Monday, April 27, 2009

The Weekend

AHHH what a great weekend here in New Hampshire! It was in the 90's most the weekend and we spent most our time outside. Saturday Noah got a new bike and he spent most the day riding around trying out new tricks to master. Since the sun is actually out and shinning Bryce has been waking up about 630ish now. This doesn't make me totally happy but it is nice to start a nice day out early. He was so tired from playing out in the heat Saturday that he went down for his 1st nap in a long time. Finally about 330ish I had to go wake him up. Ben ended up taking a nap too. Those two do not adjust well to the heat. By the end of the day Bryce had a little heat rash starting to form. Noah and I however can spend all day in the heat and not be affected at all. Sunday was a great family day. We took the boys to the park, did a little shopping and it was home to play outside the rest of the day. Ben and I played a friendly game of wiffle ball. He beat me by 1 point, but seriously with all that cheating he should have done better :). A few neighbors ended up coming out and joining in. After we headed to Bills for a BBQ with everyone. Soon after that it was time to wash the dirt of my boys and get them to bed. All in all a great weekend.

Noah is on Spring Break this week. We played outside most the day again and tomorrow we are headed to the Beach with a Stacey and the girls. Noah is sooo excited to play in the water. Its going to be in the high 80's which means the water will still be freezing cold but I'm sure he won't care much. I'm thinking of taking them out to Boston sometime later in the week to play out there too. Maybe a little Chuck E Cheese in between. Who knows???

Friday, April 24, 2009


1 more day till the weekend and we can't wait!! Ben and I have been pretty happy with the upcoming weekend. 1-He has it off and 2-it's going to be in the high 80's Saturday and Sunday. Can you believe it?!? I'm glad we finished all the yard work last weekend. The backyard is looking so nice and green. I'm thinking a few more weeks till we mow it. Ben got everything out of the garage that has an engine and started it up. I was given some reason about them sitting all winter and flushing out the system. I think he just wanted to hear the sound and rumble. He even took the boys on a mini bike ride. I was okay till Bryce jumped on. The bike is small yes, but I know how fast that thing can go and with no brakes seeing my little baby on Dad's lap freaked me out. I was happier then ever to have him back in my arms again. Yes I know he will be 3 this summer but he is still so much Mom's baby. So I'm thinking outside playing, maybe a beach trip with the dog, water gun fights and Dads BBQ are in the works for this weekend.

Next week is Noah's last week of Winter Soccer. He had such a great time in the Grassroots program at Seacoast United that we are signing him up for the Spring session and maybe a Summer camp too. He is really wanting to play Baseball this Spring but I can't get anyone to email me back about the program. I even asked Ben if he thought Bryce was ready for Soccer. Seacoast offers a 3-4 year old program and I think he would love it. Ben laughed and asked if I was really talking about our Bryce. Yes this kid has some balance issues and gets some sort of injury at least twice a day. But I do think he would love it!! So who knows............

Noah has a doctor appt this AM. He has been complaining of his ear hurting. Poor kid, I was kinda hoping that we out grew this stage. Noah has always had to have his ears flushed and some sort of ear issue. He keeps telling me its fine but this AM when he cried when he pulled his shirt over his head I knew it was time to go. He is sleeping fine, eating fine, and no fevers. He is so used to ear troubles that the pain has to be really bad for him to say something. So I'm sure the doctor will flush an insane amount of wax outta his hear. He will get the normal "Noah you shouldn't let it go this long, if it hurts tell Mom" speech. The doctor will be amazing at how still he sits while your forcing fluids into his ear and digging to get everything out. Can you tell we have done this a few times? He is a little nervous this time cause it will not be Dr. Rash that he is seeing or his nurse. What if they hurt me? He asked this AM. He even asked if Stacey can just come over and do it. But he is at school now, he said he just had to go. So he must not be too worried about it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We had lots of events leading up to Easter. The boys enjoyed all of them but I think their favorite was Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. Noah's school put it on and it was great. My friend Stacey came along with her girls and we had a great time. We also did an egg hunt with Stacey at a local Nursery in town. It was fun and they had lots of eggs, the Easter Bunny even came to visit and tell stories. Then it was onto dying eggs. I was waiting for this day for a long time. Last year was hilarious with Bryce and Ben. Bryce thought every egg was a ball and the bowl of dye was the basketball hoop. I need to load the videos from last year, Bens face was PRICELESS as the egg went flying into the dye and all over him. He was on a mission to have much more control of Bryce this year. It started off rocky, Bryce was in such a hurry and wanted to toss them in. Ben was great and showed him how to slow down and be easy. So dying eggs this year went great and the boys loved every minute of it. Easter Sunday was a quite day. I was planning on getting up for Church but stayed up way too late reading my book, I over slept. I know horrible excuse. We stayed in our jammies most the day talking with family so far away. It was hard hearing how everyone was together. The day was also freezing so we stayed inside for most of it. We had a nice dinner and it was off to bed. Here are some pictures. Of course I totally forgot to take pictures of what the Easter Bunny left and the ever so cute Longaberger Baskets the boys have. I only get to use them, I mean the Easter Bunny only gets to use them once a year and I don't take pictures, FIRED!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Playing catch up

