Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where have I been?

WOW it's only been 6 days since my last post but so much has happened. (At least I think) And I was started to have with drawls :). Well lets see........The weather has been AWESOME a little cold but I will take it. The snow in the backyard is completely melted and the front is going to take all spring but its slowly going. Noah is days away from being able to play outside at school again and is so excited. We have been hitting up the parks again and they finally unlocked the park here in Hampton. So much fun!! Last weekend we BBQ'd again. A few families in the neighborhood did a "Kick of Spring BBQ" it was alot of fun but I think we pushed it a little. It just so happened to be the coldest day. Ben had a hard time getting the chicken to smoke cause it was so cold outside. The kids could have cared less. We got the boys another powerwheel and it was the 1st day to drive it. They LOVED it!! Bryce is kinda afraid of it so Noah drives it all the time and is in heaven. Between the 4 kids that are always outside playing they have 6 different powerwheels to choose from. Its just nutz out there!! Soccer has been going great. Noah loves it and really likes being there with Ella. Its funny cause those 2 stay together the WHOLE time. And Bryce is Noah's number 1 little fan. He stands in the players box cheering for Noah in between snacks. Then of course Noah gives him the occasional wave, its super cute. I can't wait for Ben to be able to come. Its only 1 day a week during work hours for Ben, its the last class they had for winter so we took it. Plus its more directed at practicing skills and having fun then competition. So he isn't missing games or anything like that.
Tried the potty training thing with Bryce. He is ready now its just getting Mom to get on board. He is actually more excited about the "treat" after he goes that he holds it and only lets a little out each time. Seriously in about 2 minutes I think he went 5 times. I'm going to have to figure something else out. And believe it or not I can leave the room with him in it and he won't come screaming after me. Yes its true. Even better I can leave him with another adult and run inside to grab something and he is okay. Baby steps baby steps.

And I think the biggest news I have is.......I went to pick up Noah's kindergarten papers on Monday. This is all happening too fast. Open house is April 2nd and he has an assessment and I meet with a counselor on April 14th. Seriously a counselor? I asked how many Kindergarten classes they had here and I was told 7. Yes 7!! I was totally blown away. Lucky for me you can see the playground from the parking lot, Yes I'm going to be that Mom who goes and watches her son play for the 1st couple of weeks. I just want to make sure he is okay. He is excited about starting next year but is not happy that girls will be going to his new school. The thought he would be getting rid of them already.

Okay thats about all I have time for now. I will leave you with some Soccer pictures from last week. I still haven't uploaded my pictures from the weekend. (This only took me a week to get pictures on here.)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Not cool Mom

So on Wednesday I volunteered to bring snack on Friday for Noah's class. Because I'm cheesy I was actually pretty excited about it. This morning the boys are eating breakfast and I am making snacks. Noah finishes his 4 packs of oatmeal, 2 spoon fulls of yogurt and some fresh cut fruit SERIOUSLY HOW DOES HE DO IT AND WHEN WILL IT STOP?!? Then comes over to help out. He sees that I'm cutting celery and adding peanut butter along with some cut apples. Noah then says "Mom that's not cool, we want a cool fun snack." I asked what that would be and he couldn't think of anything "cool and fun" He then told me that the kids would not like it and it would be my fault. I can't believe at the age of 5 my son told me I wasn't cool! So after school we are heading to the truck and he says, "Mom your snack was really good and I really liked it, some kids didn't eat it but me and my boys did." "Thanks Mom your the best" And gives me a big hug before getting in the truck. How sweet is this boy? He even wanted more celery with peanut butter for lunch too! Bryce on the other hand had more fun rubbing the peanut butter all over his shirt and I even think he got his hair when I wasn't looking. Crazy kid.

We hope everyone is enjoying their 1st day of SPRING!! The boys and I are enjoying the sun even though its cold outside. We ran around out back before lunch and did some arts and crafts before nap time. Bryce spent his AM running around town with Mom with a last minute trip to Dad's station. They had a chili cook off today and I am happy to announce BEN'S CHILI WON!! Okay really it's my recipe but I let him borrow it for the day. Mom came in BIG TIME with over nighting the "special" ingredient from California. We have been looking for it like crazy out here and after some research we now know that it is a "West Coast" thing. THANKS MOM!

