Monday, December 31, 2007

Almost Forgot

I can't believe I forgot to tell everyone. As you all know our sister is expecting her 1st baby. Well a few days before Christmas she called to tell us they are having.....A GIRL!!!!!!! We are so excited for them. They are going to love having a girl sooo much. OK not like we know:) But Jess is just so so good at all that girl stuff. And I just can't wait to be able to watch her walk around the house ALL DAY long practicing cheer, choir or whatever singing/dance thing she might be into.

We are just so excited!!!! 3 nieces!!! Lucky us. Now we get to shop for all that "pink" stuff. YIPEE!!!!

Christmas Morning

OK so its New Years Eve and I just realized I haven't posted any Christmas morning pictures. We had a wonderful Christmas. It was quite but very nice. We all stayed in our PJ's most the day since we had no where to go and nobody coming over. We watched movies and played all day long. Some friends of ours came over later that night and the boys flew their Helicopters.

The boys had a blast waking up to realized Santa had been here. It was funny because Noah almost forgot that Santa came. We had to remind him before we went down the hall. Of course Noah just ripped threw everything like an old pro. And I was very surprised how well Bryce caught on. He ripped the paper off and would sit their waiting for Dad to open the box. He was a bit traumatized by the end and did some crying. He would get so excited to play with what he opened but we would set it aside to give him another to open. After it was all done he was overwhelmed with all the new toys and didn't know which one to play with. So of course he walked from toy to toy crying. But hands down the best moment was when we opened Tickle Me Elmo. He was so excited for Elmo then he started rolling around laughing. Scared the crap outta him. He ran behind Ben screaming!!! But he soon warmed up to Elmo and loves him now.

Next year will be a lot different and we are looking forward to it. Who knows where we will be living but we do know that we are having a very special Grandma joining in on the fun:) And who knows maybe we will have another one on the way by then too!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Twas the night before Christmas

So Noah was really excited to put out the Special Key from Grandma so Santa can come in the house and give him presents. It was soooo cute. You might not be able to hear the talking but he was telling us how he was putting it out for Santa.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Family Pictures

OK so some of you have seen these pictures and some have not. Our friend came over to take some pictures of us. We had a good time with it. Of course the boys were perfect little angles, smiled at the camera and did everything we asked of them. HAHAHAHAHAHA. OK that was a good one!!! We had an even better time seeing all our facial expressions.

Since its Christmas Eve you can guess that these are not making it onto a Christmas card this year. But I had every intention of doing that. We have lots to do tonight. Cookie making, decorating and get ready for Santa to come. We will be watching our Family Christmas Eve movie with popcorn. And reading a few Christmas books to the boys. We will end the night with a reminder of why we celebrate Christmas and what it means to us. We can't wait.

I'm sure we will be posting more pictures in the next few days. We love and miss everyone very much!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

So smart

Noah has been crackin us up lately. He is getting so big and full of information. Really, just ask him. He saw a squirrel running across the back fence yesterday. Got all excited to show us.
I asked "what do you think he is doing?"
Noah~"well Mom he probably looking for some acorns"
Ben and I just start laughing. And asked "how did you know that"
Noah~"Cause guys I'm pretty smart!!"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Lights

OK so everybody has had a good laugh with Ben's post now onto better topics.

We finally finished our Christmas Lights today. Actually Ben finally finished them (thanks Babe!) I just watched and took some pictures then it got to darn cold for Bryce and I so we heading inside. We went with new lights this year. We were not sure how we were going to like the red and white theme but turns out we do. YIPPEE!! No major casualties this year. Strike that, Ben did slip off the roof the 1st night he tried to hang them due to ice. But he didn't get hurt. No breakers have blown either, WOW we are on a roll. I'm sure Ben will add/buy more lights before Christmas but for now I think it is safe to say we are done.
As always Noah had a blast outside with Dad, climbing on the roof (slight heart attack for mom) holding lights for Dad, getting tools, just being Dad's little helper. Bryce started out sleeping but joined halfway thru. He had fun with his slide, taking tools from Noah, pushing Noah outta the way, he sure has been testing the waters lately. When the crying wouldn't stop we knew he was done.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I don't see a problem, Do you???

