Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Lights

OK so everybody has had a good laugh with Ben's post now onto better topics.

We finally finished our Christmas Lights today. Actually Ben finally finished them (thanks Babe!) I just watched and took some pictures then it got to darn cold for Bryce and I so we heading inside. We went with new lights this year. We were not sure how we were going to like the red and white theme but turns out we do. YIPPEE!! No major casualties this year. Strike that, Ben did slip off the roof the 1st night he tried to hang them due to ice. But he didn't get hurt. No breakers have blown either, WOW we are on a roll. I'm sure Ben will add/buy more lights before Christmas but for now I think it is safe to say we are done.
As always Noah had a blast outside with Dad, climbing on the roof (slight heart attack for mom) holding lights for Dad, getting tools, just being Dad's little helper. Bryce started out sleeping but joined halfway thru. He had fun with his slide, taking tools from Noah, pushing Noah outta the way, he sure has been testing the waters lately. When the crying wouldn't stop we knew he was done.

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Dad Molnar said...

Dad and Noah look like they are having a blast.......Bryce, not so much!! Did you really have to tie him to a chair with a string of lights!!