Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First Day in the Hotel

So today was the day that the moving company was suppose to come and pack our house. They called me(Ben) While I was at our house awaitng thier arrival.
MC: Mr Molnar I am sorry to tell you but we are not gona make it out to pack your house up today.
Ben: What really?
MC: Yes sir, They will be out there first thing tommorrow morning and will pack one day and load the next.
Ben: Um OK.

What can I really say? NO YOU NEED TO COME TODAY!!!
It kinda makes things a little easier. I guess....It gives us some time to finalize a few things. I am just about done "getting ready for the movers" With as much prep as we have put into this move. We should have just done it ourselves. Organizing each room so they can pack like things in the same boxes. Putting all the nik-naks in ziploc bags to make it easier when we unload. That way it's not all dumped on the bottom of the box. I hate to break it to shell but we are probably gonna move ourselves next.....we'll see how that goes. Right babe??? :P

Well at least we have a nice room to relax in. See everybody soon.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The day before

We check into our hotel. Still so much to do and now it seems like there is no time to get it done. House is a mess, dishes are dirty, a few loads of laundry to wash, and much much more. Did I mention that I also have a fever vomiting toddler? Yes Bryce has the flu. It started yesterday. Poor baby is miserable. I'm crossing my fingers that it's only a 24 hour thing.

Yesterday my friend from Reno came down to see us before we take off. She brought her son with her and Noah was so excited to be back with Zack. She took them to the beach and they ran and ran and ran. Then came home and ran some more. The Naylor's came over later for one last BBQ at our house. I was beginning to get sad about this then Bryce started vomiting. So no time for tears. I did a great job keeping Bryce away from everyone and even started teaching him to throw up in the toilet. After the 1st 3 loads of vomit I was done. I was able to keep him hydrated last night. Every hour I was up making sure he got at least an ounce of pedilite. Not sure how I remembered to wake up but I did it. And he kept it down. He actually just woke up from his nap and is sitting here with me while I type. Feels like his fever has broke too. YIPEE!!

So tomorrow we check into the Hotel. Noah can't wait, Bryce has no clue whats going on, Ben is a working maniac and I'm well.....me. We still have a really busy week before we make our way to California. I'm sure it will go by extremely fast. We can't wait to see everyone!

Friday, May 23, 2008


I was going through some pictures today and ran across these. They are from a couple months ago, when Ben and the boys made me a huge choc. chip cookie. They all had so much fun making it and I loved the pictures I got outta it too! Aren't they just the cutest things ever! I'm so spoiled!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Airlines, IRS and Credit Cards

Are no longer a pain in my ass! What a nightmare. Trying to get Zeus plane ticket has turned into a hassle. You have to use a different number for shipping animals and cannot get an online price with most airline companies. So after getting every number, calling, waiting on hold, I pushed it off till today. I'm still paying way more then I thought but at least its not as much as Delta wanted to charge, $643.00!!!! WOW

Then the lovely IRS. Seriously do they have to go to a certain class that teaches them how to sound dead on the phone? Lighten up a little guys. All these great stimulus checks are going out. YIPEE. However, ours is going to show up about the time we hit AZ and they will not forward any rebate checks. So I had to call and have our address changed so we can actually get ours. But I'm not holding my breath that it will come while we are in AZ. Well after 2 hours on hold and being transferred its done.

Now onto Credit Cards. I had a WaMu credit card, don't ever get one. Horrible Customer Service. I'm huge on CS so if it sucks bet your sweet ass I'm leaving. Well about 5 months ago I paid it off and closed the account. And to my surprise I get a bill in the mail today. WTF! I call and am informed that the bank didn't account for any fiance charges so I owe them 33.00. Okay its been months. I as politely as possible ask the lady what she needs to do to make this go away? She informs me that I need to pay my bill or go to collections. Yeah that didn't set very well with me. She stated that in my original paper work their was a "clause" explaining this. Well that has been shredding since the account was closed and she could not forward me anything that stated that with my signature, since my account was closed. We went back and forth as to why I wasn't going to pay for their error. Finally she got a manager (like I had asked 10 minutes ago) the manager stated to me that she would wave the fee's. And agreed with me the it was an employee of WaMu's fault. And to have a nice day.

