Friday, November 30, 2007

It's finally the weekend!!!

Even though its 37 degrees outside, windy and raining, I'm so excited that it's Friday. It has been such a long week in this house. On top of the usual work, school, volleyball, cleaning, cooking, you know the normal everyday stuff. Noah decided to add to things a bit. He was a little pistol at preschool one day, the next he lost his temper with one of his friends that pushed him down. And has just been emotional. We are going on week 3 with his lymph nodes in his neck swollen. They have gone down a little but you can still see them with no problem. Anyways, his doctor said it was normal, since he had mono last year this was going to happen everytime his body was fighting off something, we just need to watch them so they don't get infected. OK weird, but whatever.
2 nights ago I was up every 20 minutes while Noah threw up or cried while going to the bathroom. Not fun. He then kicked me to the floor and took over the bed about 5ish. Ben was up and outta the house by 6 and Bryce was up by 9am. Fun stuff. The next day Noah was fine, a little fever but no sprints to the bathroom anymore. I was so looking forward to a good nights sleep.
Well about 4am I wake up, not sure why. To find the hall bathroom light on, throw up in the toilet and Noah cuddled up on the couch, wide awake. He starting crying, saying he didn't want to wake me. Poor guy. So I got him back to bed and another hour before Bryce woke up.
I have some work stuff to wrap up here at home but don't think I will be making my appts today, again. Good thing my boss is understanding and say's "family comes 1st and not to worry about a thing." The more time goes on the more I love this guy!!!!
I'm sure most of you don't want to read about Noah's gross illness but sometimes you just have to "get it out"

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