This weekend is filled with fun and more BBQ's. Saturday we are having a Kick off Spring neighborhood BBQ. Should be a good time. Ben will be smoking the chicken for the event and is pretty excited. Not sure what Sunday will hold but I'm sure we will think of something.

Okay off to detail the inside of the truck before Ben drives it this weekend! He will be less then pleased with the appearance :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anyone know what tomorrow is?

THE 1ST DAY OF SPRING!!! YAHOO!!!! Its been a long cold, bitter winter and it's almost over. And believe it or not I have a backyard now. Yes the snow has been melting off and the kids and I can run in the backyard without our snow shoes on. Bikes have been dusted off, powerwheels charged up, bubbles are being blown, bbq's ck'd for rust damage, parks are starting to be unlocked, everything is coming back to life here in New England. The tree in my front yard even has little bulbs forming on them. I LOVE IT!! I have never been much of a "gardener" (ask Erik about the last and only time I planted flowers in Newport, it wasn't pretty for me) but I can't wait to plant flowers, see them grow and smell them every morning when I wake up.

Noah is so excited for Spring. He never really knew what Spring was till we moved here. He can't wait for Spring to get here cause Summer is next and that means NO SCHOOL! I am one of those crazy Mom's that loves when Noah is outta school. We have so much fun everyday all day. I can't wait for another Summer with my boys. But it also makes me sad because this will be my last Summer with him before he goes off to "big kid" school and makes all new friends to play with next Summer. ~tears~

And guess what's 2 1/2 weeks away? Anybody? No? Okay OUR 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!
I'm just so excited about this!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Wow!! So you know that really bright yellow thing in the sky? The one that gives off heat and light? Yeah it came out to play this weekend and we LOVED IT!!!! The boys were squinting their eyes most the weekend and poor Bryce kept closing them saying "I can't see you, I can't see you." It was pretty cute. We did pretty much everything we could to enjoy the sun this weekend. We BBQ'd here at the house with some friends. Ben made RIBS!!! YUMMY!!! Rode bikes, powerwheels, 2 different beach trips, park, bubbles, baseball, washed both cars, some shopping and lots and lots of family time outside. It was a great weekend here in NH. BRING ON SPRING!!! Noah was so excited to see the sun out he dusted off his boardshorts to wear to the beach today. It was pretty funny. My kids were the only ones in shorts and sweatshirts.

Other then that not much new going on here. Im still fighting a cold and it sucks. Bens a running maniac and the boys are doing great. They both have matching bumps on their foreheads with bruises too. I need to try and get to the Elementary school sometime this week. But I'm still not talking about it so something tells me it might not happen. Oh yeah, Noah started soccer last week. It was so much fun!!!!! I will post later about that one later, something to keep you coming back for more :)

We wish everyone is AZ a fun filled week with their visitors! Wish we could have joined you guys but maybe next year :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tight rope painting

It didn't take long for Ben to notice that I had started painting the wall today. I was pretty much finished with the 1st coat when he got home. My only problem I was facing was the middle and top of of the wall. Now this wall is about 15 feet tall. It was actually pretty funny watching me lean over the railing to reach as much as I did. And the ladder I was using on the stairs probably wasn't the safest either. So Ben comes up with a genius idea. He goes out into the garage and cuts a 2x6 piece of wood that was 9 feet long. Just long enough to rest across the railing. Then attaches another piece of wood under it so it wouldn't bow down. How smart is this guy. Brings it in and drapes it across like a bridge to paint on. At 1st I was scared for his life but it all worked out great!!! The wall looks good. Just not sure what color I'm going to do with the rest of the upstairs and loft area. Ideas are welcome!!!

