Friday, September 25, 2009

Fast Foward

WOW its been almost a month again since my last post. I guess this is what happens when you have kids in school and sports, a husbands work schedule that is all over the place, running events to keep in line, a social schedule of your own to keep on top of and being pregnant. But I promise to try and get better at this.

My Dad came and went, we had a blast and like I said before we did a ton of stuff. Our BBQ on Saturday turned out great and everyone had a great time. Lots of new faces showed up which was alot of fun as well. I will start to post some pictures from our time together.

My Mom has also come and gone. Her visit went way too fast and was much needed. It was awesome having her here to help out with the boys and give me a much needed break. The boys loved having Grandma do everything for them as much as she loved doing it. We tried to do as much as possible but with Noah starting school and Soccer it got kinda hard. Ben was in Boston for most the week so he wasn't around too much. We were able to get a few things in and can't wait for her next visit with us. Grandma also got educated in Asthma since Noah was having breathing troubles for most the week. She even got to take a trip to the Doctor which ended in both boys getting flu shots. Good times :)

Noah is loving School, which is a huge relief. We have our 1st Parent/Teacher Conference coming up in the next week so we will soon find out how he is doing. He is making lots of new friends but seems to only really talk about the girls. He seems to be learning a lot already which has been fun for us. It does seem like he has grown so much this last month, he is so funny.

Poor Bryce still isn't in School yet. I know, I know. He is ready and talks about it all the time but I'm having a hard time with it. He just seems so little to me still and I'm not sure I'm ready to let him go. So its a totally "me" issue that I need to get over and just send him. The Preschool is ready for him and can't wait for him to show up. He is also going to start indoor Soccer soon and that should be lots of fun.

Ben schedule shows no relief in site. He took a few days off to spend with us which was AWESOME! But he is getting ready to head West soon. I'm super excited for him but also very jealous that he gets to go to Oregon for a whole week. Our friend Mike just happens to be going to the same Conference so they will be together causing trouble with some other friends as well. They should have a great time.

As for Mom, I'm doing pretty good. I'm almost 20 weeks along now and she is really starting to move around in there. And yes I said SHE, I still can't believe it. We found out Monday that we are having a little girl. I'm nervous but super excited at the same time. Ben is just thrilled and can't wait for her to get here. The boys are excited as well, it took Noah a little bit to come around but he is jazzed now. Bryce talks about his sister all the time to everyone. Its pretty darn cute.

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Huston Family said...

YAY! An update!!!
Glad you guys had a great time with your mom & dad coming to visit! And I am TOTALLY STOKED that you are having a little girl!! YEAH!!!!! Congrats guys!!!