Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Testing the limits

My little bundle of joy is having such a blast testing Mom lately. If he wasn't so darn cute I would loss my mind. He has a HUGE fascination with the toilet. This goes beyond anything Noah ever had. Everything ends up in the toilet and I mean everything. Toys, pacifiers, towels, bowls, even the house phone. Yep its lots of fun!! Just as I make some headway on the toilet issues he has picked up some more. I have been wondering why the dog hasn't been eating as much. Well Bryce has been feeding him his food when I leave the room. Yep everything goes to the dog. I usually get some sort of snack and movie while I'm showering and getting ready or even doing some heavy cleaning. Well that's about to stop. Another thing he just loves to do. And I sware its only because he knows it drives me nuts. He like to take his toys into Noah's room and Noah toys into his room. That drives me nutz!! All toys have a place in their respected rooms!! OK I may have a little toy OCD. He will stand in Noah's room and call for me laughing after he is done, or laugh while he is doing it. I have to admit is super cute.

But my biggest problem with Bryce right now.....he likes to pick on Noah. Yes my little short child his taking down his much larger older brother. Noah is so soft with everyone and will only come after you if he is pissed. Well Bryce will come after you no matter what. But he waits until he thinks I have left the room. Then will hit Noah with his cup, cars, anything that is around. Its soo sad. Poor Noah. The worst part is I never knew this was going on. Sneaky little turd. He will go after Noah when I leave then Noah will push him and Bryce comes running to me crying. I never thought Bryce was actually starting any of it. Boy was I wrong.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The real snow hit...

So finally the real snow hit this evening. We were getting the boys ready for bed and we looked outside when the neighbors Kevin and Goldene went home, And Whammo. The snow hit. Take a look we all went outside and had a blast.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


We are all getting ready to walk up to the store this morning when we looked outside and it was snowing. We couldn't believe it!! It had been so nice all day then all the sudden....SNOW!! Matt and Tiff came outside to join in the fun of throwing snow balls. OK we know it wasn't alot of snow and it didn't stay very long. But we were still excited for the little bit we had.

I did realize that I need to get some snow clothes for next winter. I'm such a dork, I was running around trying to figure out what to put on the boys!! I better get ready.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Official

No joke minutes after my last post I got a call from Ben. I was blown away to hear we had orders!! I should have posted a long time ago:)

Anyho, Our next official Station will be Station Merrimack River in Newburyport, MA. I couldn't believe it when Ben told me. I will not lie, at 1st I was crushed. Started crying trying to convince Ben that I was OK with this. I think he knew I wasn't:) But after I had some time to think and more time to talk to Ben, We are both THRILLED!!! And I also have to say our family and friends have been a great support as well. Everyone is so happy for us. Its going to be an adventure but we can't wait!! Noah is super excited too. (even though I know he doesn't really understand) We told him we would be going to Cali then to his cousin's house while Dad drove with Zeus to meet us. He is so excited about Cali, his cousins and the airplane. He was a little confused about the Aunt and Uncle part. He told me "and Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ben" it was funny. He also can't wait to surf in "warm water" and have snow.

And just like that we only have about 4 months left in Newport. Its going to go by sooo fast. And we have lots to get done and figure out before then. Should be crazy around here!

Love to you all!!!
Soon to be "Massachusetts Molnar's~that sounds funny:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Still Waiting

Well "transfer season 08' is in full swing and I swore that I wasn't going to worry or stress out about getting orders. Well I was wrong. I'm a freakin crazy lady right now. I go to sleep at night wondering if tomorrow will be the day and wake up in the morning praying that Ben will call. I have only started this the last couple of weeks, which I think is really good. But its driving me nutz!! I JUST WANT TO KNOW!! Lots of BM orders are starting to come up on CC and I'm so happy to hear where everyone is going.....however what about me?? Its been 6 years since we have "transferred" and I guess its safe to say I totally forgot about everything!! And I know "it's harder for Surfman" blah blah blah. Sorry Babe!!

I'm sure as soon as I know I will wish I didn't only because I have a pretty good idea where we are going. And I will make the best of it like I always have. I was just hoping that this would be "our year" Our year to transfer somewhere we wanted to not somewhere where we look at all the positives and it gets better every year. Because lord knows their are worse places out there. But I was really hoping to be close to family to make the move and relocation easier.