March Snow

So many of my family and friends are feeling the sunshine on their faces, running and playing at parks, flying kites, walking down the pier in HB, enjoying a nice walk in the park, and actually believe it or not putting shorts and tank tops on their kids. Well not us over here. The boys and I went out yesterday after the snow stopped and had another snowball fight, built forts in the snow, made snow angles and went for a nice walk in the snow. We got lucky today and are enjoying seeing the blue sky's and sun out. It's melting most of the snow that fell yesterday so I'm happy.

My friend Stacey and I went shopping for the kids today. Noah and Ella start soccer Thursday so we hit Nike up today. (No Al I left what your thinking in the closet for a later date) After Nike we went to get more paint for the house. I finally choose a blue color for the HUGE wall going up the stairs. Seriously I didn't really know how big that wall was until I started to paint it. Its going to be a good time. Ben has no idea that I have started painting again but I think he will figure it out when he walks threw the door. He is a pretty smart guy. Ben has a Basketball tournament in Boston the next few days and he is pretty excited for that. We are both trying to keep up on our running (Ben does better then me) I'm happy if I get in 4 days a week at this point.

Bryce is getting his last 2 year molar in, FINALLY. And is just a little man or should I say Noah now. Did I tell you guys that it's almost time to sign Noah up for Kindergarten? No probably not cause I'm not talking about that yet. ~TEAR~

Okay I think my arms have recovered from holding the painter thing above my head for so long. Going in for round 2 before I have to start dinner. Here are a few pictures from yesterday.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


As most of you know I have been doing some painting around here. It all started with the bathrooms but has turned into the whole house. This is my 1st time ever painting and I'm enjoying it. I mean I'm not going to be opening my own painting business but I think it's looking pretty good. Ben has helped out when he can but I do most of it while he is at work. I just finished the living room and computer/toy room. I still need Ben to take the TV down so just don't look at that part. And the wires will all be hidden in the walls soon so don't look at those either. LOL. I didn't want to wait on pictures any longer. Next up for painting is the wall going up the stairs and the loft/upstairs area. Then I will be moving on to the kitchen/dinning room.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Visit with friends

Our friends from Vermont came to visit for a few days this weekend. It was so nice to see Laney again and finally get to meet her husband Mike and their new little baby boy Jacoby. What a sweet little baby, I didn't want him to leave. We start talking about how long it had been since we saw Laney last. We couldn't believe it was way back when we 1st moved to Newport. CRAZY! We were stationed with Laney in Ilwaco, WA and have kept in contact with her ever since. Ben also got a few laughs because I have frames with pictures of us in them still, goes to show you how often I change out my pictures. LOL. Its just the best when you meet up with old friends and it feels like you haven't missed a beat. Thats totally how it was. And it felt like we have known Mike just as long, it was really awesome. And don't even get me started on Jacoby. What a sweet little baby boy. The boys just loved him! I'm really looking forward to our trip out to see them in Vermont.

We drove around Hampton and Newburyport before the snow hit. We even saw a crazy surfer guy in the ocean. Then just hung back at the house the rest of the time talking and playing with the kids. Mike and Ben went out and got "Beach Pizza" for dinner. Of course they loved it! The next day we were supposed to hit the outlets but with the 10+ inches of snow that had fallen over night and the snow that was still falling kinda put a damper on it. I'm just glad they made it home safe and it didn't take 12 hours.

Monday, March 2, 2009


How fun are those? Yeah pretty good time. We went to bed last night with with brown roof tops, black driveways and streets, and even some grass spots but by morning time it was a different story. It was actually really pretty to wake up and see all the fresh, pretty, white snow. I was watching the news at 730 am this morning they were reporting that from 12pm last night to 6am this am Hampton had 8.5 inches of snow. And it was about to start dumping 1-2 1/2 inches of snow an hour till noon. I have already shoveled the back porch a few times today, our friends that were visiting from Vermont had done half the driveway and Bill came and snow blowed the walkway and 2nd half of the driveway for Ben. THANKS GUYS! Ben is currently driving home from work and we will be heading out for some quality family shoveling time. We hope everyone else enjoyed there snow as much as we did!!!!!