Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Over Christmas break, Ben aka "Dad" was able to take the week of with the boys. We did lots of fun stuff that week, but the group favorite was sledding. Noah got his 1st snowboard for Christmas and Bryce got a snow boogie board. Chloe didn't get any snow toys this year but did get a comfy outfit to keep her warm ;). Bryce has done a 180 from last year and absolutely loved sledding! We couldn't keep up with him...good thing he had a helment because he seemed to always be going down head first! Noah loved his new snowboard and is dying for more snow to go again. I don't think Chloe is looking forward to another sledding day as much as her big brothers ;)

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Jessica Anne said...

I love the pictures! Can Bryce see with that helmet? LOL, I cannot believe that he likes the snow.