OK that was fun but I'm done for now:) I will let everyone know as soon as I find out!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Tower Terror

So here is a video of me driving my new toy. I love it...

Noah's Party

Ahoy Mates! Noah's Pirate Party was a huge hit. Everyone dressed up as Pirates and we all had a great time. I wasn't able to get a picture of all the kids together, getting 13 kids to pose for a picture didn't work out so well. The kids were all great and the parents seemed to have a pretty good time as well. Everyone started showing up around 1ish and by 3pm we were saying our goodbyes. Shortest 2 hours of my life:) Here are some pictures from that day.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Birthday Pictures

A little late but here are some pictures. We are having Noah's Pirate Party tomorrow so I will post some more later.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Being the better person.......

Can be hard! So this is my venting post. If you choose to read it great but if you have nothing nice to say please keep your opinions to yourself, I'm not asking nor do I want them!

Where to start?? Bryce and I were at the store this AM. Both of us were in our CG sweatshirts minding our own business. This lady comes up to me and says "you must be a CG mom, bet it's hard" I nicely said "no my husband in in the CG" She then asked if the CG was really considered "military" and how could they get away with that? I felt my blood start to boil, my face turning red and started to shake. She then goes on to say, they don't sacrifice near as much as men and woman servicing over seas or their families do. Yep at this point I wanted to drop the bitch were she stood!! The nerve of her!! I turn to look at Bryce as he sits their smiling realizing I had 2 choices. Drop the bitch or take the high road and be the better person.

I turn to her and ask if she has any family or friends serving for our country. Just as I thought she said "No" I asked her what gave her or anybody else the right to judge the sacrifices any military family has had to endure. Sure my husband may not be over sea's but it doesn't mean that we have not given up parts of our lives for him to protect our Coast lines. He may not be on a boat anymore but he has done his duty on them. Been gone for months at a time with little to no communication. And the CG does go overseas, one of my best friends husband has just been sent to Iraq. So before you open your mouth to a Military wife and ask stupid questions like that, do some research or use your god given brain!! You may not agree with everything the Military does and I am OK with that. But I'm not OK with you standing in front of me and my son putting down everything that our life's are about. And last I checked we were "One nation under God" Turned around and walked outta the store.

Are you kidding me!!!! I should have said so many other things to her but I just walked away. I'm so tired of people not giving the CG credit for everything they do. Or people looking at me with that dumb ass look on there face "what is the CG, I have never heard of that" I know all you Coastie wife's have had that about a millions times! Every morning my husband goes to work willing and able to put his life on the line. And he has done so. Every day Coasties chase down drug boats, seize drugs, board ships no matter how hostile, guard our Coast from attacks, willing drive in 20+ surf to save lives the list goes on and on. So before anyone stands in front of a CG wife or any military wife for that matter please use your brain before you speak. We have all given up so much for our husband to do their job we do not deserve you and your stupidity.

Now I have to go back to the store to get stuff for dinner!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What makes Ben tick....

So I read many blogs on a daily basis, yes I have nothing else better to do. Most of these blogs are about people's children and the funny things they say or are doing. Very cute and I love reading them. Especially my niece's and nephews. However, I don't ever really read about spouses. So I have decided to start sharing with the world some of my Husbands fantastic ideas!!! All joking aside I love his ideas and he does have some great ones. I love him more and more with every idea that comes up. But its time that I start sharing with everyone some of these ideas. So feel free to share with us your option.

So tonight we are sitting on the couch watching American Idol. When Ben pulls out a magazine to show me something that he wants. The magazine is Galls, seriously had no idea what was going to come.

He points out this vest. I thought it was a joke. But nope, he has thought this one out. He wants to load it up with mace, handcuffs and some other stuff, minus the gun. This is all to keep us safe. If someone were to come in the house all he would have to do is "throw on the vest" and be ready. Even better, "if someone was rolling up in the hood, messing around" he could run outside ready to go. The wonderful supportive wife just shook her head and said "yes babe, you are right" "all very good points" Then sat down at the computer to blog it:)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Noah's new blanket

On Friday Noah got in his Birthday package from Grandma Molnar. He was so excited to open it he could hardly wait for Ben to get home. I tried to tell him it wasn't for him but since he has been working on reading (and doing really well at it) he knew it said "Happy Birthday Noah" all over the sides. BUSTED!!
He was so excited about everything he got but I must say he fell in LOVE with his new blanket. He loves his comfy blankets right now and Grandma hit the jackpot with a comfy Steelers blanket. Here are some pictures of the boys sharing the blanket and Noah in his new football PJ's.

