Thursday, July 1, 2010

Strawberry picking

Today I took the kiddos to pick some Strawberry's with a friend of mine. Together we had 2 adults and 5 kids it was fun but the "Dad" help was missed at least by me. We got there and Noah was just so excited he was gone, I'm pretty sure I spent the whole time yelling across the field for him to come closer. Bryce stayed close to Mom (which was a shock) but only because he didn't want to pick the strawberries he only wanted to eat them. I would fill his basket and before I knew it... it was half empty. Poor Chloe wasn't really having Mom bending up and down and all over the place to pick strawberries, her face spent most the time in a strawberry bush. We all had fun and some great laughs but Dad will come next year or we will stick to the buying them at the grocery store ;). The best part by far was the cider doughnuts we picked up the beginning YUMMO!!!!!!!

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