Friday, October 31, 2008


Noah had his Halloween party at school today. Bryce and I went to help out. We had a great time and the kids all looked so darn cute all dressed up. Tonight will be our first quite Halloween in 5 years. I'm kinda bummed but looking forward to it as well. Our neighborhood doesn't have the number of trick or treaters as our last did. I have to admit I will miss the hundreds of kids knocking down our door, or listening to the ones who run screaming from Ben and friends, a house full of friends with their kids, the smell of chili coming from the kitchen. Noah wants me to ship him in a big box to Daygen today so he can trick or treat with him. Poor guy! But we will go around the neighborhood and get some candy then call it an early night.

Ben has his 10k tomorrow so he is definitely looking forward to a relaxing night. I wish the boys and I could be there when he crosses the finish line. But its about an hour and a half drive then having to hang around for another hour or so while he runs. I just don't see us being much help to Ben, especially with this cold weather.

So this has taken me a day to post. It's now Saturday. Last night went good, we had a fun time hanging out with the neighbors and walking around. It was funny cause we all just put candy on the porch then walked to everyone's houses at the same time. I'm home getting some cleaning done before Ben gets home. We hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The boys

Seriously, how cute are these kids? Cause I think they are pretty darn cute! It's been freezing cold out here and these boys could care less. Which is a total bummer for me cause that means I have to go out with them. But they are in heaven with it cause Mom actually is running around and playing, instead of just watching. Its just way too cold to sit and watch. BURRRR

Embarrassing moment of the day:
The boys and I head to Sam's today. I decided to just get pizza there for lunch. So the boys are sitting down while I start to cut their pizza. Bryce starts wiggling around and wouldn't you know he falls straight back onto his head. It wasn't the shortest bench in the world but it wasn't the tallest either. Well I think everyone in Sam's heard his head hit the cement and if they didn't hear that they heard his blood curdling scream! A crowd starts to form around us as everyone is freaking out trying to assist me in trying to find where his head is cut open. I knew he was fine it's just Bryce's screaming cry that makes it sound worse. So as I'm trying to get everyone to back off so I can calm him down, wouldn't you know a police officer comes over. And of course he calls for medical. WTH!! Now I'm trying to calm Bryce down, get people to back off and explain to this cop that we don't need an ambulance. Yes all good times. Bryce stops crying and starts yelling at the ground, "He hit me, ouchy, no no" Then lets me kiss where it hurts and all is done. Everyone was shocked that he just stopped crying. I then still have to explain to the cop that we really don't need medical assistance. Yes a great time was had by all today at Sam's.

Recap of Bryce's week:
Tuesday~ 4 shots
Wednesday~ falls head 1st on his mouth. His teeth didn't go all the way threw his lip but enough to scab up and a nice fat lip.
Thursday~ Flips off the bench onto cement floor.
And to top it all off he is cutting his back 2 year molar still and hasn't been sleeping well. Do I dare ask what Friday brings?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's darn right COLD!

Please someone, anyone tell me why I was so excited to have a winter with snow? My Mom calls me this AM all excited cause she heard that it was snowing back east in some spots. And to let me know that it was 90 degrees today in Corona. Seriously NOT FAIR! It's been in the mid 40's all day but with this wind it feels more like 30's. Thats just cold to me. And it's supposed to get down to the 20's tonight. That's just not normal. Plus I have this silly propane guy knocking down my door every time Ben is gone. I have enough anxiety thinking about what we will pay for heat this winter. But the good news is that it has dropped so it may not be so bad. Lets just cross our fingers.......

Noah on the other hand can not wait for the snow to come and "stay forever" he says. He wakes up just about everyday asking if the snow is here. We were watching the weather just now and they showed some snow, his little face lit up with excitement. So it will be fun wathcing him enjoy the snow and a white Christmas sounds pretty cool too!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Ramlings

Bryce had his well baby check up today. He passed with flying colors and left screaming. Poor guy got 4 shots today (we were a little behind due to illness in OR) and he wasn't happy about it at all. On top of that he his cutting his 2nd 2 year molar so he is just a bundle of joy right now. Anyone in need of Bryce time? He weighed in at 28lbs and was 33 inches tall. It was funny cause the doctor said he was growing great and is in the 25% for his age. But to us that is small. Noah was always off the charts big. So Bryce is still my little peanut :)

Noah got to go have lunch at school today. You would have thought it was the kids birthday. He woke up this morning and came downstairs with me. Which is not a normal thing when Dad is home. He left Dad and Bryce to cuddle alone cause he had to help make his lunch. It was only 7:30am. I'm just wondering what my boys were doing up so early? I tried to get him to eat some breakfast and he refused cause he was having lunch at school. So I just decided to make pancakes so he would eat. Plus Dad was home so it was a nice treat for everyone.

