Monday, September 29, 2008

Cold and rainy weekend

BLAH! Nothing exciting took place over here this weekend (as expected) Ben stood over night Friday but ended up coming home late Saturday night. So that was nice. I didn't have to sleep alone. I am a big fat chicken and hate to be alone. Especially in this big house. Soccer was canceled Saturday so that was a huge bummer. Sunday we just hung out being lazy. The boys played outside with Tyler for a bit. It was still sprinkling and there was mud everywhere so it was perfect for little boys. I took some pictures but I'm just too lazy to download them right now.

Now some exciting news:
5 weeks until Halloween!!
9 weeks until the Steelers game!!
9 weeks until Black Friday!!
12 weeks until Family is here for Christmas!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Boring, Lazy Friday

Well it's Friday. YIPEE! I'm ready for a full weekend of absolutely nothing to do. I'm sure Soccer will be canceled due to the storm that's coming in today. So that's a bummer. Ben has overnight duty the next 2 days, bigger bummer. And we have nobody to go visit. Now don't everybody jump up at once to come over, I'm sure we will manage. Noah had school today and as usual he didn't want to come home and Bryce wanted to stay as well. After about 20 minutes I got the boys to leave. One day I'm really going to leave Bryce there. HA that would be funny. Noah came home and informed me that he was going to live with Sean. Sean is a new friend at school. He also told me that Sean's Dad is his Uncle, yeah I'm hoping he is just confused. I told him we would be so sad without him here. He informed me that it would be okay cause he would text us to say "HI." I think we text too much. After 30 minutes of Noah begging me to go to Sean's house, I told him if I hear another word about moving in with Sean he was going to his room the rest of the day. I'm sure he is now really wanting to move out.

So with Noah happy with Mom I decided it was a great time to start painting. Seriously, I don't really think things threw most the time. Turns out painting with 2 boys awake and ready to play and a dog that is wound up from not being able to go out in the rain isn't the best idea. After Bryce took my swiffer and emptied the bottle in the living room I threw in the towel. Now Bryce is in sleeping and Noah is having his quite time. You would think I would finish painting but I'm blogging.

Hopefully the rain will not be too bad tonight and we can head up to see Ben at the station. That is if I don't get lost again. Did I tell everyone that it took me an hour to get there last time? Yeah it was a great time!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's almost that time....

To drag out Halloween decor!! Ben and I are all excited to start decorating for Halloween. But we decided to wait to October 1st. We went to Target last night just to see their Halloween stuff. Big mistake for us and them. I think Ben bought just about every skull they had. They boys cannot wait either. What brought this post about just for Halloween? Well duh, I found this really cute Halloween back round for the blog. Ben's going to be so excited when he gets home.

I really should be hanging up clothes, sweeping, cleaning out the truck, getting the bathroom downstairs ready to paint, or start dinner, none of these things are going to do themselves anytime soon. But instead I sit here playing on the computer and emailing friends. I guess putting that you are lazy on the world wide web is enough to get you going. I'm off to do something more productive with my time.

Have a great night!!

A new wine

I'm sure you are all on the edge of your seats waiting to hear so here it is, WEINGUT P.J. VALCKENBERG~ Dry Riesling. And no I can not say it out load. I just call it that "new good wine" and my awesome husband knows what I'm talking about. Something about these German wines that I have really been enjoying. If you haven't tried Relax it's another good one. And to most I'm sure I sound like to "typical stay at home mom" who puts the kids to bed at night and drinks wine. Why do people always think that cause I stay at home? You wouldn't believe how many times I get that. Especially living out here. I'm the only stay at home mom in the neighborhood and it was quite the shock to everyone here. Why is it so hard to believe I want to stay home with my boys who bring me so much joy every minute of the day? Which brings up the point that most my friends that enjoy wine as much as do are working woman so I don't get it? Anyways totally off the subject. Shae you must try this, I think I like it better the Eola Hills. I know that's a bold statement!