So shell seems to think that the stache has gotta go. I don't see what she's talking about. Truth be told, I want to get rid of it too but am keeping it longer to see how bad she can complain about it. She swears that she is gonna cut it off when I sleep. We'll see if that happens.

I have gained a new found respect with this thing. People are like Whoa! Check that out. They love it. I get free coffee now. I get to use a big boy voice and people just think I'm for real. It's crazy the perks I am getting all over town. I even have people calling me Sir, would you like fries with that.

Bottom line. I'm a new person. It itches like crazy, it's still weird to get used too but I get mad respect cause of it.....
Check it out and you be the judge. How can you not like it.

Thanks Aunt Amanda

YIPPEE, We are not sick anymore!!!!! We started getting things ready for Christmas this weekend. We got our tree, decor out and even started hanging the lights. Hopefully Ben will finish that today. The boys are so excited about it all. Bryce is just in awe with it all, its really cute.

A few months ago Noah and Bryce's Aunt Amanda sent them the Little People Christmas Village. Last night while they were sleeping I got it out and set it up. Its so cute, I admit I played with it :) Anyways when Noah woke up this morning he thought that Santa had come and set it up. I told him that it was from his Aunt Amanda, Uncle Matt and cousins. He was sooo happy. He said "I have the best cousin ever, how did they know I wanted that." He is a silly boy. Anyways, they have been playing with it ALL morning long. THANKS AMANDA!!! Bryce really likes the tree, it sings "Oh Christmas Tree" and its pretty loud. Carries the tree all over the house pushing that darn button.

Here are some pictures of Bryce playing. Don't mind the no clothes, or the mess. Its been a lazy morning :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Noah's ready

Saturday morning I'm laying on the couch with Noah and Ben. I wasn't feeling well and kinda outta it. Noah was just going on and on and on. Telling us all kinds of stories, then out of nowhere he got my attention.
He said "Hey mom, I'm ready for a baby girl."
Ben and I started laughing. It was sooo cute!
Ben "Oh ya buddy, where should we get this baby girl from?"
Then Noah just started going off, like only Noah could do. We couldn't get a word in.
"Well Dad we can go to the store buy it, put it in Mom's back then it will grow in her tummy. Then we will have a baby sister, not brother OK Dad a sister. This baby that we have is getting big and talking so we need another one. One that cannot climb on my top bed. Then we need another brother and sister, but not now later. We should have lots of babies, like 4 more. That would make me so happy. Dad you go get it and Mom and I will stay here, OK."
Then he realized we were laughing so he just kept going and going. It was sooo cute. Good thing he like being a big brother.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Storm Dec 3 2007

So They say this strom was suppose to be the strongest encountered here since 95'. So far I think they are pretty accurate. I attended an emergency town meeting with the CO on Friday. We had all the local big wigs there. We meet at the courthouse and had the National Weather Service on conference phone with the other counties as well. They were stating how strong this was gonna hit and the duration of it was something they wanted everyone to be aware of. It was pretty cool. And of course I was sitting in the back of the room all excited while most the room seemed to be a little concerned. They told us that we were expecting winds to be constant at 65 kts with gusts 80-100kts. The hit it dead on with some gusts reported in Lincoln City at 125 mph. This strom wasn't cold but carried some rain and snow in the higher regions. The main concern was the wind. Oh and the seas i guess. They called seas 40-43 ft and we are getting all of it too. It looks cool. We lost power for roughly 9 hours yesterday. The picture below is my neighbors tree uprooted with his car under it somewhere. And another tree in town snapped in half. Look how big the trunk is. This thing pack some power this go around. Also a shed at the local coffee shop just blew apart with no regard to what was in it. Hope you guys enjoy the shots. Everything is fine with us and our things. We prepared early by putting stuff inside and double checking things.