As you noticed Ben is off today. He took the day off to join me at Bryce's doctor appt. He likes to attend as many as he can. I love it! But he is now off at the hobby store in Manchester with a buddy from work. I'm kinda nervous as to what he is going to bring home. He hasn't been to a hobby store since we left AZ. Hey Al, hows that boat doing? And with Bryce's new found love for RC Trucks I am sure he will bring something home "for Bryce"

I however will be heading to The Christmas Tree store after Emma gets picked up. They just opened one by the house. For those who don't know what I am talking about, it's just the coolest store EVER!! One thing I am going to miss about the East Coast for sure. I'm thinking my lovely husband will take us out to dinner since he will still be on cloud 9. And I have decided that my new dream in life is to own my own coffee shop. I know this sounds crazy but it's true. The most fun I have ever had at work was at the shop. Forget going back to medical billing, I want to pour coffee! Plus I get my coffee the way I want it everyday. BONUS! Coffee on the East Coast is either iced or hot. I like to mix things up and people look at me like I'm nutz around here. Like today I went to another coffee shop to ask for a Frap, the lady said "your not from around here are you?" So it's settled I will own my own coffee shop one day.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kids Halloween Party

Our 1st Annual Kids Halloween Party is over, WHEW! We made it! The last 24 hours leading up to the party was a bit stressful and aggravating. We started to realize that most the people from the Station were backing out. So our list of 16 RSVP's ended up being 9 kids. But in the end it worked out great! 9 seemed to be the perfect number of kids and everyone enjoyed themselves. The kids all looked so cute in their costumes and some adults joined in the fun too. At times it was sad for me, around every corner I was hoping to see one of my friends from Newport but I knew I wouldn't. So it made for more running around for Ben and I keeping everything organized but it worked out just fine. We make a great team and I would have never been able to pull this off without him. Everyone was so impressed with the amount of work we put into the party which made us feel awesome. Our transformed basement was a huge hit and Noah even broke open the pinata. So here are some pictures from the party.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Up to date

The week has been okay. The kids are doing great. Bryce's new favorite word is "No" as he waves his little finger at you. If it wasn't so freaking cute I don't think the boy would have seen the light of day this week. Ben is accusing me of being soft with Bryce. I have to agree I am. There are so many things I let him get away with cause he is so freaking cute about it and he is the baby still. Like now he is standing on the couch turning on and off the lights, I need to get this under control. Noah has been wired all week. With the Halloween party tomorrow and HSM3 on every commercial he won't stop. As if that wasn't enough he can't wait for Erik and Shae to get here. He has decided that him and Erik will play transformers after the game. And that him and Shae will have to watch his pirate movie together. Plus he has been getting ready for his family to come "live" with him for Christmas.

Our Halloween party is tomorrow. Ben stood duty last night so we have lots to do tonight. He did finish the downstairs bathroom for me so that's awesome! He is doing great at work and really starting to settle in. He got his surfman endorsement back so that's AWESOME. His 10k is coming up the 1st and he is ready. This guy is a running machine now. You think I would join in but nope, I sit and eat cookies and milk waiting for him to get home. LOL

I think Sunday is just going to be a relax day. Cleaning after the party and watching football. I CAN'T WAIT!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Giving in

Yes, I turned on the heat last night. When we got home from the station it was a bitter 59 upstairs. Of course it wasn't working so the neighbor had to come over and help me out. THANKS BILL! It's so nice to know that even though we don't live in housing, I still have neighbors that will help out while Ben is gone. After about 30 minutes he got it to kick in. It was so nice this morning seeing Bryce wake up not shivering. And Noah actually slept in till about 8ish. Maybe heat isn't so bad.