Okay enough wine talk. Yesterday was my Friday and today as been a late start. It's 10 o'clock and I haven't showered yet. The boys and I did some cleaning this AM. Well Noah and I, poor Bryce hasn't picked up on the cleaning thing yet. Hopefully soon. So laundry is done, floors are mopped, bathrooms are clean, boys are feed and kitchen is cleaned. Now off to get me and the boys dressed. We are heading up to Baby Gap today. I have been stressing about winter clothes. Neither one of the boys have anything for the snow and it's coming fast. But Gap has lots of snow stuff out so we are going to start stocking up. How much snow stuff do you really need? Anyone with any input on that would be great!

Oh yeah SURVIVOR starts tonight!!! YIPEE!! Tequila lime turkey breast with some sides for dinner if anyone wants to head on over.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Thanks to the awesome skills of Amanda I was able to get some pictures from the cookout Sunday. Like I said before we had a great time (minus my families mishaps) Thanks so much for taking pictures!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Noah had a blast his 1st day of Soccer. He as a little shy at first and kept playing with his shirt but he soon warmed up. They started with a light jog around the field then went into stretching. After they started doing some little games to teach the kids to listen to the coaches. Noah really thought this was a silly game so he loved it. But his favorite game was the shark and fish game. The kid loves sharks so he was in heaven. They ended the practice with a little 3 on 3 scrimmage. Noah's group was perfect for him. The 6 boys were really into playing and did a fairly good job for being 4. They chased each other up and down the field trying get and keep the ball. It was adorable! Noah even scored a goal. I think the only problem was the coach gave each group of 3 a team name. How original that there names were the Red Sox and Patriots.

And look at that, Ben's filling out forms! What a guy. Thanks babe!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Flume Gorge Pictures

I have so many pictures from Flume Gorge it's just nutz. I don't feel like creating a slideshow. So I'm going to post a few then will post more later as the week goes on.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

A great weekend (in reverse)

Where do I start? We are just getting home from Bobby and Karen's house and what a wonderful time we had. They are just the nicest people ever and really made us feel like family. We also got to meet Melissa and Lil Bobby and were able to see Amanda again. It was great. They had us out for a BBQ today. I'm just hoping that after my klutz of a family left they invite us back out. Seriously, Bryce fell backwards in the chair bit threw his tongue then got his finger smashed in the gate, Noah fell off the bike and took a pretty good fall but not before I was bit by some sort of bee on my cheek. The whole side of my face went numb and it stung pretty bad before that. Even my nose was numb. It was weird. I had a huge lump about the size of a quarter on my face but I was assured that it just looked like a huge zit so all was good. Thanks guys! We had way too much food and the boys played hard. I don't think I'm ever getting those grass stains off Noah's pants. Between Soccer, Football, bikes, 4 wheelers, and roasting marshmallows my 2 were dead tired when we left. And I am excited to announce we have a sitter for the big game!!!! THANKS MELISSA (and maybe Amanda too) you rock!!! I took my camera but wouldn't you know I left it in the trunk. OPPS.

Grandma stayed the night Saturday and we were all thrilled to have her. We woke up somewhat early and started getting ready for Soccer. It was Noah's 1st day of Soccer. He couldn't wait. I wasn't really sure what to expect, that was a sport I never got into. Looks like I'm going to be talking to Lisa about Soccer soon. I thought I knew what park we were going to but then realized I didn't. So we had to stop at the post office to get directions. A really nice guy let us follow him there and good thing cause we would have never found the place. It was great watching about 25 4 year olds running around doing drills. After about 45 minutes they broke off into groups and had a little scrimmage. Noah had a blast. His group was the only 1 doing anything the rest of the kids all sat down by this time. He even scored a goal. It was cute. So every Saturday for the next 5 Saturdays I will be talking about Soccer. Then I was informed that they go straight into Basketball. Fun times! We stopped at the Harley dealership then it was home for lunch and naps. Melissa showed up shortly after and we all played Soccer in the backyard. Grandma left and we just hung out relaxing the rest of the day.

