Friday, October 19, 2007

Fun at Preschool

Noah's preschool was supposed to take a bus out to siletz this last week. They were heading to a farm to learn more about animals and make apple cider. They asked if I would come along so I got a sitter for Bryce and prepared myself to ride a bus with 18 preschoolers. Were were all ready to load the bus when the bus driver pulled the plug. She said she didn't realize that we had 3 and 4 year olds and they couldn't ride the big bus! Who the heck did she think was going to ride it when its a preschool group!!! So they couldn't get a smaller bus and the trip was canceled. We made the best of it and headed to the horse stables across the street. The kids loved it!! They got to pet and feed the horses. After we walked to the track where they had pumpkins waiting for the kids to pick one out and take it back to the preschool. I left around 10ish and by the time Bryce and I came back around 11ish Noah was elbow deep in pumpkin seeds!! He had so much fun carving pumpkins at school. And Bryce had a blast playing at Noah's school (as always) he thinks he is such a big boy now. They rescheduled the farm trip for next week so I'm hoping to have more fun pictures from preschool!!!


Amanda said...

Could they be any cuter? We miss those little monkeys!

SarahCosta1 said...

Aww...I wish I could have been there! Noah looks so cute in the police uniform and Brycey looks sooo big! I just want to hug and kiss them both! We miss you guys! You are such a great family!!!!