Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Can you believe its not taking me a month to post Halloween pictures? We had a great Halloween with wonderful friends. We headed out to Newburyport to have dinner with the Marlands and Murray's and do a little bit of Trick or Treating. So maybe I had semi invited ourselves (Thanks Melyssa!!) Melyssa made the best homemade pizza ever!! Once we were done eating we got the kiddos ready to head out. Ash and Melyssa stayed back to hand out candy and I set off with the Dad's in search of lots of candy. Noah was in heaven and really got the hang on things fast, Bryce just couldn't get over how everyone was putting candy in his bag just for him. Huge smiles before and after every door then a race between brothers to the next. Its a miracle Bryce didn't fall down once. Noah is already asking if he gets to do more next year and go alone....that kid is nutz! We started to loose Bryce about 7pm, he couldn't hold his bag anymore because it was too heavy and was asking if we were done "Mom I'm tired can we go now" Poor kid turns into a log about 630pm. After we were done we headed back for candy apples and a little movie time for the kiddos. It was a great Halloween!!

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Jessica Anne said...

How cute! Look at the Steeler's Cheerleader!!! Curly hair and all... XOXO The boys look cute with their costumes, muscles and all.