Sunday, June 20, 2010

What happened?

I had all these great plans on posting every week after baseball and to post all these great pictures of Noah, Dad and the team. Well as we all can see that never happened. Turns out when you have 1 son on the team, a husband coaching, 2 other little ones to attend to and somehow I took on the role of "team Mom" you don't have much time to snap a picture let alone remember to take a camera with you. So our season has come to an end and we all had a great time playing baseball this year. Ben did an awesome job as "coach" and Noah really enjoyed playing ball with the guys. Our team was filled with great kids and some fun parents as well. It did get crazy for me sometimes trying to keep 1 eye on Bryce, either snuggling Chloe or keeping 1 hand on the stroller and somehow getting 10 over excited 5 and 6 year olds in line ready to hit, staying off the hill, exchanging helmets or getting our hats and gloves back on to take the field. But we didn't loose a child nor did anyone get hurt so I guess I did a pretty good job. Here are some pictures that I somehow snapped at our last game of the season.

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Amanda said...

Good Job!

I hate when other parents don't help. Sometimes you just have to say "hey, you, keep these kids in line" and then they get it.