Friday we met Grandma, Karen and Amanda at Flume Gorge. It was amazing! After walking for a few hours we took off to ride the tram 1600 feet up a mountain. That was also amazing. When we got to the top it there was so many Christmas trees. It was cool! The Gorge however was like nothing I have ever seen before. It’s a must if your in the area. We got so many amazing pictures and had a great time. I’m sure some of you ready are wondering if I’m going to talk about my near death experience. We are just getting started and Debbie says “I remember when we used to walk across” Amanda and I think it’s a great idea and take off. We stood there mapping which way we would go and I started out 1st. Everything was going fine until about the 3rd step. I slipped and fell right on my ass and slide down the gorge Ben says it was 3-4feet I sware it was at least 9. But whatever, it was scary. I wasn’t able to stop and I didn’t know what to do. So you think my husband who is trained to save lives in danger when in the water and with all this SAR training would have jumped in to save me right? Well you couldn't be more wrong. Everyone stood watching me laughing their heads off. But I was assured that they got lots of pictures. Great! I finally stop and get to my feet trying to walk slowly up the slippery rocks to Amanda. Who is standing on this rock just big enough for her trying to grab my hand. All I could think is that we were both going to fall in. It was a mess, but no worries I made it out of the gorge just fine. After my great experience Ben and Amanda think they can still make it and sure enough they did. So the rest of the time I was soaking wet. And wouldn’t you know about a mile up from where we were they had a sign “Stay off, Rocks slippery” Yep they are right!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I think this house is about to explode with excitement if tomorrow doesn't come fast enough. Grandma will be here tomorrow morning and we cant wait! After Grandma gets here we are all loading up to Flume Gorge. And we get to finally meet Karen. I'm not sure who else is coming up with them. But I think it's a car full. It will be a great time.

Then Saturday Noah starts Soccer. He can't wait. I think he is more excited because Grandma will be there to watch him. We went out and got him some new shoes last night. They don't want the kids to be in cleats at this age so we got him a new pair of Nike's. He of course is running around the basement right now with his new shoes on. Silly boy.

Ben also starts leave as of tomorrow and will be home for a week. I'm super excited about that! I love when he is home with us. I'm hoping to be able to get into Noah's school to volunteer. I'm also hoping to finalizing things for our Halloween party. We have decided to throw a kids Halloween party in the basement. It's the perfect place for it. And after all my parties in Newport Noah is just expecting Mom to have kids parties here too. So with all my party planning friends scattered threw out the US now I enlisted Ben to help out. Should be a good time.

We hope everyone has a great weekend too! And did I mention we are having Lobster again tonight? Okay maybe being on the East Coast isn't all that bad.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Feeding Molnar Boys

Seriously, how do these boys eat so much? I wish I could eat like them and be as skinny. Noah is skin and bones yet the kid is never without food. Let me give you a run down of Noah's food intake for today.

Breakfast~ 3-oatmeal's, 1-banana, 1-glass of milk, 2 pieces of toast.

Snack~ 1-glass of water, 1-apples, 1-helping of jello plus another banana.

Lunch~ We ended up going out to lunch today (shh don't tell Ben) 1- mighty kids meal with a milk, came home still hungry so he had another apple.

He just had another banana for a snack and his begging me for yogurt. We are not even to dinner yet. Where does it go? He keeps telling me that he has to get big and strong so he can head back to the skate park to do some "sick tricks" And yes my 4 year old is saying "sick tricks"

Last weekend we took the boys to a really really cool indoor skate park in Rye. It was fun watching all the guys do tricks with skateboards, bikes, scooters, roller blades, basically whatever they could find. But suddenly my enjoyment was cut short. I looked over at Noah and saw the twinkle in his eye and his face light up with excitement. He can't wait to do it now. Telling him he was too small was working until we found the "smaller" ramps. He was just beside himself with excitement. Ben asked the lady upfront about age requirements. And lucky us it doesn't matter how old or little as long as they have a waiver and protective gear. I started reading this so called "waiver" Lets just say I'm not ready to sign a piece of paper that releases them from a simple scratch to death! Oh my word the boy is only 4 years old! I left with a small tear in my eye knowing I'm not going to be able to hold him back much longer. But after ready that paper my little boy went from training wheels to death defying stunts with the blink of an eye.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Yes thats right the Steelers are 2-0 as of yesterday. YIPEE!! I wish they would have played a little better last night but at least they got the win. And did anyone see the USC game? What a blow out that was. Another college team that is off to a great start is ND. GO IRISH!! Okay enough football talk. We did do more this weekend then sit in front of the TV, i sware.

