Friday, March 2, 2012

We are back

So many new things going on I can't believe its only been a week. Bryce got better but not before passing his illness onto Noah. Who is still not feeling better (it came back for round 2) We (the kids and I) spend the week at the Cape. Got a wonderful surprise visit from Aunt Amanda. We left and had no snow came home and have tons of it. Last session of indoor Soccer is almost here and Baseball is coming up fast. My big Zoo Fundraiser is right around the corner (ahhhhh). Kids have TV free week coming up at school which is only a big deal because that means a week full of after school activities. Noah starts ANOTHER soccer class this week going for the next 8 weeks. Which happens to fall right in time for bus drop off and ends about the start of dinner. So I have to plan that day out better. Plus trying to plan a few family vacations.

I just got home from a week away and I'm ready to leave it all behind again.

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