Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tree Lighting in Newburyport

Santa arrived in style Sunday to help light the Christmas Tree in downtown Newburyport. What better way to arrive then on a Coast Guard 47' Motor Lifeboat, I can't think of one. The boys were so excited to see Santa on Dad's boat and the big tree. Mom and Dad got lucky that day as well. We arrived to the Station to park and much to our surprise Santa wasn't really ready yet, this could have gone really bad for a little 5 year old we all know but Dad's fast moves got us out of that one. The boys and I hung out locked in Ben's office for a little bit then were off to the pier to wait with about 500 other people. After Santa passed we rushed out to get a good spot to watch the parade, that was until the boys saw Spongebob standing around. Bryce went nuts and had to rush over to give high fives and hugs. With about every other kid in Newburyport wanting the same thing it was crazy. I got out of there alive but Bryce was crushed with huge tears cause he didn't get a hug. Good thing Dad's 6 foot tall and was able to save the day. After Bryce got his hugs we were off again, that was until we happened to pass right by Santa walking the back way to meet the parade. We finally got to the parade and found a good spot but it did take us longer to get there then it did for the parade to pass. The tree lighting took longer then we thought and we were all pretty much done with being crushed into a herd so we took off to Starbucks (right across the street) got some coffees and watched from there. The boys loved it and Ben and I are so looking forward to all the Holiday events we have lined up for them. We walked back to the Station and headed out for dinner before making it home for the Steelers game :)

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