Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where's the baby?

Noah~ "Mom where is our baby?"

Me~ "Right here" (lifting up my shirt to show belly)

Noah~ "Whew I thought she was gone your belly looks small today"

Me~ "Well thanks, I think"

Noah~ "Mom its pretty huge, you know that right"

Me~ "Yes Noah, Thanks"

Noah~ "Anytime Mom"

Have paint brush, will work

Remember last winter I got really really bored and painted almost the whole freaking house? And I swore to never pick up a paint brush again? Yeah well I lied. But I'm happy to report that when you only have 1 room to paint and only 1 paint color to pick out its much much easier. And I enjoyed it alot more this time as well. All in all a great painting experience and my SIL will be happy that no death trap was made for Noah to walk out on :). Ben wasn't much help with painting the baby's room but that's okay, he has been busy with work and getting ready for the snow to come. They boys did get to help Mom out a very, very little. I thought painting the room almost 8 months pregnant would be much harder of a challenge then it was, I'm glad it wasn't. Of course I have no before pictures and I'm just too lazy to take some after pictures so bottom line pictures as of now. Ben promised to get the crib and dresser set up this weekend so I might remember to post some then. I do have 1 really cute picture on Ben's phone I might load. Somehow I ended up with a little naked butt painter as my helper tonight.....HMMM

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Can you believe its not taking me a month to post Halloween pictures? We had a great Halloween with wonderful friends. We headed out to Newburyport to have dinner with the Marlands and Murray's and do a little bit of Trick or Treating. So maybe I had semi invited ourselves (Thanks Melyssa!!) Melyssa made the best homemade pizza ever!! Once we were done eating we got the kiddos ready to head out. Ash and Melyssa stayed back to hand out candy and I set off with the Dad's in search of lots of candy. Noah was in heaven and really got the hang on things fast, Bryce just couldn't get over how everyone was putting candy in his bag just for him. Huge smiles before and after every door then a race between brothers to the next. Its a miracle Bryce didn't fall down once. Noah is already asking if he gets to do more next year and go alone....that kid is nutz! We started to loose Bryce about 7pm, he couldn't hold his bag anymore because it was too heavy and was asking if we were done "Mom I'm tired can we go now" Poor kid turns into a log about 630pm. After we were done we headed back for candy apples and a little movie time for the kiddos. It was a great Halloween!!