Sunday, September 27, 2009


We are week 3 of Noah's 1st outdoor Soccer. While outdoor is much different then indoor we are having a good time with it. Its so cute to see Noah with all his buddy's from school and pretty strange to walk around hearing kids yell Noah's name, especially the girls.....
Noah is having a great time but still pretty shy with it all. He was much more outgoing with indoor Soccer but like I said outdoor is a lot different. I think a few kids are confused and think it's Football or some sort of new tackle Soccer, and some just like to cry, A LOT. We used to feel pretty bad for these kids but now Ben and I think it's kinda funny. They stand on the field crying their eyes out not moving while their parents are yelling to keep going. I think they are done.... Noah loves defending the goal more then anything. His coaches are great and have nothing but great things to say about Noah, which is super nice. Poor Bryce has to sit bored out of his mind for an hour but does pretty good with it. I need to remember to pack things for him the night before since all of our games are at 8:30 and I just forget in the mornings.
Here are a few pictures from yesterday's Soccer events. Yesterday was also pictures and I'm a little upset that we spent a small fortune on pictures when I'm super happy with ones we took. The team picture was the highlight of the day, it took a little while and you should be able to tell why :)

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