Ben actually came home early today. I was so excited! But of course the station called to say they were getting back underway for surf, so he will be heading back after lunch. He went to go pick Noah up from school then is taking him out to lunch. Noah is going to be sooo excited! Nothing better then having Dad all to yourself, especially after not seeing him the last couple of days.

We are also going to start transforming our basement into Halloween Town today. Yes the party is this Saturday and I feel totally unprepared. This should be a walk in the park by now but without my friends helping me direct kids around the thought of having 16 kids is really overwhelming right now. And I the fact that I don't know 3/4of the kids coming is weird. But it's going to be a great chance to get to meet everyone from the station so that's nice. I got the food planned out, craft almost ready to go, decorations ready to be put up, costumes check, game ready to go, everything for cupcakes, found my Halloween music. Anything I'm missing?

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Okay its COLD! We woke up yesterday and it was freezing in this house. None the less we started getting ready for Soccer, left the house at 10:00am it was only 41 degrees outside. I couldn't believe we were getting in the truck and leaving to stand around outside. If it wasn't Noah's last day of Soccer I think I would have stayed home. Soccer went great and Noah is sad that it's over. But they reminded everyone that Basketball will start soon so he was fine with that. Some friends came over after Soccer and the kids all played outside. The adults were freezing their asses off but the kids could careless. I couldn't believe it. Soon the whole neighborhood was out, it was fun. Stacey couldn't wait to come down and ask if I had turned the heat on. She said when she woke up and saw it was 33 out she thought of us. For those who don't know I refuse to turn on the heat, I'm hoping I can make it till December 1st. Everyone tells me we will fill the tank at least 3 times this winter at 900 buck a pop I'm on strike. We do have the fireplace on and that seems to be doing the job for now. I also used Nurse Stacey skills to ask what she thinks about Bryce's ear. It started bleeding again yesterday. I'm almost sure this time he scratched the inside, Ben was driving his RC truck so he had his fingers in his ears. But I will keep watching it. And Noah was dying to talk with Santa last night. Thank the stars he was their and was able to put a smile on my 4 year olds face. (Thanks Uncle Matt) It took him a second to understand what was going on, I even got the "I'm sorry you have the wrong number" He is funny.

Dad ended up heading into work last night. We are hoping he gets home before 4:00 on Monday. The weather started picking up so we will see. The boys and I will head down sometime today and enjoy the heat at the station with Dad....haha. Okay it's not that cold in our house.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Highlights

Want to know the most exciting thing I did today? LAUNDRY!! Oh the excitement around here. It's been an interesting week and it's finally over. Noah had a hard time with missing OR this week. It broke my heart and also made me miss it even more. Not much going on this weekend. Ben has duty and I don't really expect to see him till Monday after work. He might be coming home tonight but who knows. Noah has soccer Saturday and that's about it. I was hoping to carve some pumpkins but doesn't look that it's going to happen. Oh yeah, I'm planning on getting a little more of my Christmas shopping done this weekend. I'm almost done SO EXCITED!

As everyone knows we are heading the Steelers/Pats game and the end of November. I can't believe it's almost here. I feel like I have so much to do to get ready for it. Only 42 days left. It's going to be great. Best part is we get to see Erik and Shae again. Noah is so excited to show them his "new house."

Christmas is weeks away. In case you are counting we only have 4 more paychecks left!

That's about all I have for now. I will leave you all with some pictures of Fall in NH.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kids Halloween Party Happenings

We are a little over a week away from our Kids Halloween Party and it's all coming together. We went to Iparty last night, LOVE THAT STORE. Got pretty much everything we needed and some we didn't. I think I'm most excited for the over 40 balloons we get to blow up! I have balloon OCD it's true. We have around 16 kids that have RSVP'd plus their parents. Seriously I didn't know we knew that many people yet. But with the neighborhood kids and the station it added up quick. Ben is doing a wonderful job helping me without frustrating me. And props to him, when getting the decor he actually remembered it was going to be little kids and stayed away from the blood dripping scary stuff. I feel bad for him this year. Without hundred of kids to scare and no Haunt to put on, he is kinda bored. Everyone remember the Station Haunted House that Ben worked so hard for 3 years to get established not only at the station but in the community as well? They are not doing it this year, what a bummer. Still don't know what Noah is going to be but I got a little something to wear to the party last night. Noah is leaning towards the Incredible Hulk.

