Monday, November 5, 2007


OK its taken longer then I expected to get Halloween pics posted, sorry. We had another wonderful Halloween, a bit sad since this was our last Halloween in Newport. Noah was Spiderman and Bryce was Squirt. They both looked adorable, of course. I made 2 crock pots of chili that night and had 10 adults with their kids over for dinner. Ben had the yard all decked out and about 530pm Trick or Treat was in full swing!! They blocked off the neighborhood again, however we didn't have as many trick or treater's as last year. We even had candy left over!!!
Like always I have a ton of pictures but I have to get dinner started.....let me know if you want more:)

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Amanda said...

You guys rock! Hopefully you'll move this way so we can go to your cool Halloween parties!

Love & miss you! Amanda Matt Zack (the toothless wonder) and Skyler (my own personal piece of velcro)