Monday, December 24, 2007

Family Pictures

OK so some of you have seen these pictures and some have not. Our friend came over to take some pictures of us. We had a good time with it. Of course the boys were perfect little angles, smiled at the camera and did everything we asked of them. HAHAHAHAHAHA. OK that was a good one!!! We had an even better time seeing all our facial expressions.

Since its Christmas Eve you can guess that these are not making it onto a Christmas card this year. But I had every intention of doing that. We have lots to do tonight. Cookie making, decorating and get ready for Santa to come. We will be watching our Family Christmas Eve movie with popcorn. And reading a few Christmas books to the boys. We will end the night with a reminder of why we celebrate Christmas and what it means to us. We can't wait.

I'm sure we will be posting more pictures in the next few days. We love and miss everyone very much!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

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