What's everyone else dressing up as this year?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dad time

Everyone knows that Bryce is seriously attached to his Mommy. I keep telling myself it will not last much longer but I think I have been saying that for the last year. Last weekend he wanted his Daddy and it was the cutest thing ever. I have to admit I missed my evening cuddle time with him but it was also nice to get things done. Of course I had to snap a picture of the two little darlings. One thing about cuddling with Dad is it puts him to sleep for the night, and usually before the child.

Pumpkin Patch

Here are a few pictures from the Pumpkin Patch. We didn't get that many this time due to the large amounts of people. And it just wasn't the same without the Naylor's ~sigh~

And here are a few from our bonfire:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Rap up

We were busy little beaver's this weekend. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed every minute of it. Friday we headed out to Adam and Ashlyn's for dinner. The boys got underway after work to get some lobster while Ashlyn and I stayed home with the kids. They guys came home with 6 lobster this time and I was thrilled! We ended up cutting our night short cause Noah started wheezing. This is the 1st time he has had issues with his Asthma since we moved here. A little shocked about it we decided it was best to take the boys home for the night. Noah wheezed most the night but seemed to be doing okay in the morning. But I'm sure a doctor appt will be taking place soon. I need more medicine for his breathing machine.

Saturday we woke up and got ready for Soccer. Again Soccer went great and we all had a great time. Well Bryce struggled at bit, he wanted to be out playing with Noah and didn't really understand why he couldn't. It didn't help much when Noah would try to call him out with him. Maybe one day they will play on the same team. After Soccer we came home and had a quick lunch then loaded back up. Ben had a wonderful family day planned for us at the Portland Maine Lighthouse. And he couldn't have picked a better day. It was beautiful out. We really had a nice drive up and enjoyed running around while we were there.

Today I had another family outing planned. I decided that we needed to hit up the Pumpkin Patch. Applecrest Farms is seriously like 3 minutes from the house. Little did I know it's also the most popular Pumpkin Patch in New England, I guess people get bussed in. They had police out for traffic. It was CRAZY! But it was also amazing as well. We didn't stay very long due to the thousands of people that were there. But they had everything from hayrides, pumpkins, apple picking, face painting, cider donuts, a country store, live band, BBQ, antique car show and whatever else they had going on. Like I said it was nutz. Then we headed across the street for a BBQ with the neighbors. After dinner we had a bonfire with some Samore's. YUMMY! We have great neighbors.

Here are some pictures from the lighthouse

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Teething and Baseball

The night before last was a ruff one for Mom and Bryce. He woke up around 10:00 with a fever of 104. I gave him some Motrin thinking it would break soon and put him back to bed. About every 15 minutes till about 12pm he was up fussing. That's when I just brought him in bed with me. Unable to break his fever I was starting to get worried. All I could think was last time he had a fever this high he had meningitis. I know the chances are slim for him to get it again, however I still go back to that time. Then start to worry. Finally about 3am he went down to 101. I put him back in bed so I could get a few hours sleep before the day started. He did okay the next day just a small fever and some serious grumpiness. I never really ruled out the teething thing, but he has never gotten a high fever with teething before. Sometime throughout the day I got a good look in his mouth. And wouldn't you know he completely cut his bottom 2 year molar. OUCH! So one down 3 to go.

Last night after dinner we headed out back to play a little wiffle ball. Bryce was feeling a little better and I needed to do something to stay awake. I soon realized that I was out numbered. Of course to little boys Mom doesn't know how to play any sports and Dad just ROCKS! Noah wanted nothing to do with being on my team and Bryce really didn't get what was going on. Instead he chased the dog around. Every time I missed the ball Noah would yell "WEAK MOM, NO SKILLS" Take a guess who he learned that from. Cute kid I know. But when Dad would miss it was all my fault. I even remember him telling me I was a girl and couldn't play like the boys. We are going to have to address this. But I must say that Noah has gotten alot better at baseball. He can't wait to play. Ben now realizes that you can't stand to close when pitching to him. The kid will take off your head. Seriously he was really connecting last night. And of course he had to pitch to Mom. How could I not miss when my son is saying, "Okay Mom you ready? Your going to miss this heater."