Boat Parade

On Saturday we got to go on Dad's boat for the Annual Newport Lighted Boat Parade. Noah had been sick all week and was so excited to be going on Dad's boat. Even though he was still not 100% we couldn't bear to make him stay home. The 1st time we went was when Noah was 1 1/2 and with this being our last year, we were excited to be going. It was raining all day and we were expecting a huge storm to hit on Sunday (which it did, but Ben will tell you about that one) so I was pretty nervous all day. Bryce stayed home with the sitter and we took off about 4pm. Lucky us the rain stopped for the parade and didn't start up again until Ben was about to "park" the boat. I'm sure he will laugh at me for that one:) Although it was cold we had a great time. Our friends joined us on the boat so that was nice too. I think Noah's favorite part was driving the boat, telling Dad where to go. It was cute.

Friday, November 30, 2007

It's finally the weekend!!!

Even though its 37 degrees outside, windy and raining, I'm so excited that it's Friday. It has been such a long week in this house. On top of the usual work, school, volleyball, cleaning, cooking, you know the normal everyday stuff. Noah decided to add to things a bit. He was a little pistol at preschool one day, the next he lost his temper with one of his friends that pushed him down. And has just been emotional. We are going on week 3 with his lymph nodes in his neck swollen. They have gone down a little but you can still see them with no problem. Anyways, his doctor said it was normal, since he had mono last year this was going to happen everytime his body was fighting off something, we just need to watch them so they don't get infected. OK weird, but whatever.
2 nights ago I was up every 20 minutes while Noah threw up or cried while going to the bathroom. Not fun. He then kicked me to the floor and took over the bed about 5ish. Ben was up and outta the house by 6 and Bryce was up by 9am. Fun stuff. The next day Noah was fine, a little fever but no sprints to the bathroom anymore. I was so looking forward to a good nights sleep.
Well about 4am I wake up, not sure why. To find the hall bathroom light on, throw up in the toilet and Noah cuddled up on the couch, wide awake. He starting crying, saying he didn't want to wake me. Poor guy. So I got him back to bed and another hour before Bryce woke up.
I have some work stuff to wrap up here at home but don't think I will be making my appts today, again. Good thing my boss is understanding and say's "family comes 1st and not to worry about a thing." The more time goes on the more I love this guy!!!!
I'm sure most of you don't want to read about Noah's gross illness but sometimes you just have to "get it out"

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cruisin in the Caddie

After I got home from shopping the day after Thanksgiving the boys (all 3 of them) were ready to go. It was a nice day, cold but nice and Noah couldn't wait to get his Caddie to the church. Ben put a seat belt in for Bryce, since Noah will not drive it unless its fast now. They have such a blast in the truck together, its really cute. And of course Ben couldn't resist taking the lunch box down too, you know "Noah's RC truck" just like "Dad's old one." They chased each other around the parking lot and we all had a great time.

I am glad to report that the lunch box came home with no major damage this time around. Now all we need to do is get Al, Ben and Noah to drive the thing without crashing a windshield!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dad getting him started early

So Ben loves cider and has been drinking like everyday since Thanksgiving. However Ben does not like to use cups. He thinks they should be banned. And of course whatever Dad does Noah just has to do. And following right behind them is Bryce. I had to video it. He doesn't really like the taste but keeps going back for more. It was too funny!!!

Anyways here it is.....Enjoy

Washing Dad's Truck

Just my luck, Noah loves Dad's truck as much as Dad does. He is always out there helping Ben out and asking to work on the truck. It is really cute. Maybe one day Noah will be driving the truck.....ok maybe not. When its done it's staying covered!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving in Newport

So we had a handful of our friends over today for Thanksgiving. We had a really good time. Here are some pictures of our day. I guess the Trip-da-fien hasn't kicked in yet. Enjoy