The weeks have been flying by around here. Every Monday I think to myself that I need to post pictures and share stories with everyone. Then before I know it BAM Friday is here. Its nice that the weeks are going by so fast now cause for awhile they were dragging on. It's safe to say that Winter is finally over! WHOO HOO!!! Ben has been really busy at the station so it took us about 2 weekends to actually get the yards cleaned up and grass seed down. But its done and looks so pretty. We are now talking about digging up some ugly bushes in the front and putting new ones in. The boys are doing great! We actually had our 1st Dentist appt with them. I wasn't really sure how it was going to go. Okay actually I thought Noah would be great and Bryce would scream and have to sit on my lap. I was also sure that the Hygienist was only going to get one look in his mouth before he shut it tight. But much to my surprise it went GREAT! He sat in the chair all by himself and actually let her clean his teeth, yes she used all the tools and everything. Both boys have very clean teeth which made Mom happy. I thought for sure Noah was going to have a cavity. But nope. I have pictures from Easter egg hunts, dying eggs and Easter of course. We have had some play dates in between school and soccer. I have to admit that the laundry and housework have been pushed aside. My friend turned me onto the Twilight books and they are GREAT!! If I am home at all I have my nose stuck in a book.

So hopefully I can get some pictures on here soon for everyone

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Troy Bolton and the East High Wild Cats are no longer........

Noah is obsessed with anything High School Musical. He knows just about every song "Troy" has ever sang and as the most team spirit for the East High Wild Cats! He can be playing any sport and he is always a Wild Cat and yelling "Lets go Wild Cats, What team!" It makes Ben and I smile, its so cute. Well with the new movie "17 again" (I believe that's the name) coming out Noah has put it all together. Troy Bolton is not real, its Zac Effron. Up until now he always thought Troy was a real guy and didn't really understand the whole "acting" part of it. I knew the day would come that his little dream of playing for the East High Wild Cats would fade. He came up to me the other day and said:
N: "Mom Troy isn't real, He is Zac."
M: "Really how do you know this?"
N: "His real name is Zac and he is just making up Troy."
M: "Well that's okay isn't it"
N: "Yeah Mom I guess."

With his little head hung low he walked off. It broke my heart. Noah has a great little imagination and I have always loved every minute of it. It was so sad to see part of his world change. To us it isn't a big deal but to him it was alot. I'm not ready for my little boy to be all grown up.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

10 Years

10 years ago today Ben and I said our vows. I could never have imagined that my life would turn out this way, its amazing! Not only did I marry my best friend but I truly believe he is my sole mate. He is my rock, soft place to fall, and my shoulder to cry on.
Tonight Ben took me out to dinner in Boston. Our limo picked us up at the house and we drove the boys to our friends. The boys just thought the limo was the coolest thing EVER and the chocolate covered strawberries added a nice touch :). After dropping the boys off we headed out. We went to a really nice restaurant in downtown Boston called The food was amazing and the view were breath taking. But seriously the elevator was a bit scary. Ben gave me the eye roll, you know the one, where your not used to going to fancy places or anywhere without kids and you make that "kid like comment" But no joke this elevator hauled ass!! My ears popped the whole way up and I was just amazed. I wanted to take the stairs down but Ben said NO. We had 5 different waiters for our table and the food was to die for. The night ended perfectly, whats better then two sleeping boys on your shoulder, cuddling up on the drive home. PERFECT!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Bunny and weekend

On Saturday Noah's school did their annual Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. This was our 1st time and I wasn't really sure what to expect. Ben had duty all weekend and was at the station due to weather so I was flying solo. We got there and my friend Stacey met us with her girls for breakfast. It was a pretty good time. When the Easter Bunny came out Noah was all excited and to my surprise so was Bryce. They kept walking up to the stage and waving to him. Bryce was even blowing kisses to him. I was pretty excited since I had just figured he would cry most the time, be the center of attention and I would get NO pictures of the boys. The boys walked up to stage to see the Bunny. Noah and his friends were all excited to have pictures taken together when all the sudden the Easter Bunny moved. There was screaming, crying, running off the stage head 1st and some sliding on the floor below before it was all said and done. And of course it was my son, Bryce. Well Bryce apparently didn't know the Easter Bunny was going to move and when he did it scared the crap out of him. Half the room was silent thinking he had just broke something for sure and the other half that knows Bryce was finding the humor in it. He calmed down pretty quick and told the Easter Bunny "No, No, don't get me, Don't move" and wanted nothing to do with him after that. After that we went to the preschool and did some activities they had going on down there then played on the playground with the kids. We spent about 2 hours there and had a great morning.