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A new method

Okay all you Coastie wife's listen to this. Well I guess Military wife's but I only think Coastie's read my blog, anyways. So my dear friend Sarah who is moving in 3 months is finally getting a list together of places. Okay not totally her fault for the delay, her husband is overseas and they just came out with an updated list. With him being over sea's for over a year they will be picking as priority #1, yes everyone's dream. She has resulted in drawing names from a bowl. Yes, I'm serious! I think she is totally crazy and has lost her mind with excitement for the fact that she gets her husband back and at this point doesn't really care where they live. Can anyone else imagine picking like this? I know a lot of my friends are up for transfer this year. Anyone else choosing this method?

Want even better news? Boston came out as number 6!!! Now with a priority 1 I know that chances are slim to none. But hey hope is all I got right now. So lets all hope that number 6 is it!!!!!!!!

Run Noah Run

If you follow our blog then you all remember the post about our BBQ at Bobby and Karen's. It was on a Sunday and with it being football season of course Noah wore his jersey. We knew going into this that we were going to get some flack with a house full of Pats fans. Well after the Pats lost (big time) everyone was outside kinda in a slump. Okay not my family we were beaming with joy. But everyone else was a little shocked from the game. I noticed that Melisa, Amanda and Karen had disappeared. Not thinking anything of it until they came out in Pats jerseys. And wouldn't you know Meilsa is holding one just Noah's size. I started dying laughing! But Noah is just way too fast and cute for them. He saw them coming and took off running for the hills. They almost had him when he stopped them all serious and said "No you have to wait here, just listen." They stopped bent down and Noah took off cut inside the house and ran straight to Dad. It was funny. Nice try girls!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Picture Time

I noticed I have been leaving out pictures in the last few posts. So while I have a quite moment I am going to catch up. Lets start with a few from this weekend.

Here are some from the boys playing in the mud a few weekends ago.

And these are Ben's new Halloween Decor for the graveyard outside. How cool are these. He did a bunch of them to place all over the place. We still have to paint them but I think they are looking pretty cool. Good job Ben!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another weekend in review

It's Sunday night and I feel that I'm bringing the Steelers bad luck right now. So to take a break I came to blog about the weekend. All in all another great weekend here in NH. Friday we took off to the Children's Museum in Dover. I think EVERYBODY in the state had the same idea, it was packed. But we still had a good time with some new friends. Yes that's right we made more friends. Look out we are on a roll.

Saturday, Noah had Soccer. It was a blast. They learned some new things and it was great watching them. Noah really takes the "drills" serious it's really cute to watch. This time I brought Bryce his own ball to play on the side with. At 1st he was a little confused as to why he couldn't run with Noah but he got over it. And of course a snack or two, or 5, came in handy as well. I sware when he starts sports he is going to be the kid who stops for a snack not water. After Soccer we rushed over to meet a few neighbors and the Portsmouth Chili Cook off. I was super excited for my 1st Chili Cook off but was completely disappointed. They only used like half the park and it was way over crowed. They advertised like 30 different Chili vendors and I think maybe 7 showed up. Plus my Chili is better. But after we got some ice cream and sat by the water while the kids all played. It was a beautiful day and the boys got a kick out of seeing one of "Dad's big boats"

Sunday, Noah and took off to Church. We left Dad and Bryce home. Since Ben's on duty something about his phone going off during church didn't sound so good. And I didn't feel like having Bryce attached to my hip. After Church Noah and I rushed home to help Dad before Tyler's party. And I must say my husband ROCKS!! There is nothing this guy doesn't do. Bryce was feed and asleep when I walked threw the door, kitchen was cleaned, toys (all over the house) were picked up, he did like 4 loads of laundry, made beds and everything. HE ROCKS! Bryce and I took off to get coffee before the party and Dad and Noah set up the bounce house and helped fill balloons. It was a great party, the kids had a blast jumping and the adults enjoyed watching too. I have to admit we have the best neighbors EVER!!

