Friday, September 4, 2009


Where has the month gone? Lots of things going on here to play catch up with. My Dad has been in town for the last 3 weeks and doesn't leave till Monday. We have had such a blast with Grandpa here. The boys were a little concerned with his cast at 1st but that went away real quick. We have done so much these last few weeks my head is still spinning. We have toured NH, MASS, ME, taken a weekend road trip to Vermont, BBQ, found some pretty fun little restaurants around, drove some more, and have shopped lots!! Its been crazy. On top of that Noah started school yesterday and we had lots of meetings leading up to that. Bryce will not start till October some time (due to Mom not wanting to let him go) Ben has spent a week in Boston for training, longs nights at work, a few over nights due to tropical storms and hurricanes, and will be back in Boston in a few weeks for another week. This time he will be staying there due to the long days. Good thing my Mom will be here to help me with adjusting to Noah's 1st full week of school. YEAH FOR MOMS! Noah also has Soccer starting up next week. His 1st practice is on Thursday and we are oh so lucky that we pulled every 8:30am game every Saturday till November. On top of that we are gearing up for Ben's running schedule as well, he has a hand full of races that he is going to do this Fall. I'm going to sit at the finish line with a bag of chips or something :).

As for me and the baby we are doing great! I'm almost 17 weeks along now. I can't believe it! It seems like yesterday that I was scared to tell everyone. But now it's almost time to find out if we are having a boy or girl!!! That's right 3 weeks till my US appt. We are still on the fence if we will find out the sex of the baby but I have a feeling we will give in. The boys have started going to the appts with us and they love it. Bryce can't wait to hold the baby and Noah can't wait to "teach" him all about babies. My belly is starting to grow and the boys love to point out how big its getting. I love it! I'm starting to feel little flutters here and there but no big movements yet. My belly seems to be bigger at night and Bens face lights up to see it grow. I love that too.

So we have been pretty busy but we are all doing great!! Ben has a "project" to attack Saturday, I will post pictures for that later. And Sunday we are planning a pretty big BBQ here at the house. As of last night my tally was up to 20 people. Still not sure how that happened? It should be a great time!!

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