Wednesday, August 5, 2009

York Zoo

About a month ago (I know, I know) my friend and I took the kids to the York Zoo in Maine. I was all excited, I love the Zoo!! Shortly after walking threw the entrance I realized we would never be going back. It was a very very sad place. The animals all looked so sad, their cages were the dirtiest things I have ever seen and half of them didn't even have water. And it was pretty hot out that day. It was also pretty dirty. Although Stacey and I were having issues with the kids touching things and wanting to run away the kids all had a great time. The boys had gone to the Portland Zoo a few times but really don't remember it. On top of the Zoo they had a little Amusement Park as well. The kids again were in heaven! The boys favorite thing was the slide. Both of them couldn't wait to get on it. I was nervous about what I was going to do with Bryce. I didn't know how safe it was for me to go, but I couldn't send him alone for the 1st time and couldn't tell him no either. So the 1st time I went down with him and he loved it!! The 2nd time I let Noah take him up there while I sat at the bottom waiting for him to come down. I think every parent there had some comment about him going alone and I got some dirty looks. But once they saw how much fun he had and how cute he was laughing they were all about sending their kids alone as well. In the end we were glad we went cause the kids had a blast!

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