A day at the Beach

Today Noah wanted to take his dog to the beach and so we did. We ventured down to a common spot where a handful of people had the same idea as us. We ventured out not sure how Zeus would do with so many other dogs around. He was so excited to play at the beach he didn't pay attention to anything else. There were two dogs that came up and were running around him but he was focused on playing in the water. Check out the shots.

Fight On

I know its a little late however the shirts have not gone over very well in this house. I still think its HILARIOUS!!!

One of the funnier gifts the 3 boys opened this Christmas was a gift from Uncle Jeff. Ben got to open it but it was for the boys. Their 1st USC shirts. Not just a plan USC shirt it says "Daddy's #1 Little Trojan" I wish everyone could have seen Ben's face. It was great!! Of course he firmly looked at me and said "they will never wear these" A few hours later when the boys came down the hall to show them off, he laughed and said "they will never wear them out of this house"

The day of the Rose Bowl I put the shirt on Noah. Bryce's was still dirty and he was heading to bed anyways. So here are some pictures for everyone to see. I'm sure Ben will have something to say:)
ps~Jeff you have no idea what you just started!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I hate Asthma

I HATE ASTHMA!!! I know there are worse things that my children could have and I am thankful that they don't. However, I'm really really disliking Asthma right now. As we all know Bryce had been sick. He has been having troubles breathing and we have been able to hear the wheezing since Friday. Its now Thursday and we can still hear him wheezing. I feel so bad for the little guy, he is miserable and drained from not breathing very good. The cough is just on his and my last nerve too. I have been giving him breathing treatments 3 to 4 times a day and it seems like we are getting nowhere. To top it all off the medicine he is on turns him into a not very nice baby. The Prelone makes him mad, angry and have no patience what so ever. The Albuterol's like crack for him. He becomes so funny and does stupid things. He will run outta control until he gets mad which only takes about 2 minutes. Then the real fun starts!

Poor Noah. Bryce was so mean to him before preschool this morning. All Noah wants to do is help Bryce out and Bryce wants nothing to do with it. Ben came home at 9am and found that I was already on my last nerve with Bryce.

Currently he is in his bed, where he asked to be. But he is not sleeping he is yelling running back and forth in his crib. He had not taken a nap in the last 3 days. Another doctor appt just might be on the schedule for tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


So the day got better yesterday. As I expected Rite Aid didn't have the RX's ready. They didn't have any Albuterol left and only 1/2 of the prelone. So instead of calling us, they told me when I got there. I wasn't happy about that either. I waiting for what they had to give me and left. His wheezing wasn't too bad yesterday but it got really bad this morning. After taking Noah to school I started calling the 3 pharmacies we have in this town. And wouldn't you know, nobody had it!! Was on the way to the doctors office for some treatments there when Rite Aid called to say they got it in. FINALLY!! They told me it would be a few hours. The poor guy on the phone didn't know what was about to hit him. But seriously my 1 1/2 year old child is having breathing problems for crying out loud and he is going to make me wait another "few hours" wasn't in my game plan. So I swung by picked up Noah and Daygen (forgot I had Daygen today) then off to Rite Aid with the 3 boys. They had the medicine ready to go, smile and all.

So he has had a few treatments today. It has helped a little but not as good as it usually does. He is currently trying to take a nap but is miserable. I'm sure he wants his water cup but I'm not giving in. Instead I'm sitting here blogging. Yes I have issues.....

Off to take care of the baby now.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Sick Again

What a day. Bryce has had this horrible cough all weekend so the boys and I woke up early and started our day and the Doctor's office. Of course Noah was just thrilled to see Dr. Rash and Bryce was just pissed about it. I don't know how my children can be so opposite about their feelings for Dr. Rash. As soon as the nurse walked in Bryce lost it. She hadn't even closed the door yet and he was hysterical. It was great:) Soon after the nurse left Ben walked in. I was so happy to see he was able to make it. Noah sat in the corner reading books like a great little boy and Ben and I just kept Bryce happy. Dr. Rash came in and Bryce starting waving and saying "bye bye" to him. When he sat down instead of leave it was back to tears for Bryce. Noah on the other hand would not stop going on and on. He had to tell Dr. Rash everything from his new hair cut to the new shoes he had on. I didn't think we were going to make it out of their by noon.

