Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feeling better

The past few weeks have been interesting around here. Bryce has been having stomach pains for the past almost 2 weeks. They started very sporadic and we really didn't give them much attention till Saturday. He spent most the day doubled over in pain and in tears. Finally about 4pm after calls back and forth with the Doctor we ( I ) loaded him up and headed for the ER. We by-passed the whole check in part and went straight to the back, he was in pretty bad shape. The doctors thought something was going on that was going to need surgery that night. I was holding it together but also scared to death. Ben was at home sick with Noah and Chloe so I was solo. They put poor Bryce threw the ringer with test after test after test. All came up with nothing, after some serious pain meds he started to get relief. Everyone was left scratching their heads, the call to keep him or release him was still up in the air when after 4 hours his pain starting coming back. There he was again starting to curl up and double over in pain but trying so hard not to say anything. With no serious medical condition and Bryce wanting to come home we all decided it was time for him to get home. The next few nights/days were awful. We spent a lot of time on the phone with his doctor and in the office. In the end we learned that he was having severe complications due to the Norovirus. Then it became a waiting game to see if he could get better at home or was he going to be admitted.

Fast forward to today.....HE IS AT SCHOOL!!! We both did the happy dance all morning getting ready. He was so excited to be going back to school today and I was so excited to be sending him. I can promise that he will never ever want to step foot into another ER or doctor office again and I am okay with that. I expect him to be very tired and grouchy when he gets home. He is on "light duty" if you will but he is there.

Tomorrow C and I will be headed back to the gym and resume our weekday routine. I can't wait to get back to it!!!!

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