Friday, February 3, 2012

496 miles to go.................

If you notice we added a new little ticker to the side of our blog. Ben and I talked yesterday and we have decided to set a goal together. We want to run 500 miles this year but really we are hoping for a little more then that ;). No reason really, not getting ready for a big race or anything. Just something we can track and do together to stay healthy. I'm super excited to see how far we can run together in a year!!!


  • We don't have to run at the same time for miles to count. Any miles at the gym or on the street count. You have to be actually running not playing a sport then estimating how many miles you "think" you ran.
  • Lashelle's training classes at the gym do NOT count. Even if I bust my ass in that gym for 2 hours! Unless I am on the treadmill or elliptical they will not count. (eye roll, Bens rule)
  • We will track our miles together as a team as long as it's fair. I (Lashelle) will not allow Ben to carry my weight. Of course he will run more miles, he has more experience running and more time to run ;). If I start to slack we will create 2 tickers to keep me honest.

So there it is. We will both try to long in every few days to update our miles. And who knows maybe I will actually pass Ben in miles ;) A girl can hope right.

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