Friday we went out to Adam and Ashlyn's for dinner and got home late. Saturday we got up did some cleaning (will it ever end?) Then heading off to Sears where we finally bought paint. We starting painting our bathroom and got paint to do the boys as well. I actually enjoyed painting. Not the best at it but it looks good. I'm hoping to start on the boys bathroom once the babies go down. Sunday we finished cleaning up the paint stuff, grocery shopping, football and duty. I can't really complain cause its been like 4-5 months since the guy as stood any kind of duty but I don't like duty days. That stupid phone was beeping all day long. He ended up heading in around 4ish but was home in time to kiss the boys goodnight.

We are all super excited for this week. Want to know why? GRANDMA WILL BE HERE!!! Grandma flys in on Wed. they boys (and us) are really excited to see her. Noah is hoping that she will bring her motorcycle.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What do you think?

First, notice the countdowns at the bottom? Grandma comes in 5 days!!! Every airplane that Bryce sees he yells for Grandma, its cute. Okay now look at the other countdown.....78 days till the game! I can't believe it. But to be honest the reality of spending the small fortune on 2 tickets is starting to set in. Okay wait, yep it's gone. WE GOING TO THE STEELERS GAME!

Remember the Ultimate Fan Helmet I posted. It came in the mail. Its the funniest thing ever! The boys love it and it will definitely be keeping your head warm in the winter time. I'm not sure if I will be wearing it to the game. I look a little ridiculous in it. But I think Ben is wearing it. We also got decorative face stickers in the mail too. I will be wearing those. Here are a few pictures of Bryce in the Helmet and 1 of me. What do you think?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


OK, So today was offically the first day that Noah has tried no training wheels and it seems like he's a pro already. I came home from work and to my surprise he was cruising the neighborhood without any training wheels. We tried it in newport and he really didn't want much of it. Then today just gave it a go and hasn't stopped. Here is a short Video and some pictures. It was awesome. I guess I have to get out on a bike and run him over to break his leg, Right Dad.....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ben's Project

We all know that Ben loves a good project. But with 2 kids it's getting harder and harder to find projects that don't take up too much time. I'm not sure where Ben gets these ideas from. But his new project is polishing a rock. He found a rock outside with a flat top and has decided to polish it. Actually I'm pretty interested to see how this turns out. Being that I have never seen the process of polishing a rock.


Here's the boys on game day. I just love this picture!

Isn't he getting so big?

And here are some from the Seafood Festival. Of course the boys wanted nothing to do with seafood so they had McD's instead.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dad's home

The boys and I picked Ben up from the airport Friday night. It was a late night for all of us. And boy was I ever tired. Noah was going a mile a minute all day long knowing Dad was coming home and Bryce wasn't far behind him. Thank God I got a little break on the way to the airport when Noah talked Grandpa's ear off pretty much the whole ride. Thanks Grandpa!

Saturday we got a late start with our late night. With all the talk of Hanna hitting the coast line the station was giddy. Everyone else was pulling their boats and my husband is trying to get underway. The storm ended up being a flop (spend a winter in the PacNorWest) so we headed to the Seafood Festival in Hampton. It was HUGE! I did miss having wine at a Seafood Festival but we had a great time. We again took the big red wagon and it worked out great. You would be surprised at how many people just get outta your way with that thing. After the festival we hung outside with the neighbors playing while Dad watched the ND kickoff game. GO IRISH!