So after about a total of 5 hours on the phone today I will never push off phone calls again. Now I'm off to actually get some packing and cleaning done for our checkout. Have a nice night.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where did it go.......

Our time in Newport is alomst up. Movers come Tuesday and we check into our hotel Monday. Noah can't wait to get into the hotel. He thinks we are going to live there. We have mixed feelings about leaving Newport. We know it's time but it's hard not to feel like we are leaving behind a part of us. I know our memories will stay with us forever and our life long friends we have made here will too. It's just becoming emotional for us. We went to the Newport Cubs Baseball game last night. They are playing for State, so we took the boys out to cheer them on. We were watching them practice the other day on our way to the park. Noah hit it off with the coach. He asked him to come on the field and watch then gave him a ball after practice was over. From there it was settled, Noah has told me he will play baseball! Anyways back to the game. The cubs kicked ass and we had a great time. We saw so many people we knew there. Some we haven't seen in years. It was so nice to be able to see everyone again. Had we not gone we would have never been able to say "goodbye" to them. But it just made us both realize everything we have done in Newport. I guess you could say it was bitter sweet. But regardless if we are ready or not we are leaving.

So update on the move: We pick the Honda up today, still need to get the dog a plane ticket and kennel. I was able to go threw everything in the house and sort threw it all. Sold everything we didn't want to take with us even some we weren't planning on. Which brings me to report, that Ben's truck is gone. Yes the guys came and picked it up today. I'm so sad for Ben. It has been his baby since Highschool. He completly rebuilt the engine in our garage. But too many other things started going wrong. He fixed the electrical thing took it for a test drive and the drive line fell out on hwy 101. We both decieded that it was best to see it go and work on getting him something else that wasn't a total wreck. There was just too much damage incurred by the last owner to save it. So Ben pulled the engine out (he is going to sell or keep it) called a wrecking place and it was picked up today. Good news is we didn't have to pay for it to be taken. Since Ben had just put a new rear end in it they waved it.

Other then that we are moving right along. Both boys go in for shots and check ups Tuesday so that should be a good time. Since that is the day the movers get here, I'm flying solo on it. Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday Night Ramblings

What a week! Lots has gone on but heck if I can really remember what took place. Now that's bad, I know. The last few days have been beautiful in Newport. I'm talking well over 70 degrees. Our CG picnic went well, didn't finish invites for graduation but worked on the new playground a little. Zeus got fixed and his home doing great. The boys are doing wonderful and are enjoying all the heat. Poor Bryce has daddy's skin and is really trying to enjoy the sunshine. Ben has been busy with work, warm weather will bring some crazies to the beach. And it's Halibut season. Good times for Ben.

Today the boys and I took of with some friends out to the Lake. Our friend has some property out on a Lake so it was just us. We had a great time. Spent about 4 hours playing in the water and running around. The boys were sound asleep before we even got off the property. It was triple digits out there so the river felt great to get into. Noah had a blast throwing things out and swimming to get them. Bryce of course thought he could swim to and would go running out. He thought it was so funny to fall head first into the water. Crazy kid!

And even better news.....we are getting our couch replaced! OK not totally replaced but every cushion is being replaced. That's 13 cushions (backs too) And yes we have a really big couch. Our couches came with a lifetime warranty (for the price the better have) Well the one cushion has been a little off, so they came out today and said that every cushion looked worn out so they would send out all new ones. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I thought for sure we would be pulling teeth to get this fixed. I know they have fast service because my ottoman was replaced a while back and we had it back to us in 2 weeks. We explained to them we were moving and said no big deal. Any Staton dealer would be able to come repair them as long as we owned them. Super excited about that. However, not too excited to come home and hear that a pretty expensive part Ben just got from Summitt fell off the UPS truck. Yep some guy picked up Ben's part in the road, it had been run over a few times and was just in bad shape. Ben went and got the box it was bad. I wonder how long it will take them to realize they "lost it"? Have I told everyone that Ben's truck is working as of last week? Yeah, I'm not getting into that right now.