The rest of the weekend was pretty quite. Like I said Ben had over night on Friday and got home Saturday about 4ish. Still in need of something for Ben to wear tomorrow we took off to the mall. It was a pretty late night we got home about 845ish. Party animals over here, watch out! Sunday we headed out to Adam and Ash's house for dinner. The boys were hoping to have lobster but no bites.

This brings me to Bryce. This kid has really come out of his shell. He is so full of life and just loves everything he is doing. It's very cute. But another part of Bryce is coming out and Ben and I are not sure if we like it. Noah hit this stage alot earlier, had better balance and some common sense. We are days away from an ER visit and I just hope its for something small. Friday the boys were running around after bathtime. Naked and having a good time until Bryce trips over his own feet lands face 1st onto a small plastic bowl and splits his lip. By the time I realized what had happened he was covered in blood and pretty much spitting it all over. With Ben at the station it was a mad dash to get everyone dressed, try to stop the bleeding and maybe look at packing a bag for the ER. My friend Stacey had called while all this was going on and loaded her girls up with her medical bag and flew over. Its nice to have your own personal medical staff on call! Shortly before she got here the bleeding was under control and Bryce was just happy to see Stacey. Couldn't talk and tell her what happened he had to act it out. When he fell head 1st onto the floor I think both of us jumped to stop him. It all ended with no trip to the ER and he will have a little scar on his bottom lip. Saturday we got home and the boys wanted to drive their trucks. Bryce is just a little daredevil on his now. I'm in the street watching both the boys going around. When Bryce starts up our driveway on to walkway. A slow pace walk while telling him to stop turned into a full sprint to catch the truck before he went over the rock wall by the electrical boxes. I got to him in time and he started laughing "That was fun Mommy I go down fast" I couldn't take it anymore and he had to park his truck and find something else to do. Oh yeah and he was inches away from hitting his head on the granite step at Ben's work Saturday too. So I am now in search of a bubble or some sort of padded suit for him to wear outside with helmet.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Running with Dad

The weather has gotten nice out to start running outside again. So when Ben gets home he changes out and goes for about a 4-5 mile run. Noah is always bugging to go with Dad. Well today Ben said he would take Noah with him. Noah was just so excited. Still in his Soccer stuff he felt he was ready to go. He did however need a beanie like Dad wears and was searching for his gloves. Dad told Noah it was nice enough outside that he didn't need either one. Ben and I finished talking when Noah came running downstairs all excited for Dad to come see what he did. We walk into our room and Noah had Dad's running stuff laid on the bed for him. "See Dad just like a puzzle" It was so cute! They got ready and off they went. Now Ben really didn't take him 5 miles they ran down to the stop sign and back. Noah had a huge smile on his face as they came running around the corner. He is now off playing with his buddy across the street.

We have Kindergarten Information Night tonight. They encourage younger kids to stay home with a sitter. Well thats not really an option for us so we are all going. Both Ben and I want to be there to see the school. I just hope I don't start crying already. After that its family shopping night. This will be something completely new to all of us. We do most our grocery shopping together just not this late at night. My boys are used to being in their jammies and having some sort of quite time by 645pm and Bryce is in bed by 7pm. After Soccer today I put Bryce down for a very late nap so I'm hoping it helps us out. Wish us luck!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Here are a few pictures from our BBQ a few weekends ago. I'm sorry out here its known as a "cook out." We were really pushing the "Spring" thing and froze most the time outside. But the kids thought it was a blast and had a great time.


How do you pick out pillows? Soft, firm, extra firm, medium, plush, ultra plush, feather, hypo allergenic, allergy free, over stuffed, extra long, extra short, down, down alternative, my head is spinning make it stop! I went yesterday to buy Ben and I new pillows. Apparently I suck at picking out pillows and have been fired. We spent most the night cracking up laughing in bed and not sleeping. This stupid freaking pillows I got were just outta control. They said they were prefect for side sleepers and I thought great how could I go wrong? While laying on my back my head was so elevated my chin was almost hitting my chest and Bens was even worse. He spent most the night making fun of these pillows and had me in stitches. Yes, I was pretty tired due to the lack of sleep the night before so anything could have made me laugh last night but he was still pretty funny. Heck even the sound of Dad's dog barking was pretty funny too. Okay pillows focus. Ben ended up throwing the new pillow across the room like some mad man and used my old pillow. Mind you the night before he threw his old pillow out and used a blanket as a pillow. So please help I am in serious need of new pillows. Ben did ask if I could "take them back" after thinking of that it kinda grossed me out. Yes we used pillow cases and only laid on them for a few hours but still. I don't want to buy a pillow that someone may or may not have already used and returned. Doesn't that sound gross to you?