Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Parker Ranch

Ok let me start by venting my frustration. My camera is on my last nerve!!! Half way thru the day my camera's batteries died. I had new batteries with me but when I put them in the camera still wouldn't work!! I was so upset, I couldn't believe it. So these pictures are not the greatest, sorry. I guess I know what I want from Santa this year:)

Today was the "makeup" field trip from last week. The little kids still couldn't ride on the bus but we had enough parents to volunteer by driving kids out there. So nobody got left behind. I had "the boys" Noah, Daygen and Spencer in my Tahoe along with our friend/sitter Maggie. We had a great time riding out there with the boys, we sang farm songs and named animals that could be found on a farm. They were all ready for us at Parker Ranch. They had decorated the inside of a huge shed with tables, chairs, cookies, coffee, water, Diego and Dora cups. It was great! The kids took a hayride over to pick apples and back to make cider. Noah just loved watching and helping make the cider. I have to admit the cider was really good. After we went to see some goats and other animals. Then before we knew it, it was time to load up and head back to school.

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Mom said...

You did a good job, Lashelle. The pictures captured the moments.
Send some hard copies.

Love ya,