Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A few months ago I made the plunge and joined a gym. Yes me, Lashelle not Ben. Lashelle has NEVER joined a gym before and working out in a room full of strangers watching you was never really something that I was into. Turns out I was completely wrong about the whole gym thing. It has actually (to my surprise) been a wonderful experience. I was a ball full of nerves at 1st, always watching to see if people were watching me, hiding on the corner machine and staying FAR far away from that group class area. I even think I may have promised that you would never find me in "that" room. Here we are almost 2 months later and if you need me I will be in "that" room or on the machine right smack in the middle of it all. I no longer hang out in the daycare as long as possible secretly hoping Chloe will cling onto me to give me a reason to leave. Which she never did by the way, she is killing it in daycare!!! Finally a child of mine that likes daycare!

I love sports and miss being able to head to the field or court after work. But lets be honest I haven't worked in almost 8 years (yeah for stay at home mommies) and I have been living in the "past." Sure I go with Ben every now and then to play volleyball but nothing to write home about. Newport was different we played in a league and had a kick ass sitter so I was able to go all the time. I knew the only way I was going to get this body into shape was drag my ass to the gym and work for it.

Gym is hard work and I really struggled to find the fun in it. You go in kick your own ass on the machine, group class, weights, or if you are really lucky your trainer will work you extra hard that day just for fun. I have a love/hate relationship with him still. But today I think I may have turned the chapter. I actually ENJOYED every lunge, plank, side plank with leg lifts, kettle bells, jump rope, rabbit kicks, squat, and medicine ball and the rest of the stuff I blacked out for ;). I did all these things without the violent shakes and in control of my own body. What a GREAT feeling!!!! So turns out this gym thing is working out and I am getting stronger and on my way to a better me :D

Now if only I could get the diet thing under control I may be on to something. Baby steps, baby steps


Elizabeth @ Lone Stars And Stripes said...

Is that why you were laughing uncontrollably at the end? I don't think I've ever seen you so tickled.

Loved reading this. Go, you.

Coastie Family of 5 said...

Im not sure why I was laughing like that, when I look back I still laugh. I wish I knew why, guess I just had the giggles.