Friday, December 4, 2009

Basement blues.....

A year ago I thought it was going to be so cool to have a basement to store all our holiday stuff, give the boys a place to play in the winter, allow Ben to set up a workout area, and just have a better organized system for all our stuff. Well that dream is gone and its now turned into a nightmare! The whole thing is stupid if you ask me, all it seemes to be good for is flooding and collecting all the crap I don't want in the house anymore. Ben still loves it because its keeping everything out of his garage....yet I still can't park my Tahoe in there. Anywho, since our last flooding a few weeks ago I have this fear of stepping foot down there. That was a mess and took a few days of cleaning and bleaching for me to be okay with it all again. Yes I said bleaching the basement floor, grrrr. Christmas is weeks away and I need to get my stuff out but down on 2 8 foot tables is a grim reminder of my laziness. All my Halloween stuff is still laying out not but away. How can I drag out Christmas without even putting Halloween away, I just can't. The loft upstairs is filled with stuff from the babys room to go down as well. Family will be here in 2 weeks and this all needs to get done before. Ben has duty again this weekend so Im not sure how much help he is going to be and we have soccer Saturday as well. Plus my children think they are going to die if we don't get a Christmas Tree soon and Noah seems to be the only child in school that doesn't have his tree up yet, if you ask him. Apparently thats the talk of the Kindergarten right now and I was told yesterday that "We have to get our tree up fast!" Between all my coughs, sneezes, and sniffles all I want to do is nap but Bryce tells me we don't have time to nap anymore.

So maybe if I get that basement under some control today things might just all fall into place. Wish full thinking but its a start. I'm also determined to get the babys dresser in her room today, the boys book shelf back in their room and maybe take some pictures of the baby's room to post. Anyone want to place bets to see what gets done?

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