Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scooper Bowl

There is this really cool event in Boston every year called The Scooper Bowl, its the nation's largest all-you-can-eat ice cream festival!!! Seriously how cool is that? Pretty cool I know. We knew nothing about it till Heidi (Ben's cousin) said she and her husband Tom were coming out for it. Of course we were in!! But today we realized just how much the PacNorWest has become a part of us. The Bowl was not too busy due to rain and cold but we could have cared less. Seriously we thought it was great weather because the winds were not blowing the tables over. The boys loved being there eating ice cream in the rain and running around, come to think of it I'm pretty sure they were the only kids out today. It was great seeing Heidi and Tom again and her little belly!! I even got to feel the baby move :). Due to the great weather and Noah having his graduation tomorrow ~tear~ we couldn't stay long. I only wish our schedule allowed more time to spend with them this week but it doesn't.

Here is our schedule this week~ Noah has school then graduation tomorrow night. Seriously he is graduating Preschool people!! Thursday the boys and I have to pack for camping, shop for camping, shop more for camping, make sure we don't forget anything for camping, clean the house and get the dog taken care of. Ben is golfing Thursday in Boston so he won't be much help. Then we leave early Friday morning for our camping trip!!!! Can you believe its here already. I'm so excited to the Costa's and have the kids play again. Noah can't wait to see his buddy again. Jayden was Noah's 1st friend ever and he just loves him!!!!! And again Sarah I know, if you could figure this thing out you would post a comment or two :)

Well here are some pictures of our short time with family tonight. Enjoy!


Brandie said...

I am trying to figure this out but I am so blogspot illiterate!! Will you let me know when the whole saga of you and Sarah getting together to go camping with the kids is over so I can quit being so depressed and left out!! Whatever! Anyway, so jealous and really do hope you have a good time!! Tell everyone hi from us!

Laney said...

Ice cream festival, how did I not know about this???!! :) I hope you guys are enjoying your summer! It's barely started up here... we usually get like at least a whole week of hot weather. ( I know, miserable!!) Anytime you guys want to come up let me know- I still have all of your books. ( I can mail them too...)

Shae Watson said...

I scream for icea scream!!! That is an awesome festival... have fun camping!! Can't wait to hear all about it :)