Friday, October 16, 2009

Trying to keep up....

Ever feel like you never have enough time to get everything done? Or your going, going, going and no matter what you get done that day your "list" never seems to shorten? Welcome to my world!!

October has been insane over here to say the least. Ben's work schedule has been very busy with little time at home. He spent a week in Washington and has seemed to be spending the rest at the station. He finally had the past 2 days completely off and to us (only 2 this month) YIPEE, it was great to have him home. I felt bad for taking Noah to school since Dad was home but he still went. Noah's Soccer is going great and the team is really coming together. So much that they are forming an indoor team this season at Seacoast United. I love that place but another 8 weeks of Saturday Soccer......we all know it will happen. He has been doing really well in school and his teachers have nothing but great things to say about him. His Halloween party is coming up in a few weeks and of course I will be there to help out and bake some goodies. Dad is going to try and get off for the parade at school as well. Bryce is doing great too. He started Soccer this past Monday and he loved it, for the most part. He cried once when the coach was chasing him (for a game) but other then that he was fine. It's parent participation at this age level so there I am 6 months along running and playing as well. Coach Matt is awesome and knows us already so its nice to have him there to help be Bryce's partner too. He has been sick a few times this month already, poor guy. I spend most the days cleaning, playing, entertaining, running around and trying to keep everything organized for the next day. By 6pm the kitchen is closed, boys are in jammies and close to being in bed. I should get stuff done while they are sleeping but I'm so tired I end up laying on the couch watching TV and falling asleep. Which is kinda nice :)

Our Kids Halloween party is this Saturday. Where did that sneak up on me from? The boys are super excited and so is everyone else. We have lots of spooky food, games and treats lined up for the kiddos. This year will be our best turn out ever and I feel totally unprepared for everyone. We have 15 kids that have RSVP with parents, 5 maybes, and a few I think will show without a call. So it will be busy here!

Baby girl is doing great and will be here before we know it. We had a doctor appt yesterday, heartbeat is 140 and she is growing just fine. I have 1 more 4 week appt left then its onto 2 weeks from there. Next appt will be "hopefully" the last of my tests I need and we will be scheduling the Cesarean date, WOW! We got her bedding in yesterday and I can't wait to set up the room for her. We figure if its set up by Christmas we are in good shape!

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