much. But every now and then it's that one person that says "Thank you for what you are doing" that makes it all worth it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday's happenings

Just got done with another very enlightening breakfast conversation with the boys. Bryce's birthday is coming up. Noah and Bryce were telling me how excited we all are that their cousins (and Aunt and Uncle) are coming up. Bryce has decided that he wants a Spongebob party. I can't believe I'm going to have a SB party for my 2 year old. It's not going to be anything big but still. So Noah has decided that we need pineapples, a tank for starfish, balloons, and a giraffe. Ok weird.

I'm hoping that Ben will be home soon. He leaves tomorrow at 5am for NY. He will be back late Friday night. But still not excited about it. He is the only adult conversation I get around here. I'm going crazy not having any friends around. I think today is the day I'm going to call the neighbor and see if she wants to head to the park. Wish me luck. If that doesn't workout I have posted a thread on CC for play dates. I already have a few people signed up. So I'm hoping this weekend I can meet up with some ladies at a park. If not oh well, I tried.

Matt, Amanda, Zack and Sky will be up really soon. We are getting excited to see them and have company. Okay mostly me :) It will be so nice to actually have something to do durning the day. Plus I'm still trying to plan a trip to meet up with an old friend. I think I might be able to work something out this week and maybe later next month we will head out her way. Her and her husband live in Vermont.

Okay that's about all the Wednesday happenings I have. Off to shower then the boys and I are going to drive up the coast, ha I almost called it HWY 101. Then hopefully Ben will be home. OOOOOHHHHHH my dish guy is coming tomorrow!!!! YIPEE FOR ME!! I'm totally missing Big Brother!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I thought about doing separate post for everything we did in Cali but that would take way too long. So I will try to keep it short and sweet, here we go.

We spend 2 weeks in California and did just about everything under the sun. We had a great time and miss everyone already. The day we got in we got to meet the newest member of our family. Jessica was waiting at Mom's for us with Madison. She is just about the cutest thing ever and of course just loves her Aunt Shell :) We actually got to spend alot of time with Jeff, Jess and Madison and it was super hard to say goodbye to them. Bring on December!! The boys just love their new cousin to pieces and were so gentle and sweet with her. Actually they still talk about her all the time.

We also made a Disneyland trip with Mom, Jeff, Jess and Madison. Chris Ciara and his wife Sarah also met up with us with their little girl. We had so much fun at Disneyland and did just about everything. It was so good to see Chris and Sarah again, we always have so much fun with them. And Sarah is just the sweetest thing ever! They left early but have no fear we stayed till about 9pm. The kids were all trooper and so was the new mommy! This was Bryce and Madison's 1st Disneyland trip so it was pretty special. Even though they will not remember. After we hit up Red Robin and got home around 11ish. WHEW!!!

Another fun filled day was spent at Sea world. My Dad joined us for this one and again we had a blast. Noah loves Shamu and all the other animals there. Bryce got so excited about everything too. It was great to have that time with my Dad and the boys. It was a really special time.

And of course you can't go to Cali without having a BBQ at my Dad's house. He did it up big time. Lots of great food and wonderful friends. Most my Dad's closest friends that I grew up with came to say "hello" and family too. Plus friends from High School showed up. It was awesome and I miss them so much!

We stayed a couple days at my Mom's house too. We got to see my Brother and his family. My niece is so big now and loved playing with Bryce. My camera was "missing" so I don't have any pictures of our time there. Hopefully I will get some soon. Again we had a really good time.

In between all this there was some shopping, swimming, parks, more family visits, trips to B.P and good old Kennedy High. Even though we ran around like mad chickens with our heads cut off, we really did have a great time. And can't wait to go back!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


I totally forgot to tell everyone. So Ben is mowing the yards yesterday, the kids are running around trying to help him. And I'm sitting on the grass with Zeus brushing him. When Ben comes around the corner with a bloody dead SNAKE on a stick. Yep there was a gardener snake on the grass and Ben ran him over. I freaked out, ran to the porch yelled for the kids and dog too. Then I realized that the snake could have very well been where I was sitting! I didn't step foot on the grass again and will think twice before playing with the boys out there again. I think I'm staying on the patio from now on.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday night

It's 9:16 at night. Boys are fast asleep, Ben's in the garage yapping on the phone and here I sit. I should just go to bed but I have to finish Ben's uniform before I can call it a night. Our weekend was great. We got so much done. Hung lots of stuff up, bundled boxes for trash day, bought a new TV, picked it up and hung it up, cleaned, yard work, found new places to shop and spent lots of quality time together. We are almost ready for our 1st house quests to arrive and the end of the month. (HI AMANDA)

Friday we took off after dinner to order a new TV from Sears. Drove around seeing new places then came home for quite time and bed. Saturday we got up and starting hanging things up. We got almost everything hung except some shelves. Hopefully we will get to them this week. Played out back and drove RC trucks out front. Took off to get some dinner and make our way to Target. I love that we have a Target so close. Today we woke up had waffles then took off to pick up our TV. Came home and started to hang it on the wall. Ben thinks that I should call Best Buy and apply for the Geek Squad. He is such a smart ass! Got it hung (It looks great) did some cleaning around the house, started yard work then it was dinner and bath time.

The boys were so freaking cute all weekend long. They played so good together (as always) Noah read stories to Bryce before bedtime, was so sweet and gentle, and Bryce just loves doing whatever Noah does. It was a really good time watching them. Tonight as they were watching their movie Noah was rubbing Bryce's head saying "Yep, this is my little brother, I love him" Then would pull Bryce in close and hug him. It was so freaking cute I wanted to cry.

