Saturday, April 17, 2010

Soccer comes to an end

After 8 months...yes folks 8 months of Soccer we have finally come to an end. Saturday's will no longer consist of racing around trying to get out the door to make it on time, no more yelling from upstairs "Noah find your soccer shoes, Noah where are your soccer socks, Noah your uniform is on your bed come get dressed" No more standing inside watching the boys play, talking with friends, pushing our way threw the crowd or worrying about what DS game will keep Bryce happy. Today was our last game and next Saturday is just practice.

But have no fear Baseball is here!!!! Thats right we will only have a few Saturdays to do nothing before its running around yelling "Where are your cleats, is your glove in your ball bag, Ben don't forget your coaching stuff, Ben your going to be late just take Noah and we will meet you there." Monday is Ben's 1st "coaches" meeting where he will be getting our team roster. We will be the Diamondbacks this year, so hoping for Angels but thats okay. Noah is bummed that we are not the Red Soxs but I guess nobody gets to be the Red Soxs so the kids don't fight. But thanks to Grandpa this family (except Noah) will be in head to toe Angels gear. WHOO HOO!!!

So we are sad that Soccer is over but can't wait for Baseball!!! GO DIAMONDBACKS!!!

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