Monday, December 3, 2007

Boat Parade

On Saturday we got to go on Dad's boat for the Annual Newport Lighted Boat Parade. Noah had been sick all week and was so excited to be going on Dad's boat. Even though he was still not 100% we couldn't bear to make him stay home. The 1st time we went was when Noah was 1 1/2 and with this being our last year, we were excited to be going. It was raining all day and we were expecting a huge storm to hit on Sunday (which it did, but Ben will tell you about that one) so I was pretty nervous all day. Bryce stayed home with the sitter and we took off about 4pm. Lucky us the rain stopped for the parade and didn't start up again until Ben was about to "park" the boat. I'm sure he will laugh at me for that one:) Although it was cold we had a great time. Our friends joined us on the boat so that was nice too. I think Noah's favorite part was driving the boat, telling Dad where to go. It was cute.

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