We have our garage sale tomorrow, wish us luck! Hopefully everything big sells. Sunday I'm hoping to sit around and do absolutely nothing with my boys. I'm even thinking of hiring someone to do the laundry. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm so excited! I made our hotel reservations yesterday. Our last week in Newport we are going to be staying at the Hallmark Resort in Newport. Its a beautiful hotel with a great restaurant too. The girls and I always go to the restaurant for our nights out. It's right on the beach with an amazing view of the Oregon Coast. We will be staying in a 2 king bedroom, balcony, fireplace and spa in our room. Plus we will be on the 4th floor ocean side!!! I'm super excited in case you can't tell.

I tried putting the link up but I'm pretty retarded right now and can't get it to work. Sorry. But its just Hallmarkinns.com if you want to check it out.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend. We had a nice quite weekend around here. Which was really nice for a change. Ben had the weekend off but managed to hurt his lower back. So was down and out most the weekend. I really don't remember what took place on Friday, not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Saturday the boys and I got up early and took off to cheer Taylie on in her 1st Tee Ball game. I must say I'm glad Noah doesn't play Tee Ball, I forgot how boring it is. But Noah had fun running around with Daygen and Bryce entertained Kayla. Since she has a broken leg and can't do anything. Came home did lunch and naps then took off with Brandie for some "no kid shopping" We really didn't know what to do with ourselves. We did however only go into 1 kids store and managed to get outfits for family pictures. Brandie came up with a cute idea and we went from there. Not sure when these pictures are going to take place but at least I have the clothes :) By the time we got home, our friends were already in town. Hung out for a bit then took off to Waldport for some pizza and ice cream. After putting the boys to bed we played Mario Cart for hours. What a fun game that is! Sunday, Ben really wasn't much better so we hung out being lazy most the day. Our friends took off around dinner and I went and got Chinese to bring home. It was also Survivor final night so the boys were off to bed at 730pm so we could veg out alone. That was nice.

We are down to 2 weeks till movers come. And I'm how starting to feel overwhelmed. But not much to do about that but push threw. So made a few calls today. Got the dog set up with all his vet appts, off to Corvallis Wed to get his kennel, boys appts (for shots) this week, CG picnic on Wed, finish graduation invites Tuesday to hand out Thursday, garage sale Saturday and I'm sure I'm forgetting about 5 other things. Good thing I don't work :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trike A Thon

Every year Noah's preschool holds a St. Jude Children's Hospital Trike A Thon. The kids have a great time and we raise a lot of money for the Hospital. The Trike A Thon took place on Thursday, I'm just a little late getting pictures up. The kids all had a blast and everything went great. With about 30 different bikes to choose from, hot dog/lemonade stand, face painting and wacky hair, there was enough to keep everyone busy. A lot of parents came out this year and that was awesome. In between making sure every station was running smoothly, getting snacks/lunches out, helping out with safety and sending kids to "driving school" and dealing with high schooler's, I actually had time to visit with the parents and enjoy my kids riding around. Here is another slide show of pictures (Ben took a bunch)

Now all I have left to tackle at preschool is Graduation. YIPEE!!!


Thursday, May 8, 2008


Madison Leigh Ventura
May 5, 2008
9lbs 5oz, 20"

Welcome to our family baby girl. You are loved more then you will ever know. We can't wait to meet you this summer.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No rest for the weary

Seriously can we get a vacation? Oh wait we are in 3 weeks, in between moving our family back east. Things are piling up now that our time is limited. And it's getting tricky, but I think we are doing a great job keeping everything lined up and on track. Ben is finishing up his last couple weeks at work, took his test, getting the Chevy ready for transport, got the intake in the Hoe done yesterday and is even getting things outta the garage. YIPEE! I'm hoping that he has time to get started on the paint for the Chevy this weekend. But with this being his LAST weekend off before we move, the list is endless. And we have friends coming into town this weekend too. I have been thrown a few curveballs but still managing to get things taken care of. I have been asked to "help" out at the preschool for the next few weeks. We only have 2 more "big" events going on so it shouldn't be too bad. The trike a thon is tomorrow and then graduation. I'm really glad I went in today. Turns out nothing has been getting done for Graduation. I finally took the Seniors aside today and told them to either "help out or get out" I don't think they appreciated that but I really didn't care. Plus I was a little nicer to them. And when I left everything was ready to be set up for tomorrow's trike a thon. Should be fun.

