Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Party

Saturday was our Annual Kids Halloween Party. It was a perfect day for a Halloween Party, lots of wind and rain to set the scene. Everyone started showing up around 2ish and of course we were not really ready yet...opps. I still have no clue what time it ended but we all had a great time. With a bigger turn out then last year everyone had fun. The kids all seemed to have a great time with dancing, crafts, playing, showing off their costumes and of course breaking the pinata. We had more little ones then I thought so next year I need to plan a better craft for them to keep busy :). Here are some pictures of the days events. The only picture I got of Noah swinging at the pinata was a second too late but look at the faces of everyone in the back...1 hit and he bust the head off, it went flying into the wall and busted. Noah loved it!! I some how managed NOT to get a group picture of all the kids......maybe next year.

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Jessica Anne said...

I think Ben should grow his hair out like that... Hot Stuff! Remember when it was that long in HS.