Today...well duh its Football people! That's right Football is back and we are thrilled. I have never watched so many games before in my life, its going to be a great season. It was great. But in between we ran to Home Depot, Sam's and a few other places. I love DVR! Came home played outside some made dinner and called it an early night for the boys. Oh ya 1st thing this AM we played some football with the boys outside. The neighbors ended up joining us we had a great time.

So that was our weekend in a nutshell. It went way too fast and we are back to work and school tomorrow. I will post some pictures later for you all to see how cute the boys are in their Steelers jersey's this year. And yes I took the boys out in the New England area in Steelers jersey's and we all lived to tell about it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ben made it safe and sound in PDX yesterday. And of course he starts sending me all kindas of pictures to my phone. This is when I realized how much this sucks! He moves me all the way over here just to go back for a fun quick trip. I'm super jealous and those pictures didn't help. I sat in my bed most the night picturing what a beautiful drive it was from the airport to Astoria. Watching the sun go down over the Astoria Bridge. Then just started thinking of our time in Astoria and how much fun we had. When Ben sends me this picture.

This is the view from his room. They built a new hotel right under the Astoria Bridge. I used to drive that long ass bridge everyday to work and never thought I would miss it. It was a scary bridge in the winter time. The side that Ben is on is Oregon and the other is Washington. So I took a picture of my view, Noah all cuddled up in bed with Mom. Asked for no more pictures till he is home with us, wished him a great night, decieded that this Surfman meeting was gay, and that I definatly had a better view then went to bed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bad Start

Today was Noah's 1st day of school, Ben flew out and my 2nd day with Emma. Did I really expect things to go smoothly? Not really but I never knew it would have been this stressful. Last night ended up being a late night for Ben and I. After cutting Noah's hair, packing up, cleaning up, and Ben's buddy stopped by it was well after 11:30 before we turned out the lights. So you can imagine that 5:45am came way to early. But we were up and out of the house by 6:15am. By 7:00am Ben realized that the directions from Google were wrong and I was never going to make it back in time for Emma. Seriously this is the 2nd time we have gotten directions from Google out here and have been wrong, what is that? Anyways, we were back home by 7:15am. I ran upstairs to shower, Ben played musical car seats, Noah ran upstairs to get dressed and I'm not really sure what Bryce did. Rushed to get some breakfast for the boys and by 7:45am we were +1 and back on the road. Ben got to the airport in time and I rushed to get Noah to school. But we didn't make it in time. He was 15 minutes late for his 1st day of his new Preschool. With all the madness this morning I only got 1 picture. So on Friday I'm going to "reenact" Noah's 1st day of school.

Noah was sad that he had to leave Dad at the airport and even sadder that Dad was going to OR without Noah. He wants to go back to OR soooo baaaaddddd. So his teacher met us at the door where Noah told her all about the airport and how sad he was. She was super sweet and they talked for a little bit. Noah also had to bring a picture book in from his old school. Asked if he could show her some pictures, then started naming off people to her. When a little boy walked up and said "hello." Noah showed him a picture of his buddy Daygen. And told him that Daygen would not be at this school and lives in OR but he is still his buddy. Good darn thing I left my sun glasses on cause my eyes were filled with tears. I know its harder on me cause of my own guilt. But I guess I better get used to it. This will not be the 1st or last time that Noah will leave friends behind to start a new school.

So that has been our morning so far. The 2 babies are upstairs sleeping and Noah is in and out of it on the couch from his early morning. I can already tell you it's going to be an early night for all of us!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day and Pictures

Our BBQ on Monday was a blast! The kids had fun driving around the block, jumping, running, playing BBall and everything in between. Ben's chicken was a hit (of course) I took my camera but would you know, the battery died. BUMMER!

Tomorrow Noah starts his 1st day at his new Preschool and Dad leaves for Oregon. I slipped the other day and told Noah where Dad was going. Noah isn't happy that Dad gets to go back to Oregon so we will see how tomorrow goes.

Here are some pictures from Monday and the Children's Museum.