We hope everyone else had a great weekend as well. And for those who's houses are filled with boxes like ours, I hope that they are starting to disappear.

One more thing....Did I mention we got Steelers tickets too?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Save the date......

Sunday November 30th
Gillette Stadium

Thats right WE GOT TICKETS!!!!! Ben, Me, Erik and Shae are all going to watch the Steelers/Pats game!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how excited we all are. My heart is still racing and I'm jumping up and down as I type this! This will be my first Steelers game and Eriks first Pats game. HOORAY FOR US!!!!!

Now I need to find a sitter. Any offers?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Busted eye

I think I forgot to mention how much fun we had looking for a new dinning room table. Opps did I say fun........ Trying to find a dinning room table when you have no clue where you are going, have nothing in your house and desperately want a place to sit, with 2 kids that have been traveling all across the states and 3 adults who are tried of driving in circles wasn't the best of times. But at least it made some lasting memories and we can laugh now.

We get to our 4th or 5th furniture store. I run in, thinking they would have nothing so we didn't bother getting everyone out. And to my surprise I find a table that I fall in love with. I run out to get Ben. Mom stays in the truck with the boys. It was more then we wanted to spend. So Ben and I spend what seemed like forever in the store talking things over. When we finally decided to get it, I run out to get Mom so she can see. Bryce has fallen asleep. So her and Noah go inside to meet Ben. After about 15 minutes, Ben comes running outside holding Noah in his arms in a baby cradle, Mom right behind him. The look on Bens face said it all. They had a huge chair for people to sit on, well when Noah and Ben were getting off the chair Noah caught his foot and landed head first on the corner of and end table. Ben takes his hand off Noah's eye (which was hold the blood from dripping) and his eye was split. We get some napkins and wipes. While trying to stop the blood we are also deciding if he needs stitches. After realizing we had no clue where the hospital was and that I had butterfly band aides in the truck. We decided to for go the hospital visit. But it wasn't until we asked if he wanted to head to Chuck E Cheese that the tears stopped.

He turned out to be fine and should have gotten some stitches. I think they would have given him 4 or 5. So it wasn't that big but it definitely left a small scare below his eyebrow. Now he can match his cousin!!!!

Hatteras with Pictures

Along our many stops this summer, the boys and I went to visit Eric and Shae. It was really great to see them again. I'm still not giving up hope that 1 day we will all be close again. They have a beautiful home and spoiled the crap out of us. Shae would not let me lift a finger and feed my boys breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eric wouldn't let me help clean up instead he poured glasses of wine or margaritas. Shae drove us all around the island. We did some shopping, park time, play time at the beach, lighthouses, ice cream and even got to experience taking Bryce to the urgent care office with me. Good times!! Our mini weekend went fast and it was time to head back to VA to meet up with Ben and our family. While we were super excited to see Dad and family we were sad to have to leave. I can't wait for November to come so we can see them again and watch the Steelers beat the Pats!!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July

We really were not sure how the 4th was going to work out. The last 6 years we have had a huge bbq and firework show at our house in Newport. Well times have changed....obviously. After talking to some friends in the AM remembering the "good old days" I started to become sad. It didn't last long and we got moving. We spend the day playing around with the boys. Noah drove his Caddie and we got out the bounce house. Which I'm happy to report has no damage from the move. I was so afraid we were going to blow it up and it was going to have a hole or something. Anyway not the point. It was such a nice day out we had so much fun playing with the boys. Around 7:45 we loaded up the big red wagon and headed for the beach. Not really knowing what to expect. We found a great spot to park in the resident parking lot (thanks Connie) and started walking down the road. It was cool to see the beach and just enjoy each other. The beach here is alot different then Oregon. I think the funniest part was the surfers. We are still trying to figure out if they really thought those were waves they were riding. HAHA. Of course everyone stopped to admire the wagon and the 2 cute Blondie's inside. It's amazing how many people get outta your way while pushing/pulling that thing. Ben was totally bummed to find out that even though its illegal to light fireworks off in Hampton, everyone does it without being busted. We sat watching everyone's fireworks and they were awesome. This was the 1st 4th since we have been married that I was able to sit with Ben and watch fireworks and we didn't even spend a dime on them!!!! It was AWESOME!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We made it!!!

We are here in New Hampshire and still working on getting settled. Things are alot different then I ever thought they would be. But it's okay, I'm adjusting. They boys are doing great and love the new house. Ben is enjoying his time at his new station and trying to get settled in. The dog is here and loving life as well. It hasn't been the smoothest move but we are working out the issues. Our stuff got here 4 days late, the Honda arrived about a week late, Internet got straightened out today and our Dish should be set up on the 16th. I'm just hoping our claim for all the broken stuff doesn't become too much of a hassle. I told myself that I wasn't going to start my 1st post by bitching and complaining.....so next topic.

Our house is HUGE and beautiful. The backyard needs some work but we are both excited to get it done. Bryce is officially out of his crib and the boys share a room now. So that means WE HAVE A QUEST ROOM! Come on out. I will say that having hardwood floors with a dog kinda sucks. Ben loves his 2 car garage and I love having a jacuzzi tub. We have a block party coming up and are excited to meet some neighbors.

Yes I have a ton of pictures to show everyone from our travels in California, Arizona, North Carolina, Virgina and finally New Hampshire. But its getting later and later and I should go to bed. I will try to get some up starting tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who let us stay with them and helped us out. We love you all!!!