Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beach day

Yes it is March still here in NE and Chloe and I have spent 2 days in a row down at the beach. We are having some pretty warm weather right now and we LOVE it! Chloe loves the beach, loves the sand, loves the water, loves the rocks, loves the sand filled snacks, loves it all but the bugs. Yesterday we took a little picnic just us girls down to the beach. We left both red and sweaty, its still too cold to go in the water for us. Today we went down the "main" beach in Hampton with some friends. It was so nice just visiting while the babies played. I forgot how easy it is with one child and when that one child just sits right in front of you and plays its wonderful! The boys would have never let me get away with sitting down at the beach at this age....heck they still don't let me sit down.

Chloe is now home napping before round 2. Yes the bags and truck and re-packed and we will be picking up the boys from school to head back down. They were both so sad yesterday when they found out Chloe went to the beach. Not only are they going today but with some "surprise" guests as well ;)

Hopefully everyone sits still long enough to snap a few photos :)

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