Monday, June 18, 2012

slowing down

We are throwing in the towel! Ben and I surrender to the madness and have put a stop to all things "crazy" this Summer. Thats right no sports, no volunteering, no having to attend every function under the moon and back and no more filling up the calendar months ahead of time. I (we) are so tired of living 2 months ahead, I just want a clear schedule and live in today!!!!

We love having our kids active and we love all things sports. But there comes a time when we just need a break. Yes it is only day one and I already miss seeing everyone at the fields, park, arena or school. But it was SO nice sititng down chatting with my husband at the dinner table and having a normal family dinner tonight <3

Noah has a new adventure in Soccer that will start this July so until then we are free as birds!!!!!

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Amanda said...

That sounds like heaven.