Okay so that was our weekend. Tomorrow I have another birthday party in the morning. and that's about it. I'm off to finish the Steelers game!!!!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008


There are many things I miss about Oregon. Being close to family, our friends, Newport, our old house and neighborhood, Fred Meyers, LC outlets, Portland, Crab, the list goes on and on. But I think I would give my right arm for a Iced Mint Mocha from Kundalini. Yes I will be the 1st to admit we have saved hundreds of dollars a month by not going there 3x's a day (some even more) I miss the girls at the shop, knowing I was ALWAYS going to get a delicious drink, having my drink ready by the time I got to the window (they would see me pull in) The dollar smoothies the boys used to get. If anyone that reads my blog has ever been to Newport you know what I'm talking about. How about just being able to walk there in the afternoon with the kids on scooters? Ah the good ol' days!

Is it too early to start counting down?

This weekend should be a fun one. Tonight we are heading back to the Children's Museum in Dover with some friends. Tomorrow Noah has Soccer (if the rain stays away) and the Portsmouth Chili Cookoff starts at 11:30am. Super excited about that one. Sunday we have a Birthday Party to attend and we really need to get going on our Kids Halloween party decor and games. Did I also mention that Ben has duty. Lets cross our fingers that I'm not flying solo this weekend too.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Halloween Decor Take I

We got our Halloween box in from Grandma yesterday. The boys and I were so excited it open it. But we had strict instructions that we had to wait for Ben. Ben finally got home about 5 and we tore into it. I only wish we would have gotten out the camera in the beginning. Noah was just out of control with excitement and of course Bryce was right behind him. I think he was more excited to call Grandma to tell her everything he got. As if she already didn't know. It was the cutest thing ever! Grandma out did herself again this year for Halloween, THANKS GRANDMA! The boys both got fake candy teeth. It was so funny watching them eat them. And of course the Spongebob toy thing has entertained them all evening and morning long. While we were picking up the mess Noah went up to his room put every single toy inside it and started to bring it downstairs. Crazy kid!

So after opening the box Ben and I ran to the basement to look threw Halloween decor. I was dying to get my Haunted House and Tree out to go with the Carousel. I just love these Avon decorations! Ben just needs to get the inverters going to hook up all 3 together. So Halloween decor is half up and I'm stoked! It usually takes us a few weeks to get everything the way we like it. For now Ben found a place for some of his skulls. We have an agreement inside is cute Halloween and outside he can do as scary as he wants. So the skulls may not make the final cut on my table. But for now they will do just fine.

Hope everyone is having as much fun decorating for Halloween as we are! I know Tiff is already done.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So I'm looking around on when I come across this

How much do I love Sears right now? Anyone else thinking Halloween costume? OH YEAH!! I can't wait for Ben to get home!

Noah's teachings and more

Just another typical drive to school this morning. I'm going over the "rules" with Noah. You know just a little reminder to use his manners, play nice and follow the rules at school. He does very well with all these things. We get done and he starts talking to Bryce. Next thing you know Noah is "reminding" Bryce how to act when he gets home.
Noah~ Now Bryce you have to be nice to Mommy, she will miss me so you have to give her lots of hugs and kisses. Play nice with my dog and give him food. Okay Bryce?
Bryce~ YA
Noah~ And you have to pick up all your toys and you can play with mine just please put them back.
Bryce~ YA
Noah~ Are you going to miss me? Will you ask for Noah?
Bryce~ BROTHER!!
Noah~ Okay Bryce if you don't follow the rules you will take a nap, understand?
Bryce~ DONUT!

How freaking cute is that! I love it!!

Today is October 1st. You know what that means? HALLOWEEN DECOR CAN GO UP!! Ben has started making more props for this year. He is making these really cool fake candles. We hit up Lowe's last night to get a drill bit and PVC pipe. They are going to be really cool. He also was the happiest man in the world last night. Remember when I told everyone he bought out Target's skulls? Well that wasn't enough, he called Mom and asked her to go buy at least 10-15 more. Ben really didn't think Mom would do it but last night she called to say that she got them and they are in the mail. Ben was like a little boy again. He was so excited! He has big plans for these skulls. I think it's safe to say the guy has at least 30 skulls to work with this year. I'm very interested to see what he is going to do with them all.