The boys have been testing every limit the last week or so. It seems every time I turn around they are messing something up or making me stop to remind them why we don't do certain things. Noah has now teamed up with Bryce and is causing havic. They are so lucky I have a sense of humor or they might be shipped to boarding school by now. Like last night Ben and I were going over some moving plans, Noah was going to the bathroom and Bryce was playin in his room (or so we thought) Open the bathroom door to find this:

yes that is a brand new bottle of shampoo that Bryce has dumbed all over him and the floor. I just got done cleaning that bathroom too! Ben and I tried so hard not to laugh but couldn't help it.
Bryce also had his hair cut yesterday for the 2nd time. I'm not really a big fan of it but he likes it. I wish it was shorter. Here is a before and after.

I have a few pictures of Ben and Bryce that I want to get up too but I will later. I also have a really really cute new niece to brag about but she gets her own post. I'm sure I will be back to show her off tonight. Other then that, that's all I got for today. Stay tuned for Trike A Thon pictures tomorrow sometime :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Parade, Carnival and BABY

Ben beat me to the parade post. But he forgot to say how awesome the boys were. Noah was freaking great. He either stood up in the back, or sat in the drivers seat, yelling "HELLO PEOPLE" and waving. It was great. Brandie and I held choc. milk over the kids to keep waving. It worked wonders for Noah. Saturday was Bryce's only day he was feeling good so he was an angle too.

That night I took Noah and Daygen to the carnival. My friend Rochelle and her little boy joined us. The boys had such a blast running from ride to ride. I'm sure Noah thought he was in heaven. After every ride he would run up to us "Mom that was hilarious, I yelled the whole time" Would give me a big hug and say "Thanks Mom." He is so sweet. I can't wait for Disneyland.

Today the dog and Bryce both had doctors appts. The dog passed with flying colors and will be ready to fly to Boston. Bryce however, has an ear infection and an infection in both his eyes. More meds are in his near future. But he is sleeping like a rock right now. And I am happy to report we had no tears this time for Dr. Rash. Dr. Rash also stocked us up on our "everyday" meds for our travels across the US this summer. So I think we are almost ready to head out.

Even better news, I'M GOING TO BE ANOTHER AUNT SOON!!! That's right Jess is in the hospital getting ready to have Baby Ventura. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Both Amanda and I have been playing "The baby game" and emailing back and forth most the day waiting to hear the news. Until then enjoy some more pictures.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Loyalty Days Parade

So today we headed off for the our last ride in the boat for the Loyalty Days Parade. Again we had a blast. Heres a ew pictures from our adventure today.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Bryce and Mom (not the prettiest post)

So the last few days have SUCKED big time. Bryce isn't doing much better. No more fevers, but his blister are still around. His face is starting to break out, the amount of snot coming outta his nose should be illegal, along with snot we have blood as well, huge hard balls of ear wax are working their way outta his ears, and this morning he woke up screaming scared shitless. His eyes were swollen and glued shut from all the crap that came out them last night. So after a warm washcloth, fighting with Mom and more screaming we got his eyes open. They are pretty blood shot red and swollen still. But they don't seem to be bothering him so I guess that's good.

And I got sick too. Im finally starting to feel a little better but not 100%. Don't really remember the last meal I ate. My throat is filled with needles right now so I don't swollow much. I'm super tired and achy. Last night I swore that I had mono (again) but when I woke up this morning I could actually swallow my own spit. So that was a good sign. I'm praying that I just get better by the hour today.

Of course Noah and Ben haven't missed a beat. Ben is back to work for the weekend. He has 1st all weekend long so it will be a long one. Loyalty Days is also this weekend so I'm hoping that we are better to enjoy some of the festivities. Time will tell.

We hope everyone else is having a wonderful and healthy weekend!!