Diagnosis~ Bryce has been officially diagnoses with Asthma just like Noah. Lucky us. He has an infection in his lungs which has made his asthma kick in too. It is safe to say he has it worse then Noah ever did. Poor baby had such a hard time over the weekend trying to breath. He gets episodes which Noah never really got, so that scares me. Dr. Rash wrote us and RX to just buy the Nebulizer since we have rented it so many times. So we are now the proud owners of a Nebulizer!!

After we left the office Ben heading back to work. I took off to Lincare to get the Nebulizer, bank, lunch and hopefully hit ride aid before we had to come home for naps. Well Lincare was just a cluster f*@! to say the least. Noah was past his "Ive been good for too long phase" and Bryce was just miserable. So after a half hour of waiting they came out to ask if I was on a time frame? I wasn't very pleased with this. I left and came back about 30 min later. We went to the back where they proceeded to have all the wrong paper work for me to fill out. And the frickin lady wanted to sit there and read me every freakin line like I was some idiot. That didn't fly either. So 10 minutes later I had the new paper work, filled it out (without a babysitter) and took my nebulizer home.

We hit the bank and drove threw to get some lunch. I still have yet to make it to Rite Aid for his meds yet. After his nap we will head that way. I'm sure Rite Aid will not have them ready.

Is it time for me to go to work yet?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mia's 1st Christmas

I got some pictures today of my niece Mia. Everyone said she had so much fun on Christmas. I can't believe how big she is getting. She is starting to walk already!!! I feel like I'm missing out on so much being so far away:(

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Growing up too fast

The last few days I have realized how much Bryce has grown up these past few months. Im so happy to see him growing and the joy he is getting from everything. But at the same time it breaks my heart!!! My baby will soon not be a baby anymore:( I know most of you got to see Bryce at his finest....haha. Well that stage is long gone. No more crying as loud as possible, no more clinging to Mom or anything. So sad. We are starting to understand what he says now, he knows what he is saying and will ask for things he wants. No more standing in front of the fridge crying. He understands how to and will pick up his toys now, tells me when he is "all done" and yes he even gets time outs from time to time. And when he is done he comes up and says "sorry" with a big hug!!!

OK I can go on and on. But I will spare all of you. We are just having so much fun watching him grow right now. He gets so excited about everything and loves to share it with us. I wish you all could see how is little face lights up when Ben gets home from work. He takes off running, arm's wide open, "DADDY DADDY DADDY" and will not let Ben put him down. And him and Noah play sooo great together still. He loves Noah teaching him how to do things. He has so much patience, will sit and let know show him anything. They are turning into the best of friends. I'm even starting to think of moving them into the same room.

OK I said I wasn't going to go on but I am........

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve. Ben was on duty but was able to be home so that was nice. Brandie and I decided we wanted to let the kids be as involved as possible with ringing in the New Year. We started with chicken tacos for dinner, had games for the kids to play, then set out some snacks to munch on. Ben and Danny were in and out, they were sneaking up on some neighbors with fireworks. The kids had a great time with party hats and favors, Taylie and I did make up too!! Ice cream sundaes were next on the list then time to relax with a movie before midnight. Taylie and Daygen crashed quick but Noah stayed strong. With most the kids asleep and time to spare we started to play Disney Scene It. I know it sounds cheesy but we had a really good time. And Brandie and I kicked ass!!!!!

Right before Midnight we got the kids ready and headed outside. Ben made all kinds of noise with fireworks. I think he likes New Year's fireworks the best because he gets to do all his really LOUD ones:) The kids and neighbor's loved it too. A few neighbor's came out which was nice. Noah was so excited to be outside during "bedtime" watching Dad's fireworks and being loud. He made it till 1:30am before crashing in the living room. What a trooper!!!

Ben has 1st boat again today. So the boys and I are just hanging out watching some football and cleaning up. I'm sure we will be heading down to the station to have dinner with Ben.

We love you all and Happy New Year!!!!!