Monday, June 21, 2010

Mother/Son Fishing Trip

A few weeks ago Noah and I went on a Mother/Son Fishing Trip thats put on every year by the PTA. Noah was SUPER excited and I was well......ummm......excited to see his face light up. I had never been on a charter fishing boat, dont remember ever doing any "real" fishing and I get sea sick. So I was a little nervous as to how this was going to turn out. We took 3 charter boats out and a month before was sign up's, along with sign up's came phone calls to sign up for "boat 2". This was really a big deal in these 6 year olds life. All they talked about was boat "2" it was so funny watching these boys talk up boat "2". As promised boat "2" was the "cool" boat to be on. Every boy in Noah's class and most of his soccer team were on boat "2". The kids had such a great time. We had these deck hands that were supposed to be there for help but we really could have left them at the dock. After Noah and I lost our 1st 5 fish I realized it was time to get dirty. Noah was so bummed out that we kept losing our fish. So up went the sleeves and hair and it was pretty much over from there. While I had a blast with my little man I have to say that fishing is gross and smelly. I did not find a new love for fishing and will only be going fishing once a year with the Hampton PTA. And how did Dad feel about his 1st born and wife going on a fishing boat? Well he was excited for us but made sure he knew every little detail. And I guess it didn't hurt that he had duty that day so every little call from a boat could be heard by him. It did make me feel better knowing that Dad was on duty in case something happened ;)

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Jessica Anne said...

It looks like you guys had a blast. I'm so proud of you Birdie getting your hands dirty for Noah. so If you lost 5 how many did you catch?