Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Over Christmas break, Ben aka "Dad" was able to take the week of with the boys. We did lots of fun stuff that week, but the group favorite was sledding. Noah got his 1st snowboard for Christmas and Bryce got a snow boogie board. Chloe didn't get any snow toys this year but did get a comfy outfit to keep her warm ;). Bryce has done a 180 from last year and absolutely loved sledding! We couldn't keep up with him...good thing he had a helment because he seemed to always be going down head first! Noah loved his new snowboard and is dying for more snow to go again. I don't think Chloe is looking forward to another sledding day as much as her big brothers ;)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Wow its 2011 already! Crazy how fast they go by now. I remember when I was a kid time went so slow, you know how it took FOREVER to get out of high school now its just flying by. Lots of fun things planned this year and lots of same ol' same ol'. This will be our last full year here at this Station :(. So that means empty your bucket list year and make the most out of the area because you might not be staying.

So I left off with family pictures. How totally awesome are they? I know, I know. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years has all come and gone and we are now gearing up for Noah's 7th Birthday, Mom's Birthday and Chloe turns the BIG 1 next month!!!! We also have winter trips (cross our fingers and toes) planned, family visits, soccer, junior gym, more soccer and we are already tossing around Baseball talk. Its only January and I feel like I'm living in March already.

Okay kids~

Noah~ Is almost 7!!! I can't believe it, seems like yesterday I was running after him in Newport climbing up everything just to jump off. He is still an amazing kid and still in every way my cuddle bug. He is doing awesome at school and for the most part enjoys going everyday. He is kicking some serious butt in Soccer and is learning to snowboard. Of course he thinks he knows everything and will tell you all the time.

Bryce~ Our little Bryce is still as funny as ever! Still our comedian of the family (next to Dad of course) He is loving preschool and they love him! He has his little friends now and loves his very own play dates. He is still doing Junior Gym and is itching to start Soccer. He might also be starting TBall this Spring. He has had a few issues with his ears and throat. But we are hoping this will all be corrected soon and he will be back to feeling 100%.

Chloe~ Our little Princess is almost 1. She is such a doll and raising little girls is much different then little boys. She is just the sweetest most gentle baby ever. Very cautious with every move she makes and loves loves loves her babies! She is crawling at mach speed and starting to take a few steps here and there. A little slow on the teeth but not lacking on the pain of teething. I would love to say "she is into everything like a curious 1 year old" However she isn't. She is a very easy baby. She loves her brothers more then anything and has to be where they are, and they want her with them at all times. Watching her little face light up when Daddy gets home just melts my heart.

So there you have it. Up to date and ready to roll. Hopefully this year will allow for more time to blog and share our funny little stories with you all.